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FEAR Results for December, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Great things are coming for the drivers and fans of Evergreen Speedway in 2011!

Like many of you, I attended the “meet the new promoters” meeting in August, and then the Super-8 and Stinger “rules meetings” last month. I also recently attended the Evergreen Speedway employees’ meeting … and I’m impressed by the consistency, knowledge and experience both Steve Beitler and Doug Hobbs bring to the table each time, and will continue to bring to running - rebuilding really - the track we all love so much. They have been held up a bit this winter by some unexpected politics, construction woes, and a rocky “hand-off” of the business. Doug stated they are “100 days behind where they wanted to be” now, so the annual “Snowball” 4-cylinder enduro race may not take place until later in January (or later), along with the 2010 Awards Banquet, currently scheduled for January 22nd. The cool news is that they have a 15-year contract with the County (with two 5-year options) and now NEED to keep the facility busy 12 months of the year! That means much more winter racing in the years to come, plus concerts, rodeos, swap meets, and monster trucks, as well as car, boat, and sportsman shows - hell, you name it - along with more drifting, WWRA and drag racing action!

For you Figure-8 club members, we will be celebrating 45 years of FEAR in 2011. Our new promoters are fans of figure-8 racing, understand the heritage and history of it, and certainly want to see us continue to entertain and excite the Evergreen racing fans for years to come. It seemed like a fine turnout of FEAR drivers last month, with lots of fresh rule and tire ideas exchanged in both divisions. I certainly hope everyone who can, will bring their race cars out to support the weekly show next season! We should see those new rules around Christmas time, along with a pretty good idea of the schedule for 2011. They should get posted first on, soon after on the new, and then here too.

One unique proposal mentioned by Doug and Steve (and Tracie too) at this latest (employee) meeting was an earlier 6:00 PM starting time for the weekly Saturday night show. The idea is to get’er done by 9, so families can enjoy the entire show, and you, your crew, friends and your fans can go on to enjoy the rest of the evening, perhaps at local restaurants and bars.  Meanwhile at the track everything will be cleaner and more fun, and the food much better; it will be a tighter show with WAY less “dead air”… and everything run in a more “professional” manner.

That said, the new management team again thanked Danni Johnson for all she did to keep the track open, giving us a place to play, during these VERY difficult times! I think most of us would have “cut bait” at some earlier point, but Danni chose to fight on, so thanks from FEAR, and from me as well!              And finally, check out Tom Claibourn’s latest FEAR HISTORY story (w/pics!) at the top of this page!

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy (and safe) New Year … See you all in 2011!    -BC

FEAR Results for October 2, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The weather was great, the big crowd in the grandstands was excited, and for the fifth week in a row Steve Peters started in the back row - and beat everybody to the checkered flag! Sure, there were some fireworks, and former figure-8 racer Mike “Mr.Dizzy” Buse and his gang successfully did some cool stunts, and the Hornets had a big turnout for their Championship - congrats to V.D.’s kid Jaime, for winning that one in his Prelude! And congrats to Joselyn LaFleur for her big Hornet win, too. But really, the most important race of the night was the 30-lap Stinger-8 Championship Main! We didn’t get to time in, so numbers were drawn for starting spots in the heat race. Kind of a silly way to do it as fast-time record holder Josh Young drew the #1 spot - and easily won the 12-car (huh?) heat race, over Steve Peters who started third, through the dirt and glass shards of Dizzy’s opening “submarine” stunt. The 12-car Main started the same way, except with Peters going to the back, as last week’s winner. Josh led the first couple of laps before losing his steering system. Joselyn LaFleur then took the lead, but by lap 4 the #8 of young Sean Peters got by everyone to lead a dozen laps, many with his dad hot on his tail! Steve finally took the lead in his Prelude at the half-way point, and that’s how it ended with the “Battlewagon” up front once again, followed by Sean’s #8 Civic, Cody Koroshes in Seth Funden’s Integra taking third, the new #74 Toyota driven by Lance O’grain in forth, with Rob Dykstra and “yours truly” (in the final run of the ol’ #99) - rounding out the top six for the night, all (barely) on the lead lap! That is pretty much how the season point battle ended up looking as well, with Steve some 140 points ahead of son Sean. Rob Dykstra took third in his cool new Civic, climbing over the inert Mike Middleton who slipped to fourth, after selling his Focus and moving up to the super-8 class, and Josh Young in his #22 Toyota rounded out the top 5 for 2010. Congrats to our new, and now a 7-time FEAR Champion Steve Peters - the only person to EVER be the Champ IN ALL 3 FEAR DIVISIONS!  And special thanks to Mike Middleton and Dan LaFleur for their help providing the “traditional” FEAR Stinger-8 Champions bottle of Yeagermeister…it was nummy!
This is where I usually remind you guys about the upcoming Awards Banquet, perhaps mention some rule ideas, share some end of season insight about the Club and thank some people. Not sure what the 2010 Champions Banquet might even look like yet! It could be put on by our new promoters, Doug and Steve, as I read they are looking for cost and clothing suggestions and location ideas on their website, On that website they also mention a Stinger/Hornet Enduro in November, and that they are planning on meeting with the various divisions to go over rules in the “next couple of weeks!” I put out an open invite to all FEAR drivers & members last week, to get together (in advance) and discuss our future wants and needs - and only received 5 or 6 responses. So we will hold off on that for now. As for our Club called FEAR, I want to again thank all who chipped in and helped keep it alive in 2010. Thank you to Vern Foster at Foster Press, and thanks again to Danni, Lex and Denny Johnson for all they did to keep the track alive these past 3 years. It was extraordinary!  Next year is the 45th anniversary of FEAR Inc. and we already have big plans for another reunion/picnic next summer!  I haven’t talked to Doug or Steve yet about our longtime association with Evergreen Speedway, but assume we will be working together for many years to come, as they apparently signed up for a 25 year, 12 months a year commitment with the County!

 I have been asked by many of you who know I’m still having fun each week, why “retire” from “weekly racing” after 35 years? And the simple reason is, I’m kind of lazy! Also, it takes a bunch of prime summer weekend time when I could be boating/drinking or riding my old Honda CBX around. Or maybe I want to assume the duties of track announcer next year! I certainly wanted to support the class I helped create so many years ago, for as long as I could, and marking the 35th anniversary of my rookie season seemed like a cool mark to hit! This 2010 season ALSO marks the 5th decade I have raced in, along with (fellow “old fart”) Doug “the Grizz” Delfel. We have both seen the various changes to the track and our Club over time, known the different promoters, met the cool old racers and the excited 1-year wonders. We both were Club Presidents at different times through the 80’s and 90’s, yet it’s still hard for us to imagine FEAR Inc. used to practically run the whole show (along with the Mini-stock club) and had over 600 members at one time! So things change, but the Club lives on – thanks to you current members!  See you at the Banquet, hopefully!    Ben “the Wizard” Chandler

FEAR Results for September 25, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

