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FEAR Results for September 26, 2009 By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Championship night was later in the year than ever before, yet the weather was still very pleasant as we celebrated our latest Champions - young Seth Funden in the Stinger-8 Division, and for the fourth time, third in a row, it was “the Cowboy” John Carlson in the Super-8 Division! The car counts were fairly typical for the ‘09 season with 10 Super-8 and 18 Stingers starting the extra-long main events. The Supers went 50 uneventful laps and the Stingers ran 40 crazy ones! The latest inductee into the FEAR Hall of Fame, Steve Peters, led every lap followed early on by Troy Simianer in the #22, and from lap 14 on, by Ricky “the Kid” Deitz. In third for the last 34¾ laps was John Carlson followed by Shain Sawin in the Vern Deitz-owned #67, until the very last corner, when “the Cowboy” suffered a rare mechanical problem, faded right, and fell to fourth at the checkered flag. Peters had also won the Super-8 heat race. Not so lucky in the Stinger Main, Peters grabbed the lead at lap 26 from eventual winner Lance O’Grain before a tangle at the intersection with the #51 Civic driven by Rob Dykstra. Five laps later, he tagged the #22 Toyota of Josh Young and later T-boned Josh’s dad, and “rookie of the year”, John Lewis. There were spinning cars and lots of smoke and action throughout the entire 40 laps as the new Champion, Seth Funden worked his Integra towards the second spot by lap 29, followed by JJ Edwards in his Acura in third. Second in points for the year is Josh Young, who made it back up to fourth, followed by yours truly in the old 99, in fifth - for the race and the season. But the winner (and third in the point standing) was Lance “the Irishman” O’Grain in his #74 Toyota. Congrats to our final winners of the season and a big thank you to all you drivers who supported figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway this season!

It was the fifth season for the ever-popular Stinger-8 class that I helped create so long ago. We started with the Hornet rules, which Mickey Beadle “borrowed from a track back East“. I ditched the radio, added a couple of bars inside and a channel on the passenger door. Johnny Z added a couple of safety rules, spec bumpers and eliminated the yellow paint requirement a few years back…then Lex added a few changes last year and this season too. Seth, Josh, Steve and I met last week to clarify this mish-mash of Stinger rules and presented them to Danni and Marv early this week. Vern and Ricky, John, Shane and Doug represented the Super-8 Division with several concerns about rules, procedures and scheduling that were discussed as well. It was a great meeting with lots of good communication that should produce the positive changes we, and the track, surely need. I will post updates here during the off season about future changes as they come up.
We had some special fans in attendance Saturday night, as our Club Historian Tom Claibourn came over the mountains with his son Damon. Joining them in the stands was FEAR Hall of Fame member Roger Estrin, one of our first Champs ever! Next year will mark our 45th season of figure-8 racing at Evergreen, and Tom and I are already planning a big picnic/reunion/party to celebrate the milestone. Finally, I want to thank Vern Foster, Tom Claibourne and Louise Coleman for their help with this website all year. And thanks also to our track promoters Danni and Lex Johnson for access both to the track and to Keep checking that site over the next few months for news about the proposed changes, and the NASCAR Awards Banquet. I look forward to seeing all of you there in November, and back at the track next Spring - when the fun continues! -BC

FEAR Results for September 5, 2009 By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The final figure-8 night of the Fair - and the regular season - went much more smoothly than the previous one! It started with mea culpas from track management, as Marv Monty agreed that we need to discuss many figure-8 concerns in the near future. It was a pleasant afternoon and the predicted rain held off until the start of the Stinger-8 Main, then strangely ended during the Super-8 Main! Thanks to a lot of hard work, we had 10 Super-8 cars make it back after the brutal and ill-fated Nationals. The wet track and some good performance from the old-style Camaro driven by Bruce Wilson kept the field behind his yellow #95 for the first 20 laps of the 25-lap main event. First “the Griz“, Doug Delfel, tried to get by in the slippery outside groove, then the #22 of Troy Simianer took a shot. By lap 12, it was Ricky “the Kid” Deitz in second place and knocking on Wilson’s back door. Shane Sawin had raced into third place by lap 20 when he locked bumpers with teammate Deitz, pulling both out of the line and flattening a tire. Soon after, in the same north corner, Glenn Davis in his #32 ended up on top of the “OZ” car, driven by Dale Larson and bringing out a rare red flag! It took a while to get the #32 off the “OZ”, which allowed the track to dry even more. After the restart, the last five laps were ferocious, as the #22 car had moved back to second, the #95 was finally bumped out of the groove, and “Cowboy” John Carlson’s #50 got through the field, following Delfel’s #01 to the front - with Deitz and Simianer right behind in third and fourth. Congrats to the former FEAR President and two-time Champ Doug Delfel on his win!

The 20-car Stinger Main was rolling onto the track as that rain began to fall. Many cars seemed unprepared for this, apparently with no wipers, defrosters, and baldish tires. The 25-lap event was marred by several messy intersection hits. The first red flag came out on lap 4 when early leader Jocelyn “Jaws” LaFleur ran her #06 Integra into the #88 VW driven by James Waters. The restart put Don Bennett’s #26 Honda Prelude ahead of the ol’ #99 Prelude of Yours Truly, with Lance O’Grain’s #74 Toyota in third. “The Irishman” soon flew by me, with “Battlewagon” Steve Peters in hot pursuit. Another restart at the halfway point following the spin-out of Brian Wheeler’s #28 brought the field together, giving O’Grain a shot at leading the field as he battled with Bennett - almost to the end. But in the final intersection, just shy of the finish line, they both hit Jessica Gray’s #04 and the #44 of Dave “Red” Collis! Emerging from the smoke and steam came our fifth Stinger-8 Division Champion Seth Funden in his #40 Acura to take the win! I thus moved up to a second-place finish in my Honda, Steve Peters (in his) took third, with Josh Young’s #22 Toyota was fourth. I did win the “A” Heat barely ahead of the quick #73 Civic driven by young Todd Stillwell. The “B” Heat was won by Don Bennett, and winning the single Super-8 heat race was three-time FEAR Champ Glenn Davis.

