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2017 Champs: Borreson, Hoopes and Curtis! 

October 13, 2017  -  By Ben Chandler


The three Figure-8 divisions that have raced most every week at Evergreen Speedway for some 6 months, have 3 new Champions for 2017, one for the fourth time, and two for the first time ever! In a season that started out kinda slow and wet, 2017 ended up setting speed and weather records with more sunny days in a row than ever. 3 guys, Quenton Borreson, Cody Hoopes and Chris Curtis, each fought their way to the top and will take home the biggest trophies at the exciting NASCAR awards banquet, Saturday night, January 20th.


When I write these stories, I usually have a “theme” in mind. This one sorta started out with “weather” as a possibility. Often my theme is old-timey FEAR stuff or Evergreen Speedway history oriented, and to that end I certainly wanted to mention the recent loss of several old pals, former FEAR “Oval” champ and father to 2 other Evergreen Champs, Lane and LeAnne - R.I.P. Leonard “the Roofer” Sundholm, also two founding FEAR members, longtime flagman Nat Green and Hall of Famer Dale Youmans, as well as Evergreen Speedways FIRST announcer, Howard MacFadden. R.I.P. Gentlemen.


But I also enjoy celebrating “numbers”, like how it was exactly 40 years ago that I won my only FEAR Championship. Also, 1977 was 4-time Champ Rob Holden's rookie year in FEAR…and the last season before we “met the Beadles” John, Bob and Mickey - and how our track was managed by their company, I.P.I. for the next 30 years!


However, a couple months back Maria at Foster Press suggested we put a link to the points at the top of our page so everyone who reads these stories could easily follow along with their favorite drivers. Since we went to transponders over a decade ago, those points have been sort of available online, and I was able to track them pretty well. Sometimes. Now they are SUPER easy to follow! I might add for the newer fans and drivers that back-in-the-day, FEAR “points” at the end of the season were often a secret, “pass-points” were “a thing”…and we had “first-half” and “second-half” points, trophies and even DOUBLE point races. So let's make “points” our theme for today! When you click (above) on any of the 3 divisions, and study not only the point gaps, but number of wins, competitors and their consistency and attendance, you see how everyone got to their final spot, based on POINTS. And it's interesting to note that all 3 Champs got there somewhat differently!


Cody Hoopes, in the ( sponsored) Honda Prelude thumped nearly 40 different Stinger-8 drivers this year, winning 5 times and ending the year some 65 points ahead of Jason Wilson, and 73 points ahead of Gary Rarden, followed by Jaime Corbett and Zach Bristol. Cody started the season strong and held the lead pretty much all year! Quenton Borreson ended the Super-stock season with 4 wins and an even bigger 87-point lead over Brian Little, to win his 4th Championship in a row! 22 different drivers supported this division in 2017, but the big race winner was Steve Cox, winning 8 times in Tommy Gapp's fast car, including all of the big-money races. But because he missed the first couple of races, “Mr. Excitement” ended up in 3rd, barely ahead of “Rookie of the Year” Matt Somerville and Eric Allison! Congrats to “the One-armed Bandit” AND his car owner David Brandenburg for their 4th CONSECUTIVE Championship, matching the great Carl Zaretzke, the only other driver who did it, way back in the early 70's!


Our 3rd Champion, in the Outlaw division, Chris Curtis, battled the defending Champ Seth Funden to JUST a 1-point lead at the end of the season! Some 22 drivers also supported this division over the year, or at least got some points, but Curtis won 4 times, matching what Funden and 3rd place Zack Larson won, combined! Former Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson and his “Rookie of the Year” son Bryant, round out the top 5. Congrats to Chris and the entire Boney Brothers racing team for finally winning the Outlaw Championship in their gorgeous car they call “Liberty”! And, Thank You to ALL of the drivers who supported Figure-8 racin in 2017! ...See you at the banquet!



MID-SEASON POINT BATTLE.... and "old guys" rule the Figure-8 “NATIONALS”! 

July 28, 2017  -  By Ben Chandler


It has been a spectacular summer, weather-wise and racing-wise, and with August now looming, we can surely see how all 3 Figure-8 divisions are shaking out Championship points-wise. In the Stinger-8 division, Cody Hoopes in his #10x ( sponsored) Prelude holds a 35 point lead over the #50 Integra of Jason Wilson, in his quest for his very first Championship ever. 7 points back, in a tie for third place, is the #2 Toyota of Gary Rarden and the #76 Prelude, driven by Hornet Champ Jaime Corbett.