September was advertised as the “Month of Champions” by our outgoing promoters (thanks for everything Danni!), and it surely peaked that way this past Saturday night for the Evergreen Figure-8 race car drivers! The new 2011 Stinger-8 Champ, Steve “Battlewagon” Peters (now a 7-time Champ!) won again making it four Main Events in a row (each from the back of the pack) to take an insurmountable point lead over his son Sean and 2-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton, coming into our upcoming Championship night, October 2nd. And a big (17) car count made for a spectacular Super-8 50-lap Main Event win for the defending (4-time) Super Champ, John “the Cowboy” Carlson. Chasing John to the finish was onetime SSS Champ, Shain Sawin, back in his great looking new #4 Chevy, followed by the NEW Super-8 Champ, Jake Repin in his #45, who made the “mistake” of knocking 4-time Champ Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox out of third, and off the podium, on the last corner…and then “paid the price” by getting dumped in the South end of the track! Early leaders of the big race included Jay VanBuskirk, David Brandenburg and Steve Schoenfeldt - until the hard charging Carlson took the lead at lap 15. Hot on his tail was “Slick” Don Eslick driving the BoneyBros. #36 hot-rod, even taking the lead at the 35-lap mark, before clipping a “Uke” tire at the old start/finish line. NEW Champ Repin was held back early in the big race, not cracking into the top five until around lap 20, and assuming 4th at the final restart with 9 laps to go. So Congrats to Jake Repin on his first Figure-8 Championship, and to Mike Middleton on his first Super heat win, as we wrap up our 45th season of figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway!

The 25-lap Stinger main event started with 14 cars, and it was Jessica Gray in her #04 Acura doing a great job of leading the first five laps before rookie sensation Ethan Taylor slipped by in his little #94 Mazda to lead a bunch. Yours truly cut a rear tire on the ol’ #99 at the start, and went on to get in everyone’s way! It was “Hammerhead” Lance O’grain in his new Toyota battling Ethan for the lead when Steve Peters slipped under BOTH to take that lead – before getting NAILED in the passenger door by his back-up battlewagon “hassle-free loan car“, driven by Noah (no relation) Chandler – who nearly flipped the old Prelude! Peters survived, as noted above, to take the win over defending Champ Seth Funden and the Super-Civic of Rob Dykstra. I was at least able to win (barely) the slow heat race, and Sean Peters took the fast one.

Next up are the final Stinger and Hornet races of 2010, when we actually crown the new Stinger Champ, along with a spectacular Mr.Dizzy stunt, Demo derby, bus race and fireworks show this Saturday evening. Congrats to our new figure-8 Champions Jake Repin and Steve Peters, and to our retiring track announcer Scott Ellsworth. Scott started announcing at Evergreen some 30 years ago, and also worked with the Sonics for many seasons, and more recently with the Storm. Good luck Scott, although most of us think you will be back, and soon! This coming weekend also marks my own final season of regular weekly racing at Evergreen. My rookie season was 1975 when I finally got started figure-8 racing in a 1963 Plymouth Fury, built by my hero (and now famous seaplane pilot), Lee Daily. I had joined FEAR in 1972, just after graduating from Bellevue High School, and did demo derbies (poorly) for a few years, while trying to get my first figure-8 car together. I enjoyed going to the FEAR meetings and picnics and hanging out in the pits on Saturday afternoons. It was that same ’63 Fury that first displayed my unique “back-to-back” #99, 35 years ago…and proudly gave me my only FEAR Championship, in 1977. Man, time does fly by when you’re having FUN! I DO plan on continuing this website and managing the Club. I appreciate ALL OF YOU who care enough about our Club traditions and 45-year history to chip in on the overhead of FEAR and by joining FEAR each season.

Speaking of FEAR, we are going to get the drivers/members together in the next couple of weeks to discuss rule ideas for next season. These will be shared with the new management this winter, like we did last season. To be invited you should write me at And if YOU are a budding car racer who might need a cool truck and trailer - AND a FREE race car WITH a transponder, and have 5 grand sitting around, write me as well!  Bring some beer and join me as we celebrate Steve’s 7th Championship, and my retirement  Saturday, when the fun continues!  BC


FEAR Results for August 28, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

It was 1984 when the FEAR club was offered its first “BIG” race by then Promoter Mickey Beadle. It was to be called “The Figure-8 Nationals” and was won by Vern “the Crazy Cajun” Deitz, who actually won an amazing 20 times that season in his ’69 Cougar. Lee Frazier was the FEAR President in 1984, and NASCAR still wasn’t at Evergreen, and I hadn’t yet “given away” half of our Membership. That happened the following year, when I was first elected President. We had over 60 cars trying to qualify for the big race and, if I recall right, the fast 10 were in the lineup, and the rest had to successfully run heats to move up to the “big show”. We had several guys from Spanaway in the early years, plus a car or two from California, thus the “Nationals” name. I never really knew if our little VW fuel tanks could hold enough gas for this new event. Ten years later that was an even bigger concern for the new “60 Minutes of FEAR” race! Greg Scott was a ferocious young racer back in those early days, and his battles with Vern, MOSTLY on the track, became almost legendary! After winning the inaugural Nationals, VD went on to easily win the ’84 FEAR Championship, as well as the first Nationals, and followed it up with the 1985 Championship. But it was the young upstart Greg Scott who won the 1985 Nationals in his ’66 Satellite. Then he won it again exactly 20 years later - and finally a third time, 25 years after that first big win! The car count isn’t quite the same these days, the prize money is up some, and recently the Fair date connection keeps the race extra special. But it’s the prestige of winning one of these “big races” that keeps the BEST OF THE BEST figure-8 drivers coming back year after year. Back in his old #7, Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox has won seven big races, including this year’s new Washington 500/100. Ricky Deitz has won four now, including this season’s 60 Minute race. Steve Peters has won five of them, Don Eslick won the 60 Minute race back in ’04, “the Cowboy” John Carlson has won each big race twice! Ironically, these guys all took each other out last Saturday night, at the biggest race of the year!

After we inducted Gene Brookover into the FEAR Hall of Fame, 24 drivers drew for their starting positions in this 27th annual 100-lap spectacle. Michael Barnes drew the #1 spot, and held it for about six seconds. Mike Middleton started up front with his new #75 Gunderson-built Super-8 car, and held the lead until lap 7 when a super fast Ricky Deitz knocked him aside. Shane Sawin was in 2nd place in his cool looking new #4, running well behind Deitz until a tangle with Peters and Chuck Widdis took the #76 out of the hunt. Current Stinger Champ Seth Funden held the lead from lap 18 to 25 when Sawin cruised by and lead the next 45 laps. Caution flags flew often early on as the car count went down. At lap 1, Kevin Boddy’s and Dale Larson’s tangle took both out of contention. Ricky’s radiator loss brought out a caution at lap 26. Another caution at lap 38 left 17 cars running, and just 13 cars restarted at the lap 57 mark after Steve Cox pasted “the Cowboy” in the intersection, knocking both cars out for the night. The BIGGEST hit of the night belonged to Steve Peters as he smashed into “Slick” Don Eslick 20 laps later, bringing out a black flag for Peters, who served donuts to the crowd, then Eslick climbed out and ran with his steering wheel towards the #30 car in the pit area. It looked like Sawin had “the stuff” until a spinout at lap 72 suddenly put the patient Greg Scott in the lead for the last 28 laps, after starting in the back row! 2010 Super-8 Championship contender Jake Repin stayed out of trouble and in the top five, until leaving the track at lap 78, and Nick Gunderson quietly slipped into the runner-up spot for the last 10 laps or so. The ironic thing about the finish is that Greg “broke his rear end” just one lap from the finish – but got pushed to victory on the final lap by Nick’s brother Ryan Gunderson! 3rd place went to 1-time Stinger Champ Seth Funden in his #40, 4th to 2-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton, down just one lap in his amazing debut, followed by Shain Sawin’s #4, also down one lap. Congrats to Greg Scott for his third Nationals win, and to all you Super-8 racers for putting on the most intense figure 8 race in years! You guys get a few weeks off until my last Championship night Sept. 25th and the Stingers get their second to last race of the year THIS weekend, on “NASCAR night” at the Fair.  See you there!  -BC