So the Fair is over, and we now (for some reason) have three weeks to wait until our Championship Night on Sept. 26th. The 2010 schedule is of course, another important facet of our much-needed rules and procedures meeting this Fall. News of any developments will be posted here on the website as they occur. For now I just want to offer congratulations to our first-time Champion in the Stinger-8 division Seth Funden, who was very fast and consistently in the top three every night. This is the fifth year for this division and it has been another season of great racing and fun, averaging 20 or more cars most every week! Speed and consistency should also bring the fourth Championship (3rd in a row!)for John Carlson in the Super-8’s, so congrats to “the Cowboy” as well! See you later in the fall… for Championship night! -BC

FEAR Results for August 29, 2009 By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

It was a wild and crazy night! A lack of time, too many cars, too much show, and a tight curfew ruined what should have been our biggest race of the year, perhaps the decade. Everybody did great under the circumstances, but it was apparent from the beginning that our show wasn’t the highlight of the night. Scott Whitmore from the Everett Herald made some great observations on his website without even having been there. Driver comments this week on the phone and online have been strongly negative, I‘m sad to report. I want to apologize for not being more involved with the running of this event as a liaison between the racers and the track. Eric and I had chatted earlier in the week, and that afternoon, and I shared some basic guidelines for the event, but time killed us. Congrats to the eventual winner, Brian Gunderson, a long-time FEAR driver - just as their originally-announced winner, Glenn Davis, who was moved to third, and to Troy Simianer who finished second in Tim Gapp‘s #22.

It seems as though the Figure-8 drivers in both divisions need to meet sometime after this season ends to discuss the way their races need to be run, the rules, and how cars need to be teched. Working more closely with the track and NASCAR should alleviate many concerns in the coming seasons. Perhaps that is something that FEAR members can plan on doing this Fall!

Hopefully we’ll see you all back this final Fair weekend when the Stingers get to run with the big boys - in the rain…!?? -BC

FEAR Results for August 22, 2009 By Ben Chandler

A beautiful warm August “Fan-Fair” evening, and Ricky Deitz set a new Super-8 record of 16.882 - the first to crack the 16-second mark in the 44 years of Figure-8 racing at Evergreen! Josh Young also set a record - the new Stinger-8 mark is now at 18.877, in his #22 Toyota - putting the Hondas to shame in the process! But before I get to last week’s action, I wanted to mention how cool it was to see Glenn Davis win last week in the Super-8 Main! Back in Black after 15 years or so, Glenn - a 3-time FEAR champion (‘92, ‘93 and ‘94) took his hand-built #32 to the front after Ricky and “the Cowboy” tangled, and never looked back. It was just two years ago this week when we put on a fun FEAR “Race of Champions” that Glenn returned to battle the other past FEAR champs in the rain, and caught the racing bug again, in a Stinger! Speaking of Stinger-8’s, Saturday’s winner, Steve Peters is to be inducted into the FEAR Hall of Fame at the Nationals on August 29th, and will share the honor with a surprise special guest - hopefully with all FEAR drivers attending the big event. Peters took the lead from Yours Truly in the ol’ 99, around lap 19 of the 25-lap Main and held off former Stinger champ Cody Koroshes and new Stinger champ Seth Funden for his - what - fourth win of ‘09?! The #30 Prelude also won the fast heat with son Sean Peters at the wheel. The slow heat winner was Rob Dykstra over JJ Edwards.
The Super-8 race was also 25 laps with 11 cars taking the green (the Stinger count was down to 14). Last week’s winner, Davis started on the back row for the first time in, well, 15 years and kept up with record setter Ricky “the Kid” Deitz as he worked his way through the pack. But it was “the Cowboy” John Carlson, who rocketed his Heck-built championship Chevy into the lead by lap 8, over early leader Steve Peters in his old-style Camaro “Battlewagon”. Ricky caught up in his record setting Ford…and made it to 2nd, with teammate Shane Sawin taking over 3rd and Davis in 4th - and that’s how it ran till the end! Steve Peters also won the Super-8 “B” heat, and welcome back Quentin “the one-armed Bandit” Boreson, winner of the “A” heat in Tim Gapp’s #12 car!

So now it’s time for the Fair and almost September, with just a couple of races to go this season. The weather has been awesome, and it looks as though our Champions have been determined. Crowds and car counts have both been down this season, but Danni Johnson has bravely taken over the promoter’s reins and we wish her continued success. Speaking of promoters, I took a bike trip down South last week on the ol’ CBX. The Spanaway Speedway site is about 80% developed now, with no evidence visible of its past glory. Then I was on to Yelm to visit FEAR Hall of Fame member and 30-year promoter Mickey Beadle and his lady, Lyn. I missed him at his tiny but cool bowling alley, but we chatted on the phone the next day. He seems happy in retirement and wanted me to say Hi to everyone, and reminded me that the “Nationals”, which he created, is now the longest continuous racing event in track history! See you all next Saturday for the Fair, and the 25th annual Figure-8 Nationals! -BC

