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Season Championship Results – By Ben “the Wizard” Chandler
Sept. 27, 2008. Congrats to John “the Cowboy” Carlson and “Iron” Mike Middleton, the ‘07 Champs (as still pictured above) who returned to Evergreen Speedway to successfully defend their titles, holding their point leads virtually all summer, with their same unique ’07 championship hotrods. The last “official” FEAR Champions, John and Mike become “the first” NASCAR figure-8 Champions, perhaps in the whole country!  Both had a big enough point lead going into this final race of the season that they didn’t even have to race that night - and Carlson didn’t!  A rare mechanical problem kept “the Cowboy” on the sidelines of the 17 car final Super-8 main event of the year. The 40 lap Championship race was won by the tenacious Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox in his #7 Chevy, holding off the much quicker #51 ”Zip-fizz special”, owned by Johnny Z, and driven by Troy Simianer, who unsuccessfully tried everything to get by the former FEAR Champ cleanly!  The only other drivers on the lead lap at the finish were 3rd place Ryan Gunderson in his #13, and the #01 of “the Grizz” Doug Delfel ,coming in 4th. The Super-8  runner up for the season, some 30 points back, was Ryan’s brother, Nick Gunderson in his #33 rocket, followed by #76 Ricky ”the kid” Deitz in 3rd, with Simianer and Delfel rounding out the top 5 in 2008.


The final Stinger-8 race, with 19 cars starting, was cut to just 20 laps - which was JUST long enough for fast timer Seth Funden to pass EVERYBODY in his #40 Acura Integra, beating yours truly in the old #99 by inches at the finish line, for his first win of the year!  It seemed like a wild and crazy race, with lots of crashes, flats and spinouts, plus a couple of restarts, but in the end it was a clear reflection of a pretty cool season! On the trophy stand were the top 3 for 2008, Funden, Chandler, and in 3rd was Mike Middleton, the #75 Scirocco-driving repeat season Champ! The point battle was so tight that I ended up in 2nd by just 2 points (top Honda again!) over Seth, who was just 2 points ahead of the #22 Toyota of Josh Young. Josh had a terrible Main with his “back-up car”, and fell from the runner up spot he held most of the year to 4th, with even younger Michael Durbin in his Celica rounding out the top 5 for 2008.


It was some 5 years ago that we (14 Hornets) successfully ran the first “4-cylinder” demonstration race BACKWARDS on the figure-8 track for (then) promoter Mickey Beadle. Soon after, Track Mgr. Terry Buell helped name the new division “Stingers”, with the help of a young female fan. And it was on Terry’s radio show that I was later honored to announce the addition of the Stinger-8 class to the 2005 Saturday night program rotation. Proposed unsuccessfully by me to the general membership of FEAR years earlier (in 2000, I think) as an exciting, yet cheap “starter” division, it instead later took life for its first 2 years as a Hornet off-shoot, except with points and an “actual Championship”!  Last year we were able to join with the FEAR Super-8’s, replacing the Extreme Contact Division. We Stingers actually got a few bucks, raced for a prestigious FEAR Championship…and even neater, we didn’t have to paint the cars yellow anymore! And now in 2008 we are successfully a big part of NASCAR here in the Great Northwest!  That all said, I have had a great time with the young people, as well as the Super-8 “old timers” who have taken part in this exciting type of racing over these recent years. Figure-8 racing is not for everybody, of course. But for me, it has been a lot of fun for 35 years now, and I plan on doing it again next year, as well as write about it here on our FEAR website, despite the rumors of my retirement again!  I look forward to keeping the history and spirit of FEAR alive, and appreciate Tom Claibourn, Louise Coleman, Vern, Lex and Terry, and all of you members of FEAR for your continued support of the club. Thanks for reading my prattlings all year; I’m amazed weekly by how many fans and drivers actually log on each week! Have a safe off-season, and I will hopefully see you at the fancy NASCAR Banquet next month