FEAR Results for August 21, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The final Stinger Main event of August felt a LOT like the early days of this division! It’s been several years since we actually had a few rookies in slower beaters mixed with the regular slow cars (like mine) and the much faster cars (i.e., top 6). I actually slipped by Jessica Grey to take the lead for the first half of the race, before getting swallowed by them! First-timers included  track promoter Lex Johnson, in his nephew’s old Civic, and nice to have “Crashin’ Kenny” Bates back in his old Prelude, as well. 14 cars started the 25-lap Main, with last week’s winner - and point leader - Steve Peters starting near the back. It took just five laps to get by his son Sean to take over 3rd, behind yours truly and the #94 Toyota driven by newcomer Ethan Taylor. Peters’ #30 “Battlewagon” Prelude took the lead by lap 12, Sean took over the 2nd spot the following lap, followed by 2-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton in his awesome #75 Ford Focus! The yellow flag brought the action to a stop twice, sadly. The first, at lap 20 was apparently for a bumper on the track. Then one lap from the end for a “dead” Lex Johnson near the intersection. The final restart allowed Middleton to get by young Sean Peters in his #8 Civic for the runner up spot, and Taylor to knock me out of 4th place. It was a wild one, that’s for sure! Then we were finished, like two hours early!

Next week is the 27th annual Figure-8 “Nationals” - and the induction of Gene Brookover into the FEAR Hall of Fame. That SHOULD take place just before the position-drawing ceremony. And don’t forget it is “FAIR TIME” at Evergreen Speedway. Racers can get in early, through the back gate, then pick up pit passes at the office until 1pm - I think. Remember that the fair brings out lots of potential new fans, so we need to put on a great show so they want to come back! And how about a “shoutout” to FEAR and Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame member Lee Daily! Many times a FEAR Champion over the last 45 years, and Club President 30 years ago, Lee unknowingly flew his seaplane kinda close to the REAL President’s REAL airplane last week! Lee helped me build my first real race car over 35 years ago. No matter what the Secret Service says, Lee is still a star, and one of my heroes…and it was cool to see him all cleaned up and on TV! See you at the FAIR!!!   -BC

FEAR Results for August 14, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Ricky “the kid” Deitz had a clean sweep Saturday night as our summer weather quickly returned! 11 Super-8 cars made the 25-lap Main, in the last regular night before the 27th annual FEAR “Nationals” in two weeks. Deitz took the 8-lap heat race over fast timer and defending Super-8 Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson, followed by current point leader Jake Repin…then went on to win the Main event, lapping all but the top three finishers! Repin lead most of the race after getting by early leader Jay VanBuskirk at the lap 3 mark. Steve Peters raced up to 4th before catching a flat tire at the halfway point. John Carlson finally got his #50 through the traffic and up to 3rd at the 20-lap mark, before he ALSO lost a tire! Seth Funden was smooth and steady in his topless #40, taking over 3rd for the night. But it was Ricky “the kid” Deitz in his (and Paul Petersen’s) #76, passing Jake Repin – with just three laps to go! David Brandenburg finished in 4th place, followed by Bruce “the rookie” Wilson in his new car, both down 1. Nice to see 2-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton get HIS new Super-8 car on the track. I predict he WILL be a contender for the Championship next year- maybe both of them! Next up is “Fan Appreciation Night” for the Stingers. THE MAIN EVENTS START AT 6PM THIS WEEK! “Three tracks of racing action” means we lose “our” pits again…but at least they brought back $3 BEERS!!!

And what a turnout last Wednesday evening to meet our new 2011 promoters! Doug and Steve answered everybody’s questions and spelled out their (and the County’s) vision for the next ten years, or more! They are going to create a website, plus have meetings for new rule ideas in each class in the fall. They both showed up this past weekend and appeared to enjoy the show. See you ONE HOUR EARLIER this Saturday for our last pre-fair race of the season!  -BC

FEAR Results for August 7, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

After more than a month of sun, it was sadly Seafair, Rush (concert) and Seattle RV Saturday when the rain returned. And after more than four months of figure-8 racing it was clearly evident why Steve Peters and Jake Repin are the current point leaders in our two divisions. In the 7-car, 25-lap Super-8 Main, Repin passed “TM” Tom Gapp in David Brandenburg’s #17 for the lead - BEFORE lap 3, and never looked back. If he had, he would have seen a great race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places! Gapp held on to 2nd until lap 9 when Steve Peters got by, with defending Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson right behind him in 3rd – and that’s how they ended up. Carlson did beat Repin in the Super Heat race.

In the 25-lap Stinger Main, Steve Peters ALSO took the lead in the 10-car race around lap 3, after getting by six slower cars – but right behind him was Josh Young who had cleared eight racers by then! With fast time of the night, Josh looked unbeatable in his #22 Toyota, smoothly catching the point leader’s Prelude and passing him cleanly in the 2nd groove at lap 14…when all of a sudden he spun out! The “Battlewagon” marched on to the win, padding his point lead over Mike Middleton, who came in 4th. Young recovered quickly to stay in 2nd place, while Sean Peters in his #8 Civic came in 3rd. The Stinger heats were won by Steve Peters and Ken Bates.

This was the first race I have missed since we created this division so many years ago. Truck problems, tire concerns, fear of getting wet - and a huge Seafair hangover relegated me to a late 7ish arrival, and to my dry seat in the grandstands. Not a lot of folks there either. However, just a couple of rows ahead of me sat new Evergreen promoter Steve Beitler. I didn’t know it was him…and assume he didn’t know me “from Adam”, whatever that term means (maybe from Bonanza?)  Danni graciously came down to visit with this pleasant-looking fellow – then invited him upstairs. I hope we ALL get to meet him and his partner Doug Hobbs Wednesday evening at 7 pm – under the grandstands. Most of you have read about Steve and his success at Skagit Speedway. But his partner used to run Speedway Chevrolet, was inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame a couple of years ago (by Mickey B.) loves car racing… and lives nearby, too!