FEAR Results for August 1, 2009 By Ben Chandler

They almost made this race a 75-lapper, but finally decided against it when several racers pointed out tiny gas tanks that were half full - putting it back to 50 laps. They almost had a “B” Main (like last year), but decided to let, oh, 22 or 23 cars take the green, including several, um, beaters… that then affected the outcome. They even almost had the record-setting motorcycle jumper of the world in the event! But his car blew up before getting through the pace lap. It was a “heads-up” start with the #44 Toyota of Dave “Red” Collis leading the first 25 laps, followed by Steve Peters and Lance O’Grain in hot pursuit. A couple of big crashes slowed the event with Josh Beckel and Peters both getting destroyed, along with Josh Young getting creamed while in 3rd. Sean Peters quietly made his way into the top three by lap 32, and then to 2nd when dad Steve got knocked out of the lead. And that’s how this third Stinger-8 Championship “of the World” ended up - with Lance O’Grain, Sean Peters and JJ Edwards on the podium - and way too many wrecked cars in the pits!
The Super-8’s then started 10 cars for a 25-lap main event with Rick Shaver holding the lead for the first five laps until John “Cowboy” Carlson finally blew by - followed closely by Ricky “the Kid” Deitz (driving the #04 borrowed from Jerry Funden after his #76 suffered problems during practice) and the #67 Ford driven by Shane “Rockstar” Sawin - and that’s how it ended. Carlson ended a bit of a dry spell and maintains a slight point lead toward his fourth (third consecutive) Super-eight season championship! The evening ended with a spectacular jump by FEAR superstar Mike “Mr. Dizzy” Buse, who jumped a Suburban towing a little speedboat - into and over, a couple of motor homes and trailers!
Next weekend is Drifting at Evergreen - and a couple of weeks off before the State Fair and the final few races of the season. I want to say “Howdy” to our past Stinger-8 two-time Champion, Mike Middleton. We all miss you, pal, and hope you can come play during the Fair, or possibly Championship night - without getting divorced! -BC

FEAR Results for July 25, 2009 By Ben Chandler

The Washington 100 for the Super-8 Division was the first new “big race” in over 15 years. The Nationals was created 25 years ago in 1984, and the 60 Minutes of FEAR followed in 1994. Vern Dietz won the inaugural Nationals, and his son Ricky was the first to win the 60 Minutes race ten years later. Thus it seems fitting and not surprising to see Vern’s #67 lead the first 90+ laps, driven by Shain Sawin, and teammate Ricky “the Kid” Dietz taking over the lead and going on to take the win!!

18 cars started the 100-lapper and almost everyone had some troubles. Sawin’s tire going down, putting him back in 3rd, was the only problem he experienced. Dietz lost his plastic tailpiece in an intersection swipe, but kept his cool to the end. Ryan Gunderson was a huge surprise - coming in 2nd after going down a lap in the first five minutes. “Cowboy” John Carlson was hanging in the top three until intersection contact with Sean Peters sent him into the pits at the halfway point. Sean’s father Steve had his “Battlewagon” in and out of the pits with tire problems. “Slick” Don Eslick started the night in his newly-painted #49 hot rod, but also had some mechanical woes early. “Slick” was responsible for the great turnout, with his company, Washington Automated, Inc. sponsoring half of the first place prize money. Thanks, Don!! Speaking of great sportsmanship, the #17 driver, David Brandenburg was instrumental in Ricky’s win, by providing the axle replacement he needed following practice! Ironically, it looked like axle problems that knocked Brandenburg out around lap 35.

The race took place early in the evening, and went very quickly - which was convenient since rain was on the way, and I was on my bike! Congrats to Ricky, Ryan and Shain, and thanks to all you Super-8 drivers who showed up to support our track promoters - you put on a great show! See you Saturday for the Stinger-8 Championship of the World! As a side note - I’m no longer at Renton Honda, so if you need to contact me, please call me at (425) 747-4736, or email me at See you at the track!! -BC

FEAR Results for July 18, 2009 By Ben Chandler

Nobody seemed to know what “Turn back the clock night” was supposed to be about. I had my “old-school” whites on, of course. It felt more like a “full moon night” as our country celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing this week. Weird to think FEAR came to be nearly 5 years before that momentous event! Beautiful weather greeted the racers last Saturday, and we even got a nutrition expert telling us to “eat food” with all the water we were drinking! Not sure why I mentioned that, it just seemed kind of obvious…except that we are now running people over in the pits, so we need to be more concerned about safety, and well, common sense! That said, it was a wild “moonie” night of figure-8 racing, with 20 Stingers and 10 Super-8 cars timing in - which somehow got divided into three Stinger heats… and one Super heat? That heat race was won by Jake Repin in his rebuilt #45 JZ-built racer, over last week’s Main winner, Troy Simianer, in the Gapp-owned #16. Troy went on to finish 3rd in the Main event, again behind Repin who finished in 2nd place, after leading the first 10 laps. But it was all Shane Sawin in the Vern Dietz-owned #67, passing first Repin, then leader (and teammate) Ricky Dietz at the halfway mark. Ricky “The Kid” in his #76 had fast time of the night and, even with a black flag, came in 4th, just ahead of Seth Funden in the #04 Chevy, both on the lead lap! The defending Champ, John “the Cowboy” Carlson had a couple of rare mechanical problems in his #50 which knocked him out of this race, so he took a shot at racing with the Stingers for the first time, garnering his first ever Stinger-8 black flag!