Results for September 6, 2008


Both winning drivers were fast in their respective time-ins, just 2 seconds apart, so both started near the back, and both had to pass a LOT of cars last Saturday evening! The Super-eights had 14 start the 35 lap “A“ Main Event, after mechanical problems eliminated the #6 of Mike Barnes and the #02 of Dale Larson. Sean Peters in his #8 Chevy jumped into the early lead as his dad Steve tangled his trusty #30 Camaro up with, and knocked out, Dave Brandenburg’s #17 Pontiac, at the lap 3 mark. Young Peters held the lead from the restart over “the Grizz” Doug Delfel, until lap 16 when the former (2 time) Champion took the lead, with Brian Gunderson and the #76 of Ricky “the Kid” Deitz in hot pursuit! With a flat tire again taking out Delfel’s #01 Buick, it was Papa Gunderson in his fast #15, leading the last 15 laps over “the Kid” in the #76, with point leader, fast timer, and defending Champ “Cowboy“John Carlson fighting his way to 3rd, Troy Simianer in the #51”Zip-fizz special” in 4th, and Sean Peters rounding out the top 5 at the finish. Heat race winners were Doug Delfel over Sean Peters in the “slow” one, and Shane ”Rockstar” Sawin back in the Vern Deitz-owned #76, over Steve Peters’ in his “Battlewagon”, and eventual Main winner Brian Gunderson, in the “faster” one!


19 cars started the 20 lap Stinger-8 “A” Main event, and it should be noted that, for the first time ever in this 4-year-old division’s history, every car in the fast heat, and MORE THAN HALF the field…was in the 19-second range! Fast time was a blazing 19.174, set by the #40 Integra driven by Seth Funden, who raced it up to a 4th place finish in the “A” Main event. The first 12 laps of that Main were lead by Andrew Reavis in the #117 - until hitting the #45 Civic driven by fellow rookie Kyle Johnson, in the intersection. Cody’s #7 Prelude took over the lead at the restart, with Steve Peters and defending Champion and current point leader Mike Middleton in 2nd and 3rd to the end. I would like to take a personal moment to apologize. After being squeezed into the Uke tires two different times, 2 different weeks while LAPPING the same rookie driver last month…and after several (6 or 7) attempts to pass this same rookie in our heat race this past weekend, I actually lost my cool and “dumped” her… for my first black flag in some 20 years! Apparently the “2 - bumps and a dump” rule is applicable to obvious blockers - in the Stinger-8 MAIN event ONLY! So let that be a lesson for ALL of us racing in this exciting new racing division, in the years to come!


We have a couple of weekends off before our “Championship Night”, scheduled for the 27th of September. That may be the latest it has EVER been for the Figure-8 racers. Let’s hope the weather holds up, because I’m bringing a TON of ice cold beer for the final event, and expect a LOT of help with it! Maybe the track will step up for a dozen or (2) PIZZAS…to help soak it up, as we celebrate the end of our exciting first season in NASCAR, and with Johnson Productions! See you there for our FINAL RACE of the season, except possibly for the exciting new WINTER 4 cylinder ENDURO SERIES that I keep hearing, and talking about! -Ben Chandler


Stinger- 8 Results for August 30, 2008


It was just 4 weeks ago that young Cody Koroshes in his #7 Prelude beat even younger (18!) Michael Durbin’s blue Toyota to the checkered flag of the 50 lap Stinger-8 Championship “OF-THE-WORLD”. This past Saturday night it was Michael’s turn, as he took his first “A” Main event EVER, in Dale and Dolly Hayen’s #17 Celica, ironically over the same very fast Honda of Koroshes! 17 Stingers lined up for the green flag, and some confusion at the start created havoc for most of us. Meanwhile, the #17 shot around the group, and set sail to the front of the 20 lapper! It was by lap 4 that Durbin took that lead, and just 2 laps later that Cody’s #7 cleared the field for 2nd, with the #84 Acura of J.J. Edwards in hot pursuit, which is in fact how it ended! Meanwhile back in the field there was a lot of crashin’ and smashin’, as point leader and defending Champ, Mike Middleton just barely missed the biggest crash of the year - the #22 of Josh Young and Seth Funden in his fast new #40 Integra didn’t… as rookie Andrew Reavis dropped his nose for a sec - then fired into a solid pack of front runners at the intersection, around lap 6. I got the ol’ #99 through, barely, and Middleton “stood on his brakes as hard as he could”, to barely clear the #117 - who then wrecked the 2nd and 4th place cars in the ‘08 point chase, with just 2 races left to go. Josh Young’s mom tapes the Stinger races, and posts them on You-tube, including this one, so check it out! Congrats to Young Michael Durbin for his first BIG win at Evergreen Speedway! Reavis did WAY better in his “B” heat race, beating the brand new #47 Accord, driven by Greg Estes, to the finish line... And it was yours truly in the #99, taking the “fast” heat race, over Joselyn LaFleur in her #06 Civic and Middleton’s #75 Scirocco in 2nd and 3rd.