Next up, on Saturday, it’s “Dukes of Hazard” night for the Super-8 cars, their last chance to “tune-up” for the Figure-8 NATIONALS August 28th. The Stingers get a week off before “Fan Appreciation Night” August 21st. See you Wednesday night, and at “Dukes” night, when the fun continues!  BC 

Mike Middleton is the latest “CHAMPION OF THE WORLD”!
FEAR Results for July 31, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The Stingers were the “feature Event” Saturday night as a total of 15 cars lined up for the Duvall Diesel sponsored Stinger-8 World Championship…of the world! Two-time FEAR Stinger Champ Mike Middleton broke his own 2-month-old 18.690 record, with an amazing 18.604! Ironically, young Josh Young, holder of the fast time record all last year, ALSO beat Mike’s 690…with a 676! Mike’s Focus and Josh in his Toyota thus made up the front row of the exciting 50-lap final event of the night, which was run “heads-up”. Mike led the first 14 laps until defending Champion “of the world” Lance “Hammerhead” O’grain slipped by as the intersection clogged up a bit with heat race winner Joselyn “Jaws” LaFleur and “Crashing” Kenny Bates. All were able to continue, as Lance held that lead over Middleton, Steve Peters and Seth Funden, until the BIG crash of the night! It was O’grain “T-boning” LaFleur in her #06 Integra that brought out the only red flag of the event, at lap 32. 13 cars restarted the race, with Middleton again in the lead, just ahead of the current division point leader Steve “Battlewagon” Peters, young Sean Peters now in 3rd, followed by defending Champ Seth Funden and Josh Young – until the younger Peters cut down a tire and headed his #8 Civic to the pits for a new one. A heated battle ensued between the top two (in points) Stinger drivers, Peters and Middleton, as they (and Funden) lapped the entire field! Josh Young, Kenny Bates and Donnie Bennett finished down one lap, while Josh Beckel, “yours truly”, Jessica Gray and fast heat winner Rob Dykstra rounded out the top 10 – all of us down three laps! Thanks go out to Duvall Diesel for sponsoring this big race, and to Steve Peters for his help with my truck’s fuel line repair. My apologies to Bellevue area “fuel siphoners” whom I accused of ruining my night last week. Turns out I had a big ol’ gas leak instead… Thanks again, Steve! Also, it was fun co-announcing with Super Late Model-racer Tom Hughes. Listed as an Arlington resident, he told me he actually grew up a couple of blocks from my place in Bellevue, showing how small our world can sometimes be! Hopefully Scott will be back announcing this Saturday as the Stingers will again star on “USG Night”! The Super-8 cars will return the following week for “Dukes of Hazard” night, whatever that might be (Daisy Duke short-wearing freebies?) and then it’s the BIGGEST Figure-8 race of the year, the NATIONALS on August 28th, along with the Evergreen State Fair! I will see you at the track, where the fun continues!  -BC

FEAR Results for July 24, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The second of our three BIG annual Super-8 races took place under a hot sun, a heavy heart…then a full moon, as Evergreen Speedway and FEAR honored the loss of “one of our own” -  as Scott Ellsworth so eloquently put it, last Saturday night. Former FEAR President and NASCAR official Gene “Kaptin Black Flag” Brookover was given a supersized, dual - track memorial lap to honor his nearly 40 years of involvement in racing here in the NW. Geno’s good friend and former FEAR star Ron Daggett was involved with the memorial, as was Jerry Funden, and yours truly. Great to see former FEAR Champs Vern Deitz and Doug Delfel in the pits, and I got to visit with Ralph Lewis (Gary’s Dad) in the beer garden and Geno’s wife Kathy in the grandstands. Not sure if the race name in this story’s headline will stick, but it could! It was so cool to see a full field (16) of Super-8 cars line up for a shot at winning this event - and kind of save “the show”, which had a car count problem in the other divisions. And how about Jake Repin adding a couple hundred bucks to the prize pool! That is certainly generous of the current point leader, and reminds one of the whole spirit of FEAR, as we celebrate 45 years of figure-8 racing in Monroe. Strange he’s not even a member of the club!

Defending Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson was the early leader until his tranny (or clutch) blew up on the 7th lap. The field started “heads-up” with the faster cars up front. I sneaked my rig out the back and missed the first couple of laps, but as I reached the beer garden ($3 apparently is MY price point!) I saw David Brandenburg on top of Dale Larson’s “OZ” car… nice to see both sort of able to continue! Former FEAR Champ, and Hall of Fame member Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox started in the 4th spot but was in position to put his old #7 Chevy in the early lead with fellow member Steve Peters and Jake Repin fighting for the runner up spot. Repin took 2nd at lap 11 and carefully followed “the Coxman” to the very end! Ricky Deitz was on and off the track a couple of times in his #76 but never contended for the lead, and Seth Funden was solid again in his topless #40, staying out of trouble and hanging onto 4th place from lap 8 on. Doug “the Grizz” Delfel smoothly rounded out the top 5, and then saved my butt on the road home - after someone siphoned my truck dry! Thanks again, pal! So the figure-8’s saved the day, put on a good show and perhaps converted a bunch of oval fans to “the good stuff!”  All who supported this show should be proud of what you did, I know I was. And congrats to Steve Cox for a fine return to Evergreen Speedway! 

Next up, the Stinger-8 World Championship…“of the world”, as Terry used to say.  Come support your local Speedway, and have some fun too… See you there!  -BC

FEAR Results for July 3 & 17, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

As we work through the second half of our racing season, it comes as no surprise that we see the “cream rising to the top” in both divisions. Top drivers and former champions taking their third or fourth main event wins by mid-July is fairly typical these days. Yet defending Super-8 Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson patiently waited EXACTLY three months to rack up only his second win of the year, as he chases FEAR history - during this 45th anniversary season! Only “Crazy” Carl Zaretzke has won 4 FEAR Championships in a row, from 1971 through 1974. Carlson is defending his third Championship this season, chasing #4, and after this last victory, sits just 33 points behind young Jake Repin with only a few events left! Nine Supers started their 25-lap main event as the sun was setting over the Speedway on Foster Press night. (Thanks to our friend Mr. Vern Foster!) “The Cowboy” took the lead at lap 10 from Chuck Widdis, with 6 time champ Steve Peters right behind him - before a tire problem sent his #30 Camaro into the pits. David Brandenburg also drove his #17 as high as second before getting passed by a patient, but fast Jake Repin. Meanwhile Dale Larson was under and over several cars in his OZ car, and garnered the only black flag of the race. Carlson cut a tire down just a lap from the end, but still held off the charge of Repin – and without power steering! Brandenburg came in 3rd and Seth Funden apparently missed all the drama to take 4th. Larson did win the B heat, and Steve Peters the A heat race.  Peters also ran away with the 25-lap, 8-car Stinger event held a couple of weeks ago…thus the headline above! Sean Peters came in 2nd that night followed by 2-time Champ Mike Middleton, and sophomore sensation Rob Dykstra. This week it was Middleton’s turn to win as 10 cars started for 25 laps. “Jaws” LaFleur took the lead for the first three laps, and I got to lead the next several until Sean Peters and Middleton flew by with Steve Peters in hot pursuit! After a short battle, “Iron Mike” took the lead at lap 14 and set sail, leaving the Peters family to battle it out. Sean ends up in 2nd, Dad Steve took 3rd, and Dykstra came in 4th again. Mikes win tightens up the Stinger Championship point battle a bit too, with now just 40 points separating the point leading (and 6-time FEAR Champ) Steve Peters #30 “Battlewagon”, in his “old-school” type Honda Prelude, and 2-time Stinger champ Mike Middleton’s new hi-tech #75 Ford Focus .