Lots of new faces joined “the Cowboy”, as the 20-car, 25-lap Stinger-8 Main restarted not once, but three different times…one time was actually single file - as requested (wtf) by the flagman! Don Bennett finally got his #26 Stinger out, and actually led the first few laps! Justin Jones then led several in his #133 Accord, before losing a wheel. The other fresh face, also in a Honda, was Zach Bristol in his #007. We haven’t allowed 3-digit numbers in what, 20 years? “Jaws” LaFluer led lap 8 in her Integra, before the #40 of future Champ Seth Funden (in his) took over the lead for good on lap 9. At the halfway point, J.J. Edwards got his #86 Acura tangled up with a couple of slower cars – and ended up on his roof… again! Steve “Battlewagon” Peters had come from the back to challenge Seth by this time and Josh Young was hot on his tail in the #22 Toyota. Josh prevailed and that is how it ended with Seth Funden, Josh Young, and Steve Peters followed by Lance O’grain and yours truly…happy to just finish, as usual! Next up is the “Washington 500“, with 100 laps of Super 8 racing - then the Stinger Championship of THE WORLD!! -BC

Former Champs Peters and Simianer win on X-night!
FEAR Results for July 11, 2009 By Ben Chandler

Saturday’s Pawn X-change night at the races was a weird one for several former Champions, with 2 past Champs winning, 3 getting injured - and a handful more wrecking or blowing up! It was warm and sunny as the big day got started. Later it seemed more like a “full-moon” night, as the 30-lap (9-car) Super-8 Main event first got cut to 20 laps, and then 3-time champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson T-boned 2-time Champ Doug Delfel. In between we saw last week’s winner Shain Sawin actually spin his teammate Ricky “the Kid” Dietz out, and we saw the “OZ” car with Dale Larson, smoothly lead the first several laps before “the Pumpkin” David Brandenburg passed him for the lead. Ricky almost paid back the favor to Shain as he steamed back through the pack, but then a rare black flag finally flew instead for “the Grizz” Doug Delfel. Doug had tangled (while lapping) with Stinger champ-to-be Seth Funden, driving Dad Jerry’s #04. It was after serving the penalty that Doug re-entered the race, crossing in front of the defending Champ, when the car stuttered, and WHAMMY! Doug was still sore (but working) on Monday and reported that “ONLY his right leg was okay”, and his car “pretty bent up”. Carlson was seemingly okay after the impact, but passed out later in the pits, spent the night at the hospital, and told me he and his car should be ready to go by next Saturday night. That all said, the race was won by former Champ Troy Simianer, driving for just the second time this season in the Tim Gapp-owned #16! Hanging on for 2nd was David Brandenburg’s #17 followed by the “teammates”, Sawin and Ricky Dietz, who also won the lone heat race. Rounding out the top 5 was former FEAR President Tony Crenshaw, finally back in figure-8 racing action with his old #9 Ford!

The third former Champ injury Saturday night happened later in the pits, ironically to the Stinger-8 Main Event winner, Steve Peters. The 6-time Champ, and recent FEAR Hall of Fame inductee, told me he first sensed something bumping the back of his leg, then was smashed face first into the dirt as he was getting run over by a trailer! Steve is still hurtin’ at last report, and happy to be alive! The Stinger Main he won went 30 laps and started 16 cars. After 5 years, it was the first Stinger Main I got to watch entirely, after somehow blowing up my tranny (of all things) in the heat race. Steve had the lead by lap 5 after passing (ironically) rookie Jason Lohre. Former Stinger Champ Cody Koroshes lost a wheel on his DelSol, and Crash Car Champ Lance O’grain got tangled up in the intersection, leaving both out of the race. Jessica Gray held on for 2nd, but had tech problems afterwards, while Josh Young, Seth Funden and J.J. Edwards rounded out the top 5. Lance did win his Stinger “A” Heat race, while the “B” was won by Wiley Buse. Next up: “Roll back the clock night”…I’m kinda thinking that means EVERYONE wears the “whites” - not just me - and then party all night afterwards, like we used to! Super-8 guys also have the first annual Washington 100 on the 25th, when the Stingers take a night off. Then we’re back August 1st, “Seafair weekend”, for the Stinger-8 Championship of the WORLD! See you Saturday night! -BC

FEAR Results for June 27, 2009 By Ben Chandler

Mid-season Championship night weather was perfect, and the extra laps and trophies made for a special evening of figure-8 racing for BOTH divisions last Saturday. The evening started out with a special Stinger-only pit meeting with Evergreen Speedway’s Eric Mehrer. Eric explained the reasoning behind the DQ of the #30 two weeks ago…and why (somehow) Peters was still “awarded the win”. Other concerns were voiced by those in attendance about rough driving, inconsistent flagging and the “brake-check” incident. I was so pleased with everyone’s attitude afterwards, as we Stingers had our first 40-lap Main event ever, and it seemed like everyone was racing pretty clean, in BOTH divisions, while trying hard to put on a great show for the fans!

Shain Sawin, driving the Vern Dietz-owned #67 Ford (what else?) did a spectacular job as he held off “the Cowboy” John Carlson for the final 37 laps of the Super-8 (40 lap) Main Event! Troy Simianer drove Tim Gapp’s #16 Super-8 car to 3rd. It was “the Grizz” Doug Delfel, in his old #01 Buick in 4th and first half Stinger Champ Seth Funden rounding out the top five in his Super-8 debut, driving Dad Jerry’s #04! Last week’s winner, Ricky “the kid” Dietz had a steering problem early on, perhaps knocking him out of the 2009 Championship battle. His teammate Sawin also took his heat race, over Simianer, for a rare “clean sweep” on Mid-season Championship night.