Next week (Sept. 6) the Super-8’s are back, as we join with the “Crash cars!”, NASCAR Bombers and Mini’s for the final “regular” night of figure-8 racing - before Championship night, September 27th. It has been an exciting year, our first as part of the mighty NASCAR organization. Looking back after 35 years of Figure-8 racing here at Evergreen Speedway, I recognize that there is less “tension” in the pits and more camaraderie amongst the drivers – kind of like I remember it, “back in the day”! So for you former FEAR members that have stayed out of racing this year - just know it’s still fun, and still the coolest hobby you can have! So come on back for ’09, join the club again if you want, but have a great time again!
And finally, the rumor of a “Winter Enduro series”… that I have been spreading all month… is looking good, according to Evergreen’s Terry Buell! With 4 to 6 events, starting (perhaps) on Sunday, October 5th, with a traditional 300 lapper on the “road course”… and ending next March with (perhaps) a 500 lapper - on 2 or 3 different courses! The idea would be that the Stingers, Hornets and the WWRA little cars could meet up and race our 4 cylinder hot-rods in the rain, snow and sleet (whatever that is) for points - and an actual Championship! No one has “officially” confirmed or denied these alleged rumors, so keep an eye on the Evergreen website for “real” info on this - as well as the exciting NASCAR/FEAR ‘08 Awards banquet! See you at the track Saturday, with LOTS more MILLER! Ben Chandler


The “Cowboy” takes the 25th Annual Figure-eight “Nationals!”
Results for August 23, 2008


John Carlson is the defending Season Champion, current point leader, winner of the “60 minutes of FEAR” in ’06 and ’08, and now 2-time winner of the biggest figure-8 race of the year! 100 laps in under 50 minutes, with 26 fast cars (and 1 kinda slow one) taking the green flag – it was a WILD one, and Carlson’s patience was crucial to his victory! Early leaders included young Sean Peters and “slick” Don Eslick - until the #33 of Nick Gunderson took over around lap 6, and lead the way to lap 39. Just 20 cars survived the first 20 laps, or so. Shain “rockstar” Sawin was back at Evergreen, driving the Vern Deitz owned #67, but only managed to go 7 laps. 3- time FEAR Champion Glenn Davis brought out his brand new #32 lightweight rocketship, but could only go 12. Steve Cox was back and fast in his re-bodied #7 Chevy. In the top 4 from lap 5 on, it was “Mister Excitement” finally taking the lead at lap 40, and holding it until tangling with the #8 of Sean Peters. Troy Simianer in the #51 “zipfizz special” snagged the lead at lap 74. Meanwhile Carlson was working his way through the traffic, with a pair of 2nd generation FEAR guys, Jim ”Bobcat” Downey and Ricky “the kid” Deitz in hot pursuit! It looked like Troy was going to take the big win - until also getting tangled up with young Peters and Jessica Wilkinson heading into the north corner. And so it ended, with John Carlson getting past the limping #51, which ended up in 6th place, the last car to go the full 100 laps! Downey got the 2nd place trophy and “the kid” got a hard fought 3rd, ahead of Cox and Eslick. That was a BUNCH of names from the past, as 31 cars showed up to time-in or qualify for this 25th running of the “Nationals”. The quickest 10 were ALL in the 17’s… and in the show. Rick Shaver won the “B” main over Charlie Ruddell, and heat race winners include Bill Wade, Don Eslick and Shain Sawin over Greg Estes, and they (almost) all made it too! Several former winners of this race, like Greg Scott (twice), Mike Steltz, Steve Peters (3 times), Rich Groshong and Davis all had a tough time of it… as “the Kid“, ”the Cowboy” (twice now) and, of course, “Mr. Excitement” (also a 2-time winner), put on one hell of a show for the fans of FEAR! Next up on Saturday, the Stingers give the Super-8’s a much needed rest, as the NASCAR Superstocks do a “double”, and the Fair works through its final weekend for the year. See you at the track, when the fun continues-for just a couple more weeks! Ben Chandler