Saturday was also “turn back the clock” night. Not sure what that meant this year, but in years past there were often many of the old-timey (pre-nascar) drivers invited back to the track. A couple of our FEAR reunion picnics have been held on that night, which was very cool! And check out FEAR historian Tom Claibourn’s “PROFILE OF A SEASON: 1968”- it’s above THIS story, to see how figure-8 racing looked “back in the day.” I joined the club 3½ years later and assume that Rocky Hutcherson might have been the ONLY other guy to have used “my” number, in now 45 years…only his number is weirdly straight up!
The Stingers get a night off for the Evergreen 500 weekend, and the Super-8 cars will provide most of the excitement - or at least 100 laps of it that night, in this the 2nd big race of the 2010 season! The Stinger-8 “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” (of the world) is July 30th, followed by USG night, giving the Supers a couple of weeks off to recuperate before “Dukes of hazard night” and “the Figure 8 Nationals” August 28th. And finally, I heard several people speculating about Johnson Productions “pulling the pin” after this 500 weekend. I asked Danni about these rumors Saturday night, and she was emphatic about it “not being true!” I certainly hope so, but know the Johnson family has worked hard to continue providing us a great place to play with our toys. Please SUPPORT them these last couple of months by SHOWING UP with your racecars each week! And PLEASE invite your friends and neighbors to come and watch. I was the “Wednesday night fever” announcer when they closed Spanaway Speedway several years ago. People still miss their track south of Tacoma, and talk about the loss, both to the racers AND to the community. Let’s not let that happen at our home! See you at the races where the fun continues, hopefully for ANOTHER 45 years, and thanks for reading this! BC

FEAR Results for June 26, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

A beautiful, sunny summer afternoon gave way to a full-moon night of racing, and lots of carnage ensued! 15 Super-8’s took the A Main green flag for the best race of the whole night, and 40 laps gave the two fastest cars plenty of time to make it through the pack. Defending Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson took fast-time over point leader Jake Repin - and was in the top three by lap 4, with Repin in hot pursuit! Heat race winner Bruce ”the rookie” Wilson held the lead through lap 5 in his #95 Camaro, until the #33 of Nick Gunderson flew by and lead the next 15. Bill Wade was back in action with his #13, but broke something important, and flew off the track in a shower of sparks! Kevin Boddy was back in the cool looking Boney Bros. #36 hot rod, but appeared to clip a Uke tire, which knocked him out of the race around lap 7. The biggest hit of the night, perhaps of the season, had to be at the half-way point, when the “OZ” car, driven by Dale Larson, nailed the leader, Gunderson, at the intersection, bringing out the red flag. 11 cars restarted after the track got cleaned up, with the #45 of Repin now leading Carlson, and the #30 “Battlewagon” of Steve Peters in 3rd. Trying hard to miss all of the carnage was “TM” Tom Gapp, driving the #17, while owner/driver David Brandenburg was “out of town”. In 4th at the restart, Gapp moved into 3rd when Carlson tangled with a lap-down car and caught a rare black flag. Gapp then moved into 2nd when Peters got tagged on the next to last lap, and they swapped final spots. Coming in 4th was the #48 of Chuck Widdis and old friend Rich Groshong brought his #14 in 5th! Congrats to Jake for his third main event win of the season and to Seth Funden for winning the fast heat race in his #40 super-8 car!

The 30-lap Stinger-8 Main started just 11 cars, but truly “starred” only two - as Lance O’grain made it to the top spot by lap 5 with former Champ Mike Middleton right on his heels, both from the back of the pack! The two cars were bumper-to-bumper for the next 25 laps with Middleton even taking the lead in his new Focus for a short time in traffic. They lapped half the field (which was not fun to be a part of) as point leader Steve Peters (in 3rd) could only watch his “old” Prelude, driven by the young O’grain, kick Ford butt! Rob Dykstra, Sean Peters and Josh Young rounded out the top six, all still on the lead lap. Congrats to Lance for his Midseason Main win, and to John Lewis & Sean Peters for their heat race victories!  Next up is the big “Armed Forces Night” for the Stingers, as the Super-8 guys get the 4th of July weekend off. Then we are all together again July 17, as we enjoy “Roll Back the Clock” night with this reminder…it was 45 years ago this summer that figure-8 racing started here at Evergreen Speedway. And it was 35 years ago that I struggled through my own FEAR rookie season. Time is flying by, people, so enjoy your holiday time at Evergreen celebrating our country’s independence, and later honoring our track’s “old-timers”…by-cracky!   -BC

FEAR Results for June 12, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The weather was perfect (finally) as EXTREME NIGHT brought out a nice size crowd - and some great figure-8 racing broke out! Ten Super-8’s and 11 Stingers took to the track for 25 laps each, 7 hours after timing in! The races started out eerily the same, with two “old farts” jumping into the lead for several laps - both from the second starting spot! Doug “the Grizz” Delfel in his #01 Super, and yours truly (“the Wiz”) in the ol’ #99. 70 years of figure eight racing experience between the two of us, and some Championships too, yet neither of us could close the deal! Delfel led the way for some 14 laps in his Super Main before 6-time Champ Steve “Battlewagon” Peters slid by - and drove on to victory. I could only hang on for five laps, before two-time Stinger Champ “Iron” Mike Middleton (and most everyone else) sailed by me and led the rest of the Stinger main event. Four-time FEAR Super-8 Champ, John “the Cowboy“ Carlson came in 2nd, current point leader Jake Repin was 3rd, followed by A-heat race winner David Brandenburg. Doug Delfel came in 5th, but did win his super heat race! The Stinger finish had Prelude-driving point leader Steve “battlewagon” Peters, doing “double-duty”, following Middleton’s (2nd in points) new Ford Focus across the line, followed by last week’s winner, Sean Peters and Rob Dykstra, both in Civics. Sean won the Stinger slow heat race, and Mike Middleton completed the sweep by taking the fast heat race! Nice job boys!