The evening commenced with the Stinger-8 division starting 16 cars in their 40 lapper. The track was kinda slimey, which always slows things down a bit, and kept half of the field on the lead lap. Jumping into the lead on lap 2 was rookie sensation John Lewis in his #42 Toyota. Lewis held that lead for 30 laps before the fast timer Cody Koroshes, in his #5 Honda Del Sol wrestled it away- but he held on for a fine 2nd place spot on the podium! In 3rd was the #40 Acura of Seth Funden, now with a 100 point Championship lead, followed by Josh Young in his #22 Toyota, and yours truly in the ol’ #99. And thanks Josh for your help afterwards, next up: tranny teardowns? LOL! I did win the “A” heat race however, barely holding off the #74 Toyota of “Hammerhead” Lance O’grain. And it was tall-cool Rob Dykstra taking the “B” heat race in his #51 Civic, followed by fellow rookie John Lewis, for 2 great finishes that evening!

Check out the History section for some cool photos of the Al Hauck “special” memorial lap that took place 5 years ago this summer. And speaking of PHOTOS, several FEAR “gold” members have yet to post pictures of their race cars, or given me the updated info sheets. Also, I just mailed out membership packets to a couple of you that I haven’t seen yet at the races. And plans are starting to come together, along with an exciting potential sponsor, for next year’s big 45th anniversary FEAR picnic and racers reunion. Thank you FEAR members for your support!

If you would still like to join FEAR, and just haven’t found the time, the 2009 “gold” membership for figure-8 drivers, is now reduced to just $20, while the “regular” membership remains $10. Give me a call, or E-mail me at: if you have any FEAR questions! Have a fun and safe 4th of July, and I will see you on the 11th …for “Pawn X-change Night!” - BC

FEAR Results for June 13 & 20, 2009 By Ben Chandler

Seth Funden was eventually awarded the Stinger-8 win last week in a crazy 20-car, 25-lap Main Event that saw just 25% of the field go the entire distance! But first, this past Saturday night a record low count of six Super-8 cars took the field, thanks to the return of “the Pumpkin” David Brandenburg and former FEAR Champ Troy Simianer. Rickey “the Kid” Dietz swept the evening in his new #76 rocketship by taking the Heat, AND the 25-lap A Main Event, over defending Champ John “Cowboy” Carlson. Ironically, the other Team Dietz Super-8 car (#67) driven by last week’s winner Shain Sawin, had mechanical woes, and DNF’d in both races. I’m not sure what can be done to increase the Super-8 car count for the second half of THIS season, but next year they might consider Doug Delfel’s idea of cutting the Super season down considerably, so they can get 2 or 3 weeks off between higher paying and longer “special events”. This would put the exciting Stinger class “front and center” more often, and perhaps increase their pay too!

That said, I wrote to Danni and Marv at the track 8 days ago about the Stinger-8 division. My concern was that it was turning into an “Extreme Contact” type event, and we all know how that division ended up! I have yet to get a response from the track, but have certainly heard from others ALSO concerned about where we are headed. For those of you who don’t know, Steve Peters was given the win, and the trophy – even after getting a black flag for dumping a car (or 2)! Peters then headed into the pits to self-repair a rear fender rub…during a red flag. According to Steve, the track still contends that he came out of the pits in time, went to the proper starting position…and somehow legitimately completed 25 laps and won the race, but then DQ’d him (and Cody Koroshes) for not going to tech afterwards, as the top 3 cars had been instructed to by Eric at our pit meeting. Steve gave the Trophy to Seth that evening, which was the right thing to do. Steve SHOULD have been put down a lap for going into the pits, or for the flag, whichever. He would then be legitimately in 6th or 7th, and not required to be teched. The fact that he was busy with another event (the Gauntlet) right afterwards, or was being aided by the medics after that, or that his car was easily accessible some 15 feet from the tech station, might be considered by the track as well.

We all want to have fun with our cars, whether they are Stingers or Supers. The track wants us to put on a cool show for the fans, of course - and it goes without saying that it’s not the cheapest hobby out there! We all need to work together to make this deal work the way it should. You don’t “brake check” the entire field, force a guy into the “Uke” tires or dump a car trying to stay out of your way. Remember the “racers’ golden rule” and drive the way you would want to be driven against! And it should go without saying that the flagging and teching needs to be extremely consistent, the lap-counting needs to be accurate, the checks timely and good…and rulings made that are fair for EVERYBODY!

Next up is Mid-season Championship night. It used to be a double-point, extra trophies and laps night, followed by the mid-season beerfest/picnic. We would start over with the points after crowning the first half Champion, “back in the day!” But - what the hell - congrats to Seth and “Cowboy” our FEAR 2009 First-half Champions! Now go have a beer and I will see you Saturday. BC

FEAR Results for June 6, 2009 By Ben Chandler

Last week’s big winners both had tough “full moon” nights Saturday, with “60-Minutes” winner, and former FEAR Champion, Greg Scott ending up in 10th (out of 12) after just ten laps – and a black flag – in the Super-8 25-lap Main event…and Lance O’grain completing 18 of the 22 Stinger-8 Main laps, after tangling up with 6-time Champ, Steve Peters, and ending up in 14th, out of 18 starters. Shain “Rockstar” Sawin, (a Southsound Champ) and last week’s runner up in the (3-time Champ) Vern Deitz-owned #67 Ford, got to take top honors this week over the defending Champion (3-times) #50 “Cowboy” John Carlson, and 3-time FEAR Champ, Glenn Davis in his black #32. Speaking of former Champs, and apparently I am, it was great to see 2-time Stinger-8 Champion Mike Middleton in his first Super-8 race – even winning his “B” heat race! Also great to see was 2-time Super-8 Champ Doug Delfel back at the track, but sadly “the Grizz” was breaking axles all night long! Ricky “the Kid” Deitz won the fast heat race, also over “the Cowboy”, who had fast time again, at nearly 17 seconds flat!