Results for August 16, 2008


Another 90 degree day at the old track was made tolerable by the shaded coolness of the FEAR43 reunion area…and a TON of Miller FEAR-BEER! 16 Supers and 17 Stingers put on a great show for the dozens of former FEAR members who stayed for the races after the get together last Saturday, and many then came down to the pits afterwards to meet the drivers, check out some of the cars, chide this writer for “screwing the pooch”… and, well, drink more FEAR beer! Steve Peters was back with his trusty black #30 “Battlewagon” Camaro, and swept the night by winning his “B” Heat race over #47 Greg Estes, before taking the “A” Main EVENT over a hard charging Nick Gunderson in his #33 hot-rod. Third in the Main went to “the one-armed bandit” Quinten Borreson, who won the fast “A” heat over “the Zip-fizz Special” #51 driven by Troy Simianer. The Super-8 guys were all tuning up for the 25th annual Figure-8 “Nationals”! That HUGE event is coming up, along with the first of 2 weekends of Evergreen State Fair, next Saturday. The Stingers get the Nationals night off so that we can enjoy “the show”, and get ready for OUR Fair night August 30th, when the Supers (that survived) can relax a bit before the final couple of races this season!


Cody Koroshes made it 2 for 2 in the Stinger-8’s this month, having won the 50 lap Stinger-8 World Championship (of the world) August 2nd, over young Michael Durbin, Steve Peters and yours truly. Cody set “fast time” both nights, and thus took his #7 Honda Prelude from the back to the front Saturday night, getting both (weirdly enough) the black and the white flag, over Seth Funden’s new #40 Integra and the ”Hammerhead” Lance Ograin! Lance won his heat race over Joselyn LaFleur in the fast heat, and I somehow won the “slow” heat – well before the above mentioned “pooch” thing, halfway through the Main. See you at the “hokey-pokey” themed Fair…and at the BIGGEST race of the year for the STARS of Figure- 8 Racing- and I’m bringing the Beer back too! Ben Chandler


Results for July 19, 2008
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman


Vern’s kid beating Carl’s kid on the final corner of the 35 lap Super-8 Main Event capped what turned into a real theme last Saturday night. It was neat running into a couple of different FEAR veterans in the pits earlier in the day, a full MONTH before the re-scheduled FEAR reunion/picnic AUGUST 16th. Jerry Smith was a Seattle COP when he raced here back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now the Mayor of Mountlake Terrace, Jerry drove Josh Young’s Hornet in the Foster Press sponsored Mayors cup event, and didn’t wreck it! Also in the pits on Saturday was Mr. Bob Moore, who raced with his brother in that same exciting era. That was Bob’s grandson who flipped his #98 Honda in the Stinger Main Event! It was exactly 35 years ago that I went to Bob’s home near Sea-tac, to join F.E.A.R. Inc., and first claim my cool number 99… because 69 was taken! Rickey “the kid” Deitz, and not so much a kid anymore, has been hanging around Figure-8 racing at Evergreen since the 70’s himself. First in Junior FEAR, then helping his Dad Vern, aka: ”the Crazy Cajun”, win several FEAR Championships and some BIG races too! Anyway, Rickey started out the night with a blazing Fast-time, which put him in the back of the 14 car Main Event with another FEAR 2nd generation old-timer, known as “the one-armed Bandit”, Quinten Borrenson who was again driving LONG-Time FEAR members Wendi Boyd and Tim Gapp’s #12 rocket ship - and was able to make it to the front first. A lap 1 tangle in the intersection between the #3 car of Bill Wade, and the #45 of Jake Repin, left the #01 no place to go as another old-timer, Doug “the Grizz” Delfel, was pile-driven into the wreck by “the Kids”#76. After cleanup and a complete restart, the first 14 laps were lead by another LONG-time FEAR member, Rich Groshong, in his #14 Buick (again with the theme!). “Q-man” took the lead from Rich after a great battle with the #51 “Zip-fizz special” driven by Troy Simianer, and held off Deitz until the very last corner when they caught up to ANOTHER “old-timer” Jerry Funden in his #04. Somehow, Quinten opened up a tiny hole on the inside and Deitz exploded through to take the win at the last moment – then smashed into the wall, on his way to the doughnuts and trophy! The “Cowboy” John Carlson was finally able to catch the lead pack in his points-leading #50 – barely taking 3rd ahead of Simianer, in 4th, and 5th place Nick Gunderson, another 2nd generation FEAR star! Troy did win his fast heat race over “the Cowboy”, and Rich Groshong held off ANOTHER “old-time” FEAR member, Dave Brandenburg in his #17. 15 Stinger-8 cars started the 20 lap Main event, but it only took defending Champ Mike Middleton 7 laps to take the lead from the #44x Toyota of Dave Gillis - and sail off into the sunset! In 2nd was the very fast #22 Toyota, driven by Josh Young, followed by Gillis in 3rd, and the NEW and super-fast #40 Integra driven by Seth Funden…you know, Jerry’s kid! Gillis won his “B” heat race, holding off yours truly, and it was #3 Bill Wade beating Middleton in the “fast” heat.