We’re off this weekend - it’s “Kids’ Night” at Evergreen, plus there is a big Fathers Day car show Sunday – I’m off to the “world series of poker” in Vegas… then we’ll all be back on the 26th for Mid-Season Championship night. That’s not the big event it used to be for us, with double points, trophies and the picnic, but there will still be some great racing action, so see you at the track!  --BC

FEAR Results for June 5, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Second and even third generation drivers are fairly common in the racing world. The Petty family famously stretched it to four generations before the tragic loss of 19-year-old Adam ten years ago last month. In the 45 years of figure-8 racing history at Evergreen Speedway –certainly the 38 years I have been involved with, and reported on FEAR – we have NEVER had BOTH Main Events won by the sons of former Champions & FEAR Hall of Fame members! Congrats to Ricky “the kid” Deitz and Sean “Battlewagon Jr.” Peters! That said, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon – advertised as “Drivers’ Appreciation Day”, with FREE BEER after the racing even…and yet we had the lowest car count (in both divisions) ever. Just six Super-8 cars and 10 Stingers took the green flag, but they still put on a whale of a show! As last week’s Super-8 winner, Ricky started on the back row of his 25-lap event, alongside point leader Jake Repin, and behind defending (and 4-time) Champ John “Cowboy” Carlson. Heat race winner Dale Larson in his “OZ” car lead the first seven laps, with David Brandenburg holding onto 2nd – until tangling with the hard charging Deitz, and later losing a tire while getting lapped by him. Carlson nearly took the lead, as did Repin, when Deitz got caught up in some slower traffic, but they settled for 2nd and 3rd. It was actually exciting to the fans in the stands, as Ricky nearly killed his and Paul Pedersons #76 supercar a couple of times!

The 25-lap Stinger race was, I’m told, also very exciting to watch, as heat race winner Joselyn LaFleur took the lead with yours truly in hot pursuit. The ol’ #99 Prelude then held the lead for a dozen laps as Sean Peters in his #8 Civic tried every trick to get by, short of dumping my old butt. We were side-by-side for several laps, which is both intense and so rare in this division! The second half of this one had young Peters lapping a couple of the slower cars after finally getting by the #99, as first Josh Young, then sophomore sensation Rob Dykstra took turns on my rear bumper. Josh had fast time of the night in his #22 Toyota, and Rob’s new #51 Civic is certainly getting faster each week, but the dirty track kept everyone in one lane for the most part, and kept Josh and Rob in 3rd and 4th. Thus fast heat winner (and current point leader) Steve Peters, and two-time Champ Mike Middleton had to settle for 5th and 6th. Next up is “EXTREME NIGHT” with Hornets, stunts and buses, rollovers & stunt busses! Of course the ALWAYS extreme figure-8 racing for both divisions will be the highlight, before another week off - and then midseason championship night June 26th.
 REMEMBER THAT TIME-INS ARE AT 2 PM this week only, and heats are all after 7, so they can set up “Crushers” big stunt!!! See you at the races!  - BC

60 Minutes of FEAR

FEAR Results for May 22, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

15 Super-8 racers started this annual event, the first of three BIG races in 2010. With fast time, Ricky Deitz was on the front row with last year’s winner, and former FEAR Champ, Greg Scott. The next row had the winner from the last two weeks, Jake Repin, and Stinger Champ Seth Funden with his fastest time ever! FEAR Hall of Fame members and multi-time FEAR champs Steve Cox and Steve Peters made up the third row, as the green flag flew at 9:40. By 10:00, Ricky had lapped just about EVERYBODY, finally passing 2nd place Repin exactly at the halfway point of his 150-lap victory - his third in the 16-year history of the race! Scott getting tagged by the brand new #36 car of Kevin Boddy at lap 5 brought out the first red flag, knocking out the first two of several cars for the night. In fact, only 10 were on the field by lap 25! A couple laps later John Zaretzke and David Brandenburg tangle at the X, knocking out the Z-man for the night. Super-8 Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson was never a factor, with a bad rear end knocking him out of the race on lap 9. Deitz was relentless as he carefully clicked off fast lap after fast lap in his, and Paul Peterson’s, #76 rocketship, with current point leader Repin hanging onto 2nd place the best he could. In 3rd - and seven laps back was Funden, followed by Brandenburg, Bruce Wilson and Cox.

The weather was weird again as the fine afternoon turned to sprinkles, but ONLY during the Stinger heat races! The first (or slow heat) was won by Seth Funden…while the “fast” heat was won by Sean Peters, ahead of his point-leading Dad, Steve. Only 12 cars made up the field for the 25-lap Stinger Main Event, as Steve rammed his way to the front, and held off the Toyota of Lance O’grain, and new track record holder Mike Middleton. Mike turned an amazing 18.690 to take the two-week-old record (18.704) from Josh Young, or “Yong” as I like to call him! Everyone enjoy the Memorial day weekend off and I will see you at the track June 5th for “Driver appreciation night”, whatever that might be!  BC

FEAR Results for May 8, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Jake “the real deal” Repin made it two A Main events in a row this past Saturday, as he slipped by the “Battlewagon” Steve Peters on the last corner of the 25th (and final) lap of a tremendous 14-car figure-8 race! Starting in the back row as last week’s winner, Repin sliced his way past defending Champion and fast timer John “the Cowboy” Carlson, got by the very fast Gunderson clan - and had to battle with Ricky “the kid” Deitz, who was down a couple of laps - but still so very quick. B Heat winner Dale Larson kept the “OZ” car up front the first 2/3rds of the race - until getting moved by Peters, in his trusty old #30 Camaro. But all eyes were on the A Heat winner in the bright green and black #45, as time was running out and the final lap battle heated up between Jake, Ricky and Steve. Great to see a full (14-car) field of Super-8 cars put on such a good show, and congrats again to former Stinger-8 racer Jake Repin! Peters, a 6-time FEAR Champ and Hall of Fame member was runner-up, with the #13 of Ryan Gunderson just ahead of former 3-time Champ Glen Davis, and current Stinger Champ Seth Funden, who rounded out the top five.
Late to show up, barely able to time in, and “sick as a dog”… 2 - time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton took his unique looking (and sounding) new Ford Focus to the front in another exciting 20-lap Stinger-8 race! Ironically, 14 cars also made up this field, the weather was great, and all of the “time issues” from last week were behind us as the green flag flew and John Lewis jumped into the lead, with yours truly in hot pursuit - until we hooked bumpers and half the field slipped by! Last week’s winner Joselyn “Jaws” LaFleur won the B Heat race, but started this Main in back with the new record holder, Josh Young. The #22 Toyota logged in at 18.704, knocking off the 18.877 record he set last year. Also fast this week was Rob Dykstra in his new #51 Civic who held the lead for a dozen laps, until Middleton slipped by around lap 16. Doing “double-duty” again, Steve Peters hung on for 3rd in his point leading Prelude, and son Sean Peters, winner of the “fast” heat in his new Civic, came in 4th - with rookie sensation Don Bennett in his #26 Prelude rounding out the top 5.
Last week several of the STARS of figure-8 racing enjoyed a night off from Evergreen and ventured south to Southsound Speedway. Nice to see former ES announcer Kelly Hale behind the “mike”, and special thanks to Butch and Nick for allowing the two of us access to the pits and grandstands! The place really looked great, the show kept moving right along, and the Stingers put on a great race as Steve Peters stepped up on a very late restart - and stole the win from Rob Dykstra who lead almost every lap! Nick Gunderson in his #33 was clearly the fastest Super-8 and nearly lapped the field as he took the Super Main event, as well as the trophy dash. I was part of the very first “8” event held on this track, and it still looked tough to tame! A cool track for sure, and the fans seemed to really enjoy seeing figure-8 racing again!
And finally, I’m hard at work with Vern Foster on our 2010 FEAR History/Rules book, which should be ready for distribution at the upcoming “60 Minutes of FEAR” race, on May 22nd. I want to thank all who chipped in by joining FEAR, and helped keep our club alive! Some fading sponsorship help has lessened the dream of a big picnic this summer, but next year is FEAR’s 45th anniversary and we shall party - if I have to pay for it myself! We still need some Gold member profile sheets returned, along with some updated pictures for the drivers’ profile page. And 2010 FEAR memberships will be available at my truck before, and after, the ALWAYS exciting “60 Minutes of FEAR”! The basic membership contribution is still just 10 bucks, or $25 for drivers and “gold members”…See you there after a fun weekend off!  -BC 