With the same 35 point cushion, in the Super-stock F-8 division, and going for his 4th consecutive Championship, is Quenton “the one-armed Bandit” Borreson in Dave Brandenburg’s always fast #17 car. Brian Little and his #23 hot-rod are comfortably in 2nd place, 69 points ahead of Eric Allison, who is just 2 points ahead of FEAR Hall of Fame member Steve Cox, driving Tom Gapp’s #32 “Mopar” rocket. Winning all of the “big” races this season, “Mister Excitement” a 4-time FEAR Champ, has his heart set on another Championship - if not this year, Cox and Gapp may be serious contenders next season!


In the “Outlaw” division, defending Champ Seth Funden is in a TIGHT battle to remain champion, with just a 3 point lead over Zack Larson – who is but 2 points ahead of the 2017 Nationals winner, Chris Curtis. Another FEAR Hall of Fame member, John “the Cowboy” Carlson is in 4th - some 36 points back. With just a handful of races to go this season, the Outlaw division point battle is definitely the exciting one to watch! And speaking of the Outlaw division…


Chris Curtis kept the #74 car called “Liberty” out of trouble in the 75 lap 2017 Nationals, held last week, finishing just ahead of the super-fast #40 of Seth Funden. Having set a new track record of 15.970, Funden had high hopes and was able to hold off the #83 of Zack Larson, but could not catch Curtis, who had also won his heat race earlier. 16 cars started the main event; several much slower cars should have pulled out WAY earlier than they did. Sadly, lots of good cars got wrecked, again.


The Stinger-8 50 lapper looked like it was going to be a 2-car battle between old-timer Mark Jenkins in the #18 Integra and the 10x Honda of point-leader Cody Hoopes - until Cody got a black flag at the half-way point for his window net falling down! 15 cars had started the Main event, and Jenkins, the dad of 2-time Stinger Champ Toby, and who I raced against 40 years ago (when I won my only Championship) got thru traffic quickly and took the lead early on. Hoopes had to try and run him down twice, which made for an exciting final 20 laps. He made it to 3rd, right behind the #50 Honda of Jason Wilson. Congrats to old man Jenkins, who also won his earlier heat race, for a “clean sweep”!


15 Super-stock Figure-8 cars also started the big Nationals main event, AFTER Eric Allison got his #64 car tangled up and knocked out at the start. It was an exciting race, with lots of close intersection action. Brian Little was holding an early lead over Devin Jenkins, and they came in 2nd and 3rd after  Steve Cox powered by them to take the lead, and the big win, again! Congrats to all of you 8 racers who for 52 years…still put on the best damn show at Evergreen Speedway! See you at the track… BC



  By Ben Chandler


The 2017 racing season is now underway, and the first month of figure-8 racing action at Evergreen Speedway came to an end with another wet, cool evening, and one of our biggest races of the season, the “90 Minutes of FEAR”! But first, a short history lesson… Created exactly 10 years after the “Figure-8 Nationals” by Mickey Beadle and Mick Tomlin back in 1994, it started out as a 60-minute event, for the one existing division, and was won that first year by Ricky “the Kid” Deitz. 5 years later the big night was dedicated to the memory of “Big Ed” Ritchie, after a fatal heart attack during the 1999 race took his life, on April 24th. A popular and several term FEAR board member, Ed was a Viet Nam veteran and longtime driver who was inducted into our Hall of Fame the following year, at this same event. It was nice to hear his name mentioned Saturday night, as we shared a moment of silence on the 18th anniversary of his passing. It was also nice to see so many of the “old timers” that were racing that fateful night, still in the sport! Several former Champions, and fellow FEAR Hall of Fame members, like Ricky Deitz and “Cowboy” John Carlson were racing Saturday night in the “Outlaw” division, while Doug “the Grizz” Delfel and Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox were representing us old-school FEAR members, in the Super-stock division.  

Car count has affected so much of how both big races have evolved. Back when this race was created, we had 50 or more cars in the club, and you had to actually “qualify” to get in them! A couple of times I recall having to race my way in thru the “B” main, and one time needing a “promoter’s choice” spot. Thanks, Mickey! A few years back our current promoters, Doug and Traci Hobbs, tried running both big car divisions together, in an effort to fill the field, but the difference in performance of the 2 classes then was just too much, which wrecked a bunch of stuff. Special thanks to everyone at Highroad Promotions for trying to keep this, and so many other great FEAR tradition alive! The race has had an increase in the number of minutes a couple of times, once to “88 minutes” to honor the tragic loss of Sean Peters, and now to three 30 minute races divided among the 3 divisions, which for the second year, makes it “90 minutes” of FEAR!  But is it really the same prestigious, big-time racing event that it once was?