The Super-8 guys get a couple of weeks off, returning just in time for the FEAR reunion/picnic August 16th – followed by the Evergreen state Fair, and the 25th Annual FIGURE 8 “Nationals”, on the 23rd. Stinger-8 guys also get this weekend off for the 500 lap big track Speed-fest. The following weekend we are back for the 50 lap Stinger-8 World Championship – of the WORLD! A Thousand bucks to win, if you pre-enter, so check your mail or contact the Track office. See you in August, on Seafair weekend, when the WORLD will be watching the Stingers! Ben Chandler


Results for July 12, 2008
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman


Figure 8 Results for July 12, 2008. A week after the 4th of July Demo derby and the “Super-moto” X-game qualifying, the figure-8 track was still pretty slick, which makes for little passing, lots of bumping and often different winners than the “usual suspects”! It was another HOT sunny day, which never helps with traction- and perhaps affected the car count in our 2 divisions, as well. 13 Super-8 cars timed in, including a couple of FEAR old-timers. Quinton ”the one-armed bandit” Borrison was again behind the wheel of the #12 car owned by Wendi Boyd and Tim Gapp. Q-man said the car felt quick - and in fact timed in 4th fastest! A little deeper in the field we saw the return of the #17, driven by David Brandenburg. Dave ran pumpkin colored Mustang fastbacks “back in the day”, but the new Petty blue Pontiac body now sports only numbers that unique color! Fast time in the Super-8 division was “the Cowboy” John Carlson, as usual. 2nd fastest was young Nick Gunderson in his #13 hot-rod followed by the #76 of Ricky ”the kid” Deitz, then Borrison. Slow time of the night was Rick Shaver, who lead the first 1 of 35 laps, before giving it up to the #4 Camaro of Nick Dunham. Dunham held that lead some 30 laps, first, over the #47 of heat race winner Greg Estes, who tangled with Carlson around lap 20, and then the #51 “Zip-fizz special”, driven by Troy Simianer. It was around lap 23 that Gunderson took over that runner up spot, and some 8 laps later was able to get by Dunham’s #4, to take the lead for good. Dunham did hang on for 2nd place, followed by Bill “bobble-head“ Wade in his #3, Carlson’s #50 and Troy Simianer, rounding out the top 5. Wade had a big night, winning the Super-8 “A” heat race, over Simianer and Gunderson. He also won the Stinger-8 Main event – from the front row! 15 cars started that final Main of the night. Joselyn LaFleur held on for 2nd in her Honda, just ahead of “fast-timer” Josh Young who also had a big night, coming from the back row in his little #22 Toyota! In 4th place was young Brian Wheeler driving the Shukar’s #01 Civic, followed by Seth Funden in his #40 Prelude in 5th. That was J.J. Edwards bringing out the RARE red flag around lap 3. His new #84 Acura slow-rolled onto its roof, after tangling with the 44x of John Lewis (I think) coming out of the north corner! The driver was fine, the car not too beat up, and clean up was done in just a few minutes. It was however, the 2nd time in the last 3 Events that the Stingers were LAST on the schedule- then had our laps cut from 25 to just 15! I would assume that the curfew was the reason, which is understandable; what with the “roll-over” and all...It just makes for such a long wait - for 10 minutes of racing FUN! Speaking of FUN, we are just a couple of weeks from the “Stinger-8 “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”- of the world! It is on SEAFAIR weekend, Saturday, August 2 – the week after the Washington 500 “big track” spectacular! And the FEAR reunion picnic, for former AND current F.E.A.R. members, has been rescheduled for Saturday evening, August 16th. More details to come next week, but it should be FUN TOO!! See you at the track… Ben Chandler