Cody Koroshes is a former (2006) Stinger-8 Champion who also dabbles in the Mini-stock division. He too set a blazingly fast (record?) time of 18.988, in his Honda del Sol, thus had to pass 17 other spinning and crashing Stingers – in just 22 slime and time shortened laps! 2nd place was J.J. Edwards followed by point leader Seth Funden’s #40 Acura, and the backup #22 Toyota of Josh Young. Mike Middleton also won his Stinger A-heat race over Lance O’grain, while the slow one was won by rookie sensation John Lewis.

Next up is “EXTREME NIGHT!” when the Super-8’s finally get a week off, and the Stingers will carry the show! Lots of Hornets and busses, including a Gauntlet, plus I heard Josh Beckel will do his crazy best to kill himself in the bus “domino” stunt, as seen on TV… and the U.S. Army may try and recruit your butt! See you there! BC

FEAR Results for May 30, 2009 By Ben Chandler

But first…It was 10 years ago (April 24th) that we lost “Big Ed” Ritchie, DURING the “60 Minutes of FEAR” event, of a heart attack. We, the FEAR club, inducted the father of 3 into the FEAR “Hall of Fame” in a somber ceremony at the track later that summer. Big Ed was a Vietnam War veteran, a 20-year member of our Club, a former board member – and the only guy I’ve known who got to go out like that! The track promoter at the time, Mickey Beadle, offered to memorialize “Big Ed” by dedicating this great race to his memory, which happened every year until this one. To his friends, fans and family, I apologize for not catching the slight on the schedule before it was too late. With all that was happening this past winter, it apparently kind of fell through the cracks. My hope and my goal is to remain the vigilant protector of our 44-year old Clubs history and heritage, for many years to come!
This summer (July) also marks the 5 year anniversary of the passing of another long-time racing friend, Al “The Worm” Hauck, who died of cancer. Saturday night reminded me so much of the Hall of Famer who never missed a big figure-8 race at Evergreen Speedway - from Don Eslick’s purple paint job, to Tommy Gapp, again helping me with the #99. Eventual race winner Greg Scott and I were talking about Al’s wife Annie just before the big show got started, and I recalled the cool memorial lap we all put together for him back then. I’m going to post pictures taken of that lap that I recently got from Tommy’s brother Tim on this website. Check for them in our club history section.

That said, it was a perfect day for “The Great” Greg Scott, who led every lap of the 15th anniversary “60 Minutes of FEAR” - and took the young dudes to school, on his way to his second 60-Minute race win! Defending Super-8 champion “Cowboy” John Carlson could barely keep him in sight until a rare black flag knocked him off the lead lap around lap 110 of the 128-lap event. Ricky “the Kid” Dietz hung on to the lead lap until a tangle (or 3) almost took him off the podium, with just 3 laps to go. Four-time 60-Minute winner Steve Cox hung with the boys for the first 37 laps, as Shane “Rockstar” Sawin worked his way through the field, in the Vern Dietz-owned #67. 21 Super-8 cars started the race, and just 10 cars finished, but it was “The Great” in first, “Rockstar” in 2nd and “The Kid” in 3rd. The 20-lap, 16 car, Stinger-8 race was really something - or so I heard - as Lance O’Grain took his second A Main win of the season, just BARELY over current point leader Seth Funden, and former Stinger Champ, Cody Koroshes!

“TeeVee Steevie” Makes it Three…vee!
FEAR Results for May 9, 2009 By Ben Chandler

It was a beautiful day, and a pleasant spring evening, with 20 Stinger-8 cars putting on the show… without the Super-8’s for “support”! The evening started out with a warning at the pit meeting to all drivers regarding “ignoring” the black flag. Sean Peters got a HUGE fine for doing just that last week, it was announced. So be careful and be aware of the various track rules - so they don’t ruin YOUR weekend! We had three smaller heat races this week, and it was the #06 of Joselyn “Jawz” LaFleur in her Honda CRX winning the slower heat from the back row…on ladies night! A black flag was given to Willee Buse, after tangling up with the #51 of “Honda” Rob Dykstra. The middle Heat race was won from the pole by yours truly in the old #99, followed closely by the #42 Toyota of John Lewis. Sean Peters broke down early, and ANOTHER black flag flew, this time for Dave Stewart, after a tangle with the Prelude of Andrew Reavis. No black flags in the “fast” or A heat, as defending Stinger Champ Mike Middleton took the win over the #44 of Dave Collis and current point leader Seth Funden in his Integra. It was just 25 minutes later that the Stingers again took to the 8 track, this time for the 25-lap Main event. The last two Mains had been won by Steve “Battlewagon” Peters, so he was in the back row with “Fast-timer” Josh Young’s #22 Toyota. Josh had an amazing 19.183, but lost a lap early on in the Main event. The first few laps were lead by the #51 of Rob Dykstra, the next five by yours truly in the #99, and lap 10 saw “TV - Stevie” take the lead for good. On lap 18 there was a BIG intersection hit between the #86 of Willee Buse, and the #06 of “Jaws” LaFleur. Her Dad, Dan LaFleur confirmed that that #06 was totaled, but Joselyn (still a bit sore two days later) would be back in a new Honda Civic for the big “60 Minutes of FEAR” night, on the 30th of May! Lots of crashes, spinouts, flags and slime on the track made for a tough main event, especially for an old fart like me! No problem for Steve Peters however, as he sailed his #30 Prelude on to his third Stinger win in a row – and then jumped into a Mini-stocker and finished in the top 5 there as well! It was the #40 of Seth Funden in 2nd followed by the #99 – just an inch ahead of “Iron” Mike Middleton’s #75 Scirocco. So we get a couple of weeks off to rest and repair our stuff…before the BIG night. See you May 30th, at the world famous SIXTY MINUTES of!

