I heard the news toward the beginning of January from FEAR President that we would now be expected to join NASCAR – just to enter the pits at Speedway this season. I reached them for explanation and affirmation, and was guaranteed that it was anything but a “dominate” of the club, nor do they have any interest in running FEAR. It is about insurance, and furthermore IPI’s new policy with NASCAR, and, all things considered, about business. IPI permitted us to get by for quite a while – to stay free, make our own guidelines, fines, levy, and, surprisingly, our own missteps. Each time I really wanted space in the program to praise our set of experiences, or food and drink cash for our Longhouse “Get-together” parties, he was consistently there, and eager to assist.

In this way, as it was talked about at the most recent (and last) FEAR meeting, EVERYONE obviously should join NASCAR to race at Evergreen from here onward! So, Figure-8 drivers never again have a “monetary” motivation to join FEAR, as a Membership is at this point not a “necessity” to race there. We, as an uncommon, free dashing club, and following 42 years of tomfoolery, have been served the supposed lemon! Furthermore, likewise with our ’85 acquiescence of the “oval dashing” Super-stock participation, can in any case “make lemonade”- and get by for maybe another 20+ years! I elected to “make due” the Club, to re-make FEAR, watching out for it for the following couple of years, and he acknowledged! I requested that he stay on and run the “Assistant” yet he declined, unfortunately.

Individual FEAR individuals, let me invite you to the “new” FEAR! It will ONLY cost $10 to join for those FIGURE EIGHT racers who “needed to” join NASCAR, and “Old folks”, to the surprise of no one. The customary FEAR Membership cost would drop to $25 ($20 with a program coupon) in the event that you’re a fan, support or relative who will not need pit access, and basically need to partake in the NEW advantages of the Club. This will safeguard our 43-year history at Evergreen AND backing the racers and dashing that we as a whole so appreciate! 100 percent of the assets raised from participation deals will go to the new FEAR point reserve (for FEAR individuals), after a few insignificant costs, for example, Rule book and new sticker printing costs, site expenses, and a sensible gift to a new “yearly” FEAR History/Reunion excursion. As a matter of fact, the 2008 FEAR43 party is as of now booked for Saturday, July fifth… when we will celebrate 43 years of Figure-8 hustling at Evergreen Speedway! Club Historian Tom Claibourn will bring over his unimaginable assortment of pictures, models and FEAR memorabilia (as he will ideally do each following year), and all current and previous FEAR individuals and Evergreen racers will be welcome to join the festival, obviously!

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