Results for June 21, 2008


It was a record setting day, at least temperature-wise in Monroe, as our Figure-8 Mid-season Championship took place with the traditional extra laps and trophies, but no HEAT races! That worked out fine for last years Champions, John Carlson and Mike Middleton; both had set “fast time” and started in the back, as usual, and both dominated their respective Mains and won easily, “Iron” Mike with just ONE hand… and an overheating motor! The 14 car Super-8 Main went 40 laps, and if my notes from Louise are correct, only had 2 leaders, Nick Dunham’s #4 Camaro lead the first 20, and “the Cowboy” John Carlson, the final 20! And after a couple of weeks with NO caution flags, she noted 2 this week… The first, at lap 8, involved Tim Gapp’s #22 tangling with the #3 of Bill Wade. The last one, with some 15 laps to go, involved the #6 of Michael Barnes and (I think) Dunham’s #4. Ricky “the kid” Deitz beat Carlson to the point around lap 20 before snagging another flat tire, falling back 4 laps and ending up 8th. And how about that other FEAR old timer, Doug “the Grizz” Delfel? He stayed in the top 3, was patient and kept out of trouble, and made it to the stage, along with 2nd place winner Bill Wade, for the great looking Pawn X-change trophy presentation. He reminds me of my favorite story about the 2 Bulls! 4th place went to the #13 of Ryan Gunderson and old pal Rich Groshong hung in there for 5th place, the last car on the lead lap. It was a wild looking race from where I could see from in the pit area, with lots of bent and broken stuff – But the good sized crowd sure loved it!


The Stingers got to race for the first and ONLY time this month, and 19 timed in for the 30 lap final event of the evening. Ryan Powell lead the first 5 laps in his #77 Acura before John Shukar took his Rabbit to the front, with yours truly (old bull #2) in hot pursuit! Grabbing the lead around lap 8 in the ‘ol # 99, it was just 7 laps later that Middleton’s #75 Scirocco flew by to also lead the final half of HIS race! The final laps were exciting as my rear bumper (and resolve) were tested by young Kyle Schukar’s #01. And I understand the #22 Toyota of Josh Young beat the #84 Acura to the finish line – of the WHITE flag. Thinking it was the checkered; Josh turned off, giving the 3rd place trophy to J.J. Edwards! Maybe we would all be sharper if we got to race more than once a month! Which brings me to this reminder; we are NOT racing this next July 4/5 weekend - or having the FEAR reunion. We actually have the holiday OFF! So have a fun and SAFE 4th, and we will see you at the track on the 12th - for the 2nd half of 2008! Ben Chandler