A dark and stormy night for “the Cowboy” and “Battlewagon”!
FEAR Results for May 2, 2009 By Ben Chandler

It was a pleasant afternoon in Monroe, and the official “opening day” of boating season on Lake Washington. By 6 pm, however, it was as windy and wet as any Saturday I have EVER experienced at either location! I hid out and enjoyed Pizza with “Mr. Dizzy” Mike Buse, until the rain came in sideways! It was a good thing the “Supers” were not scheduled, so we could finish up early and escape the crappy weather…I was actually back in Bellevue by 9 pm! The “Battlewagon” Steve Peters was exceptional in both divisions, of course, winning the Stinger-8 “fast” heat over Lance O’Grain - and then the 20-lap, 20-car Main Event in his Prelude, from the back row… ahead of #22 Josh Young, “fast-timer” Seth Funden and Dave Collins in his #44 Toyota. Seth took over the point lead in his always quick #40 Integra, closely (2 points) followed by O’Grain in his new Toyota. The “surprise” slow heat winner was Jim Puntenney, followed by “Jawz” LaFleur in her Civic!

Steve Peters in his old #30 Camaro was an early leader of the 25-lap Super-8 Main Event - until lap 10 when John “the Cowboy” Carlson assumed that spot in his #50, and drove off for another win this season! In 3rd was young Jake Repin, followed by Nick Gunderson, in Jerry Funden’s #04. The 10-car heat race was ALSO won by Peters - over the #50. With only 10 cars again starting, it looks like “the economy” is really hurting the car count of our exciting premier division. The defending Champion Carlson is again the point leader and unfortunately, Ricky “the Kid” Dietz blew up another expensive motor. I know Ricky would like to say thank you to Dale Larson for lending him the ”oz” car Saturday night. The Super-8 guys get a few weekends off now as we close in on one of the now 3 BIG figure 8 racing events of the season!

“60 Minutes of FEAR” is coming up on May 30, and should be as EXCITING as ever! This weekend the Stingers will be “holding down the fort” as they say, plus it’s “ladies’ night”…but isn’t it always? See you there when the fun continues! - BC

It’s “the Kid” and “Battlewagon” Taking Week #2
FEAR Report for April 25, 2009 – By Ben Chandler

A pleasant spring day with a few early showers that turned into a very cold clear night … was the background for the final April ’09 Figure-8 event at Evergreen Speedway. The Super-8’s timed in 11 cars, and started 12 this week. The Stinger-8 car count was up to 24, giving us our first B-main “qualifier” of the season! It was the #69 of Nick “Party Boyz” Vanderbosch, over young Willee “Dizzy Jr.” Buse in his #86 Honda, with both earning the move up to the A-Main Event. In that-20 lap, 18-car Main, it was Joselyn “Jaws” Lefleur leading the first 13 laps in her #06 Civic, holding off first Sean Peters and then yours truly, until Steve “Battlewagon” Peters flew by us both in his #30 Prelude. Last week’s winner Lance O’Grain made it to 3rd place after starting in the back row in his new Toyota, which should give him a huge early lead for the Stinger championship battle. In the Super-8 division the point leader might just be Ricky “the Kid” Deitz, after a hard fought win in his new #76 rocketship - with a borrowed engine - over the defending Champ, “Cowboy” John Carlson and Jerry Funden’s #04, driven by Nick Gunderson. The big story of the event for Dietz was the earlier loss of his $15,000 motor! Ricky and car co-owner Paul Peterson both wanted me to mention how, and say thanks to, Jake Repin, driver of the #45 Super-8 car. Jake donated his backup motor so Ricky could race –and win that night! Great Sportsmanship! The 10-lap Super heat race was won by fast-timer (17.2) Greg Scott in his new #08 missle, over Repin’s #45. The Stinger heat race winners were Willee Buse over Rob Dykstra’s #51 Civic in the slow heat, “Jaws” Lefleur over the #77 Ryan Powell in the “B”, and Jon Newbom in his #1 WWRA Prelude over J.J. Edwards in his #84 Acura. See you next week for our last event for 3 weeks, when we return to Evergreen Speedway for “60 Minutes of FEAR!” on May 30th.

“Cowboy” and “Hammerhead” take opening night wins!
FEAR report for April 11, 2009 – By Ben “the Wizard” Chandler 

The crappy weather took a break Saturday evening, as 10 Super-8’s and 20 Stingers showed up for our 44th season opener at Evergreen Speedway! Some cool new cars with some great looking paint jobs made the Super-8 scene, including those owned by both Vern and Ricky “the kid” Dietz, “Slick” Don Eslick and “the great” Greg Scott. But it was the familiar #50 “Heck-built” Chevy of “Cowboy” John Carlson that took the 25 lap season-opening A-Main event, leading “the kid” in (Paul Petersons) #76 from lap 2 on! Finishing in third was Shane “rockstar” Sawin in Vern’s #67, followed by Jerry Funden’s #04, driven by Nick Gunderson. Former season Champions and “old timers” had a bunch of the opening night bad luck, as Glenn Davis broke another tranny, Greg Scott cut another tire – and Doug Delfel busted his driveshaft around lap 16. At least Scott returned to the track (down just 2 laps) and set the fast time of the race! The A heat was won by “the Cowboy” for a clean sweep of the night, while the B heat race was won by the “Battlewagon” Steve Peters in his dependable #30 Camaro.