FEAR Results for April 24, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Two popular first-time winners were limited to abbreviated celebrations this past Saturday night because of time, oil on the track and super slow tow truckery…and later the crappy weather! Just eight late-model superstocks took (as confirmed by an hour and a half to complete their shortened main event! It was colder than the night of the Snowball 500 when they FINALLY parked the late-models on the back stretch so the ten Super-8 cars could put on THE SHOW. Later, it was wetter than I’ve seen in 35 years of racing at Evergreen, for the Stingers’ time-shortened main event…after an hour-long Bomber race. Then, after lining up, the hapless Hornets didn’t even get to run their main event - WTF! That said, the Super-8 race was exciting to watch, and it was cool to see several old-time FEAR members on the track and in the pits again! One of my favorites is Rich Groshong, who led a lap or two in his Deitz-built hot rod, before falling back to a 5th place finish - just ahead of another old friend, Glen Davis. But all eyes were on the #45 of Jake Repin, as he moved through the pack - with “the Cowboy” John Carlson in hot pursuit! Former Stinger driver Repin cleared the leader (and heat race winner) Dale Larson in the “OZ” car with ten laps to go, and was able to hold off the defending Champ at the checkered flag! The Stinger-8 main finally started a couple of hours later - in the aforementioned rainstorm. Joselyn “Jaws” LaFleur jumped into the early lead in her #06 Integra ahead of #26 Donnie Bennett, and Yours Truly in our Preludes. My windshield fogged up immediately, but I’m told it was that order for about the first ten laps or so - with 6-time Champ Steve Peters, then Lance “Hammerhead” O’Grain both knocking on my back door. But it was the sophomore driver Rob Dykstra, in his cool new JZ-built #51 Civic who flew by me, and the others, to take over P-3, which he held until a last lap intersection tangle with a suicidal Cody Koroshes, who was actually down 15 laps! Congrats to “Jaws” on her first Stinger-8 A Main win over Lance O’Grain, new points leader (and heat race winner) Steve Peters, and rookie sensation Don Bennett! We get the May 1st weekend off, which is always fun, and several of you are going to race on the unique figure-8 track at Southsound Speedway. I will hopefully be in the stands watching, drinking beer, and taking notes for a new FEAR story, before taking off to Maui the following Monday. Then it’s back to Evergreen May 8th for “Ladies’ Night.”  See you there! - BC


FEAR Results for April 17, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Defending Stinger-8 Champ Seth Funden won the first “King of the X” event this past Saturday evening, and defending Super-8 Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson took the Super-8 (and figure-8’s 45th) season opener on a damp, slimy track. The rains came hard after the 3:30 (WTF??) time-ins, and before any of our heats took place. Seth did double duty slogging his topless #40 Super to a 3rd place finish ahead of “the Griz” Doug Delfel in his ol’ #01, and behind the #45 of Jake Repin. Just six cars started the Main, with Carlson taking the lead at lap 7 of the 25-lapper, and he never looked back. Delfel won the Super heat race, holding off Carlson, who assumes the point lead with just 11 more events to go in this division.

In the always exciting Stinger-8 division, 16 cars timed in, with 15 starting the “King of the X” 50-lap race. Starting “heads up”, fast timers Mike Middleton and Josh Young led the pack to the green flag, but by the second lap, Seth’s #40 Integra assumed the top spot and was leaving everyone else behind on the still sloppy track. John Lewis and Jocelyn “Jaws” LaFleur brought out the flag on lap 14 after connecting at the intersection. The restart had last week’s winner Steve “Battlewagon” Peters, up from the middle of the pack, along with former champ Mike Middleton and Lance “Hammerhead” O’Grain right on Funden’s tail. Peters even took the lead at lap 28 after Funden had to take evasive action in the intersection. The “old king” led the “new king” for several laps as the “Hammerhead” moved into 3rd place. Funden took back the lead on lap 37, and that’s how our big race ended, with Sean Peters and Josh Young rounding out the top six. The heats were won by Jocelyn LaFleur and Steve Peters.

Sunday was a MUCH nicer day as a half-dozen Stingers were joined by a couple of idiots (from who-knows-where) in Puyallup for the third annual Spring Fair “Slam Fest”. One of them smashed Steve Peters out of the early lead on the tiny track, as Lance O’Grain hammered his way to the win ahead of “Jaws” LaFleur, Sean Peters, and Yours Truly. This event always has the most ferocious demo derby as its “main event”, and our own Josh Beckel almost took that big win! It was great to see Terry B. and Steve D. again, but the figure-8 race seemed more like a 25-lap derby heat than a fun exhibition of, um, figure-8 racing!

May 1st looks like it’s a go at Southsound Speedway for all figure-8 drivers. More info seems to be available on the RacingWest site, or call JZ. See you all this Saturday for “Community Night” at Evergreen Speedway.  -BC