The “Cowboy” makes it 5 wins – so far!
Results for June 21, 2008


It was the longest day of the year, and a warm first day of summer as 13 of the best figure- 8 drivers in the world took to the track in Monroe for 35 laps of exciting racing action! They were all chasing “the one-armed bandit” Quinten Borreson, who was leading the race with Wendi Boyd’s #12 Hot rod, for the first 30 laps or so. An early tangle of bumpers between the #51 “Zip-fizz special” of Troy Simianer, and the Paul Pedersen/Ricky Deitz #76 created lots of smoke, stretching out the field early on and thus creating an action-packed Main Event. From the back of the pack, last week’s winner, defending Champ, and fast-timer, John “the Cowboy” Carlson was working his way forward, getting to 4th place by lap 10, just behind the #6 driven by Michael Barnes and the #33 of Nick Gunderson. By lap 20, Carlson slipped ahead of Gunderson to take over 2nd place, with Ricky “the Kid” Deitz charging hard to grab 4th. At lap 24, Bill Wade in his #3 clipped the #33 in the X, sending Gunderson to the pits in last place for the night. Brother Ryan Gunderson picked up a black flag (or 2) in his #13 during the race… And so it went again this season, with “the Kid” chasing “the Cowboy” across the finish line just a few laps later! Borreson held on for 3rd, Simianer fought his way back to 4th, followed by Barnes and Wade. The Heat race winners were Nick Dunham over Michael Barnes in the slower heat, and Nick Gunderson over Bill Wade and Carlson in the fast one. Next up is Mid-season Championship night on the 28th, and what do you know…the Super-stingers will finally get to race! It is a “big-track” night for the Oval racers, so be ready to dump your stuff in the pits- and park out back. And if you didn’t hear, or read the front page of this site yet, we have the 4th AND the 5th of July OFF! See you at the track, as we work our way into the summertime, finally! Ben Chandler


Results for June 7, 2008


A cool and damp day could not stop "the Cowboy" John Carlson from another victory at Evergreen Speedway last Saturday night. Setting fast time again at only 20.016, the defending Champ and current point leader took only 10 laps to take the lead from Harry Clements in his rebodied #34. 14 Super-8 cars started the 35 lap Main event and the early leader was the #6 of Michael Barnes, with Dad Harry right behind. Carlson in his #50 started in the back, of course, and was followed through the pack by the #76 of Ricky "the kid" Deitz, after an earlier black flag. And it was a very rare black flag for "the Grizz" Doug Delfel at lap 22, after contact with the #6 car set him back. But the Main went off without any other flags to slow down the action, and action there was! Lots of close calls and a fine battle for 3rd between Clements and the #33 of Nick Gunderson, with Delfel battling back to 5th ahead of the #13 of Ryan Gunderson, both down 1 lap... thats right, Carlson, Deitz, Clements and Gunderson... lapped the field, up to 4th place! Nice job guys! Bill Wade won his "B" heat race over Nick Dunham, but was unable to start the Main Event. It was Ryan Gunderson taking the fast or "A" heat over Ricky Deitz and Carlson. And welcome back to "the one-armed bandit" Quinton Boreson! Driving Wendi Boyd's cool looking #12, The Q-man got off to a great start until a tire (I think) went flat around lap 6, and he headed to the pits for awhile. So everyone has the next weekend off for "EXTREME NIGHT", the Stingers get the following weekend off as well - and Mid-season Championship night is on the 28th! And for you "old timers" some sad news to report. Former FEAR racer Stephen Scott passed away last week. NOT Greg's brother, Steve was married to FEAR's first (that I know of) lady driver, Cherill Scott. I ran into Steve a few weeks back and enjoyed filling him in on all that happened to our Club this past winter. Still a big fan of racing, and FEAR at Evergreen Speedway, Steve, Cherill and Stephen Jr. were often present on the 4th of July, and other big nights too. A memorial is scheduled for Sunday June 29, at 1pm - 14973 20th Ave. SW, Seahurst, Wash. - for info call 206 243-8319. See you in a couple of weeks, when the fun continues! Ben Chandler