The Stinger A main was really something, with 20 cars starting…and what seemed like 3 or 4 seconds difference between the slowest and fastest of those that “got to” time in. Not sure why we didn’t get EVERYONE timed in, as there certainly seemed to be an hour or more of NOTHING going on before the pit meeting! What had to be the most exciting event of the night came to its 25-lap conclusion with Lance O’Grain squeaking his new Toyota by the ol’ VW of defending Champ Mike Middleton – after a great battle with the Honda of Cody Koroshes. Seth Funden came in 4th - plus had fast time for the night in his Acura. Coming in fifth was Josh Young who also took the B heat race. Cody took the A heat in his Prelude, over yours truly in what used to be one…We have a week off for the temperature to warm up, and some cars to get fixed, but I will see you on the 25th of April, for round 2!

I neglected to bring enough FEAR membership forms to the track Saturday night, but will have plenty more available on the 25th for those of you that want to help keep our Club alive and well, and thank you! The “basic” member cost is only 10 bucks, and is open to everybody; the “Gold” membership is $25 still…and is open to Evergreen FEAR drivers only! All members get FEAR stickers, a membership card and the cool new 2009 Rule and History book. Gold members also get a profile page on this website, which is coming soon. That updated book includes a profile on 6 - time FEAR Champion Steve “Battlewagon” Peters. Peters was newly inducted and is now listed in the FEAR “Hall of Fame”, based on a vote of FEAR gold members this past winter! Congrats to Steve, and welcome to the Hall!

I have a few embroidered FEAR patches available to Club members for $5 each. Perfect for your driving suit or jacket, I will also have those at the track on the 25th. See you there! BC


The Evergreen Speedway “membership” meeting took place Tuesday evening Feb.10th, and we had a HUGE turnout of racers joining up for both NASCAR and FEAR. These annual meetings once included free beer, but it was cold enough to be not missed this year! I was pleasantly surprised that 90% of you chose the new, FEAR “GOLD” membership when renewing for ’09, and I thank you for that! The new and improved FEAR Rules and History book should be available in April, just as soon as we have a clear winner in the “Hall of Fame” and “Old-timers” vote! Many of you took the “profile page” and nomination ballot home with you to fill out, and I soon learned some don’t have my mailing address anymore…and I forgot to put it on those new membership forms! My address is still : 1034 165th pl. NE Bellevue, Wa. 98008… If you are including a check, please make it out to me personally, and thanks! If you want me to E-mail you a renewal form (Gold only) I’m at: most every afternoon!

The ’09 Schedule was released at the meeting, and it (now) looks like the Stingers will start with the SUPER-8’s on April 11th. Vern has posted the entire final schedule for us here on The schedule looks pretty much like it has the last couple of years – with the addition of a THIRD BIG FIGURE-8 RACE at the end of July! The Super-8 racers are set to go 100 laps, for ”BIG MONEY!”(tbt) on the same night as the spectacular “Washington 500”! That should wake ‘em up - and be a HUGE and excited crowd!

I got to chat with Mr. Ron Bennett and his wife Gale, over in the Office before the membership meeting Tuesday. He is assuming the role of Competition Director, helping Lex, Danni and Terry with the awesome role of managing all of us idiots! A very nice guy, with a ton of experience, we had first met some 2 decades ago, where I was representing FEAR inc., at a NW promoters meeting. His interest in FEAR was obvious, and his desire to help make Evergreen Speedway the best it can possibly be in 2009 will be contagious. I gave him an ’08 FEAR Rules and history book to peruse, and encourage everyone to take a quick moment to say “hi”, when you see Ron at the races each week – he will be the short, silver haired dude with the glasses, and a smile!

It is always fun to catch up with racing friends each spring. To hear about new cars being built, kids being born, new shops, jobs, sponsors - and friends that want to get involved with figure-8 racing too! Many of the Super-8, and several of the Stinger-8 guys, stopped by to say hello Tuesday night, which was neat! Toward the end of the evening I got to spend a few minutes with long-time FEAR supporter “Pappa” Joe Young, and some of his family members, as well. Marie and Joe Sr. are both struggling with HUGE health issues these days, and could use your prayers and friendship this season. Good people, they certainly have mine.

See you in April… When the FUN BEGINS… AGAIN! Ben Chandler, Club manager


It has now been a year since we “adjusted the focus” of our (now) 44 year old racing club called FEAR. Looking back, it seems like we actually did a lot of cool things as a club still! As promised, we had the much cheaper membership cost, meant to cover “minimal” operating overhead. It didn’t quite do that, it turned out, as the ’08 reunion/picnic was a bit more expensive than it could have been! A great time was had by all who attended though, and FEAR historian Tom Claibourn and I have been discussing whether he can schedule a return visit this coming summer, or hold off for a big 45th anniversary party next summer! The cost to join FEAR will remain just $10 for the “basic” ’09 membership, but I am now going to offer a special optional “Gold” FEAR membership, JUST for Evergreen figure-8 drivers! All “regular” members of FEAR who race, will remain listed in the “Drivers” section of our website (with their numbers), and of course, be mentioned WAY more often in my weekly articles! But “Gold” members will ALSO enjoy extra FEAR stickers, plus a dedicated personal page for your sponsors, pictures and UPDATED profiles! Perfect for sharing with “potential” new sponsors and friends that live out of the area! That additional cost will be just $15, for a total ‘09 FEAR “GOLD-MEMBER” package price of only $25… And yes, YOU provide the website photos!

“Hall of Fame” members who want the ’09 “Gold” membership can join for just $10, saving $15… FEAR “Old-timers” can join up for just $15, and (obviously) save 10 bucks!
Also new for ’09 will be probable induction (or 2) into our FEAR “Hall of Fame”, and into our “Old-timers” club! It has been a couple of years since former Promoter Mickey Beadle and Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox were both inducted into our “permanent history”, and a membership induction vote will be tied into the ‘09 “GOLD” club membership renewal form, and eventually displayed in the new 2009 FEAR “history and rules” book, due out in April!
See you at the membership renewal meeting. Ben Chandler