FEAR Results for April 10, 2010        By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The 2010 season opener for the Stinger-8 cars Saturday night marked the 45th anniversary of figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway! It also marked the 35th anniversary of my own rookie debut. And if not for the help of so many of my fellow racers, it simply would not have happened! It was 1975 when I first showed up at Evergreen Speedway with those goofy back-to-back nines on a red, black and white ‘63 Sport Fury that FEAR Champ Lee Daily helped build for me. Among the first guys I met in the pits was Mick Tomlin, who sort of took me under his wing because I had (and still have) no clue how to fix stuff on my car! Back then there were 40 or 50 guys racing on this exciting track, and the FEAR club had some 300+ members - and both numbers were growing each year. In fact, Mick was President of FEAR later in the decade when we had over 600 members! I talked with Mick this past Sunday and described how so many guys - fellow competitors, mind you - jumped in to help me when my front end fell off in the first lap of my heat race - ending my big night, I thought. He reminded me that it was that same spirit that kept our club, FEAR, viable for so many, many years! A BIG thank you to Steve, Josh, Seth, Jerry  and all the other guys, for allowing me to take part in this one special, probably final, opening night. And thanks also to the Harriss and Bad Company race teams for their axels!
That said, it was a very pleasant afternoon - and a damn cool evening - as 16 Stingers joined a big field of Bombers, medium sized field of Hornets and Minis, and half a field of Supers, to open the 2010 racing season! The 25-lap main event was led off by Jim Puntenney in his newly-acquired Civic and Jessica Gray in her cool new Integra, who led the first six laps or so. I slipped the ol’ 99 into the lead for the next five or six laps, including a caution for debris at lap 10. Sean Peters had made it to 2nd place before limping into the pits with his brand new #8 Civic, turning 2nd place over to his dad, Steve in the #30 Prelude “Battlewagon”. It wasn’t long, just a few laps later, that Peters took the lead, followed by Lance O’Grain in his radical-looking #74 Toyota and the current Stinger champ, Seth Funden in his #04 Integra - and that’s how they ended up. It’s great to see former two-time champ Mike Middleton back at the track in a radical new Ford Focus! After smashing into a uke tire during practice, Mike ended up in 4th, followed by fast time and record holder Josh Young is his #22 Toyota rounding out the top five.  Jessica earlier won the B Heat race in her #04 Acura, while Sean Peters took the fast heat.
There are rumors of an “out-of-town” Super-8 race at Southsound on May 1st - and the third annual Puyallup Spring Fair race for Stingers is coming up this Sunday. Saturday night at Evergreen is the “King of the Stingers” thing - not sure how long or for how much, but it should be fun - plus the Super-8’s return!
FEAR memberships are still being accepted, of course, and the history/rule books should be printed up and delivered (or mailed) by the end of the month. I’m just waiting to see how many we’ll need. Thanks again to Steve Peters, et al for their help, and congrats to Steve for this big win, as we all celebrate 45 years of great figure eight racing action ,“rain or shine” at Evergreen Speedway! See you at the track, and at the fair!  -BC


by Ben Chandler

Nothing says “springtime” like the official release of the Evergreen Speedway racing schedule. Well that, daylight saving time, and I just mowed my damn lawn already! At the membership signup meeting held at (new track sponsor) Alfy’s pizza in Monroe, we got the most recent version, which should be posted soon on this site, AND on Happy to see the Super-8 schedule was cut back a bit, to 12 races (3 BIG ones!) so the guys can save some money AND have a couple of weeks off each month! Back in “the day” we raced, like 24 + weeks in a row each and every summer! The Stingers are scheduled for 15 weeks this season, INCLUDING a new event REPLACING the spring-fair on April 17th. Called “King of the X”, it should have a big purse (sponsor needed!), plus plenty of extra laps! Another neat change announced for 2010 is the new BACK GATE season pass. Designed to save some 10% over the course of a full season, it should also save you some time getting in the back gate each Saturday you race! We still await the official tire decision for both classes, as of this writing, but Lex indicated it shouldn’t be too much different from last season! Other 2010 rule changes are now posted on THIS site, and will be in the newest FEAR Rule/History book, also coming soon! I want to thank all of the Figure 8 drivers who renewed their FEAR memberships again at the big meeting. Your support, as you should know, goes DIRECTLY to the maintenance of this website and the individual “gold” member web pages. Your memberships also help with the cost of printing the FEAR History/ rule books, as well as the FEAR stickers. Former Club President John Zaretzke even “stepped up” as the first co-sponsor of the 45th Anniversary FEAR reunion & PICNIC, which will take place this coming summer! FEAR “gold” members will be invited, of course, and club historian Tom Claibourn will again share his massive display of FEAR-stuff as we honor the people that founded this Club so long ago! Danni graciously told me that we should be able to have OUR individual FEAR (gold member) web pages listed under “driver’s web-pages” on the Evergreen site very soon, so get me updated profiles and some cool pictures of your cars asap, and get even better fan and sponsor exposure in 2010! The new season kicks off for the Stingers on April 10th - and the SUPER-8’s start their 45th season on the 17th. That’s right; it was 45 years ago THIS SUMMER, when northwest racing fans saw their first figure 8 race! The track was initially dirt, the arena mostly used for rodeos, and the fenderless cars were initially called “modifieds”!  If you watch the TV show Madhouse, you would recognize these old style cars, when they do the occasional flash back to the 60’s. Now 40 years later, our Super-8 cars again look a lot like theirs – except on the show they scream and fight a LOT more - and, of course, they don’t have the balls required to race left… AND right!  See you opening night, as I quietly celebrate the 35th anniversary of my own figure- 8 rookie season! Man, time flies when you’re HAVING FUN!   BC

400 Laps Grows to 500 -- by Ben Chandler

Happy Holidays everybody! Great turnout at the Evergreen Speedway banquet with plenty of Figure-8 presence, both on the big screen and at the Awards ceremony, as FEAR member Mike "Mr. Dizzy" Buse was inducted into the prestigious Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame! Over the years many FEAR people have been so honored, going back to their first inductee, "Crazy" Carl Zaretzke, and later 3 former FEAR Presidents Gene Brookover, Lee Daily and Mick Tomlin, with wife Randi and even the Ruddell family. I was inducted myself a couple of years ago and proudly spoke, as I often do, about how the NASCAR "Super" division had "sprung from the loins" of FEAR back in the 80's! Congrats "Mr. Dizzy", and welcome to the 'HoF'! It was also announced at the banquet that our friend Vern Foster and his Lake Stevens printing business, Foster Press, is returning as the Ministock series primary sponsor. Vern returns as our webmaster in 2010, and I look forward to continued work with him on the track program, as well!

Speaking of sponsors, my good friend, former Figure-8 driver (and boss again) Cary Falk, generously offered to add some cash to the prize pool to insure a 2010 Snowball Enduro race. Our main concern was that the Stinger bumpers (and cars) should be allowed ... then Lex came up with the great idea of also adding a 150-lap Stinger-8 race before, and a 100-lap V-8 race AFTER the January 2nd Hornet Enduro, to make up a total of 500 laps! That should be great fun to watch, and be a part of ... and yes, the Stinger bumpers ARE legal in this Enduro. I ran all of these races before the bumper issue came up a couple of years ago, and it is great fun!

The Figure-8 rules have been posted on the ES webpage, MONTHS sooner than usual - thanks to the hard work of everyone at Johnson Productions. I haven't read the specifics, as my computer at work strangely seems to block track rules (but not porn)! But Marv tells me the Stinger clarifications we asked for late last summer, including allowing some front wheel camber and dashboard trimming, were added. It sounds like the Super-8 cars are adding some weight - not the 200 or 300 pounds first discussed, but 100 pounds - in an effort to level the field a bit by slowing down the faster new-style cars. There’s been lots of web chat on this subject on Racingwest, both for and against. The bottom line will be whether it somehow adds to the Super-8 car count, or kills it. No word on the Super-8 schedule for 2010, but it needs to be trimmed and spread out so you guys can cut some costs! And speaking of saving dough, I heard there was a big turnout for the first JZ Motorsports swap meet! Keep an eye out for the Rick Hagar swap meet early in January, and the Concept event later in the month. And finally, I have had a couple of comments about the latest Stinger-8 Champ's picture NOT appearing yet at the top of our homepage. That’s only because I'm still waiting for Seth to complete his '09 membership application and get it to me along with a picture. See you at the SNOWBALL! -BC

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