The damp night got going with the Stinger-8 division starting just 11 cars in the Main event. And there is a theme, as you will see!  First heat race winner, and defending Hornet Champ, Dawson Cox, (son of “Mr. Excitement”) came from the back of the pack in Matt Somerville’s #21 Integra, to pass the 10x Prelude of ( sponsored) Cody Hoopes, around lap 27, and never looked back. Cody is the current point leader after his “Scout night” win over Jaime Corbett and Zach Bristol. Winner of the second heat race, Cody is a 2nd generation figure-8 driver, as his dad Troy Hoopes raced some years back in the X-treme division. And coming in 3rd was Jaime Corbett in his #76 Prelude. Son of FEAR super-star Vern ”the Crazy Cajun” Deitz, and brother of Ricky, the former Hornet champ also showed his sort of inherited skills and patience throughout the 78 lap event. Congrats to Dawson for the win, his Dad and Mom “Chrissy” are quite proud, of course… and I might add, Dawson is the first 3rd generation Evergreen driver to win a track Championship, that I am aware of. And he hasn’t even quite graduated from High school yet!

Next up, 17 Superstock Figure-8 cars started their race in even wetter conditions. 3-time Champion, Quenton “the One-armed Bandit” Borreson started in the middle of the pack with David Brandenburg’s fast, blue Gapp-built #17, and was working his way to the front, but by lap 10, Steve Cox had blown by “Q-man” and ALL of the other 15 cars he started behind, in Tom Gapp’s own #32 hot-rod. Borreson seemed to lose power around lap 24 and was unable to catch Cox as he nearly lapped the entire field! Several yellow flags, bad visibility and plenty of rain slowed the timed event to just 52 slippery laps, but nobody could keep up with the 4-time Champ known to all as “Mister Excitement”! Second place went to the #77 Camaro driven by Brandon Florer, following a good, tough battle with 3rd place finisher Brian Little. Borreson remains the 2017 point leader with a 4th place finish, of course, having won the first two races of the season, both over Tony Hill, with Doug Delfel and Eric Allison each sharing the podium. 

And speaking of Tony, I understand he sold his #80 Chevy to “Demo” Joe Lapado, who was the only one to try doing double-duty on Saturday. Nice to see a new guy keeping it up…for 60 minutes! 13 “Outlaws” (and Joe) started the final 30-minute race of the night in even wetter conditions. You could tell who had relatively good tires, and it wasn’t the 2 Wilkinson cars, which spun out several times on the slick track. Contact with Ricky “the Kid” Deitz took the #76 out of the early lead and helped the defending Outlaw Champ, Seth Funden, catch up to the fast #83 of Zach Larson. Larson later got tagged in the intersection, around lap 25, with Chris Curtis piling in with the Boney Bros. #74, killing both of their chances at a podium finish. The restart had Seth Funden’s #40 ahead of the 5-time Champ, John Carlson in his new #50 hot-rod, and the even newer #45 of (2-time champ) Jake Repin. With 5 minutes to go, Carlson clipped Richard Shanebrook’s dead-in-the-intersection #98, which brought out the only clock-stopping Red flag of the night.

Only 7 “Outlaw” cars finished the grueling race, which went just 58 laps for the top 2 cars. It should be noted that some extra cash was generously added to the winner’s prize by the Boney Bros. team, and it went to race winner Seth Funden, over Jake Repin, in second…and appearing on the podium for the first time as an “Outlaw”, 3 laps back, but still in 3rd, and waaay ahead of his Dad, was the “Junior Cowboy” Bryant Carlson! Jessica Gray was a couple laps back in 4th, and a couple more back was #3 Keith Taylor. Congrats to Seth, and to all of the drivers who showed up and helped make it a pretty good li’l race!

The weekend off before the 8-cars return, and a busy summer schedule ahead, is now all listed online at the NEW web page. Better point listings, driver info for all divisions and even “my-lap” stats can be found there now, just look under “nascar”. Check it out, for all of your Evergreen Speedway questions! And an exciting NEW program is on the way, too… See you at the track!   BC