Results for May 31, 2008


Figure Eight Racing recap - May 31, 2008. It had been 3 weeks since the Stinger-8 cars last ran, and 2 weeks since the Super-eights held their wild "60 minutes of FEAR" event at Evergreen Speedway... It finally felt like Saturday Night again! The weather remained pleasant as the night wore on, which was the best part, and saving the "best for last" was neat - except that so many earlier "oval track" red flags cut the Stingers glory time to just 15 laps, but young Sean Peters was not to be denied! Starting in the middle of the 17 car pack in his newly re-painted Honda Civic, Sean passed the #99 Prelude of yours truly (I hung on for 2nd) then took the lead from the #06 Civic of rising star Joselyn Lafleur around lap 10, and disappeared into the night! Fast heat race winner Bill Wade lost an axle after just 1 lap, ending his Stinger night on the hook. And it was a good battle between the two Toyotas of Michael Durbin and Josh Young who ended up 3rd and 4th, followed by Lafleur in just her 3rd figure 8 race ever! Seth Funden came in 6th, but point leader and defending Champ Mike Middleton had his VW hands full of the newer V-tech Prelude #0 that timed in fastest in his first time out, at - wait for it... 19.608! Driven by former Bomber and enduro racer Jon Newbom, They started 16th and 17th and battled their way to 7th and 8th place in the (thankfully short) 15 lap Main event! The other heat race winner was Ashley Schukar who came in 10th behind the #94 of Josh Latitila. The Stingers now have the ENTIRE month of June off as the "Crash-cars" try to fill in the weekly show. However, next Sunday Afternoon ALL Stingers and Hornets are invited to a 100 lap mini Enduro on the "road course".


Presented by the WWRA, and costing just 40 bucks to enter(plus pit pass) or $60 if you need a transponder, it should be a fun event with $300, $200 and $100 as the prize money!
The Pawn X-change SUPER-EIGHT Main event was exciting to watch as usual, and it was great to see from the grandstands, which isn't so usual! 14 cars started the 30 lapper, with Rick Shaver and Dale Larson out in front of the fully inverted field- until Larsons #02 gets dumped at the end of lap 1. Michael Barnes in his #6 is an early leader until the #16 Camaro of Troy Seminar takes the point for a few laps. Ricky Deitz gets the lead around lap 6 in his #76, until a rare black flag sends him into the infield, putting Troy upfront again, with the #33 of Nick Gunderson, the #50 of John Carlson and #01 of Doug Delfel in hot pursuit. It was on lap 14 that Gunderson powered by Seminar, and a couple of laps later it was the "Cowboys" turn. The red flag came out at lap 24 for Larson who seemed to blow his radiator up, while stuck in the south corner. The restart at lap 27 was ideal for Ricky "the kid" Deitz in his #76 "hot rod", as he had raced his way back to the top 5 by then, and went on to finish an impressive 3rd! But it was Nick Gunderson holding off Carlsons fast timer #50 for the big win! "The Griz" held on for 4th in his #01, followed by Seminar and Greg Estes in his #47. Seminar won the fast heat over Gunderson and Estes, while it was Wendi Boyds' #12, driven by Bill Wade, taking the slow heat over Michael Barnes...Great show everybody! Mid- season is just a few weeks away, on the 28th of June, and the FEAR old timers reunion is still scheduled for the 5th of July...its summer time already and my boat just puked! See you at the track, when the fun continues. BC


Results for May 17, 2008
60 minutes of FEAR!


...Is what we named this big event some 16 years ago after enjoying a 3 hour version video taped ( I think) at Indy raceway park. It was being shown at the promoters convention in Reno, and I was just there as a a guest (and drinking buddy) of Spanaway's Promoter Marty Dinsmore. Marty didn't take much notice of the tape playing, but amongst the handful of track people that were at that display was our former Promoter Mickey Beadle! We already had the Figure-8 "Nationals" as our "Big" race of the year- but we both thought this was too cool a deal not to add to our schedule, and it proved to be a VERY popular event! It was in 1984 that the "Nationals" was won for the first time by "the Crazy Cajun" Vern Deitz. Ten years later the FIRST winner of this new SUPER 60 Minute event was, ironically his son Ricky "the kid" Deitz - while Vern took that years Nationals, for his 3rd and final time! Flash forward to this past big weekend and you know Ricky had high hopes for another "big" race win, but it was not to be, despite a front row starting spot, and the early lead. After swapping the lead several times with fast-timer John "the Cowboy" Carlson, it was a tangle with John Zaretzke's #51 that sent him to the pits at lap 38. The biggest intersection hit of the night however, was earlier (on lap 25) between the #4 Camaro of Nick Dunham and Bill "bobblehead" Wade's #3. Wade marched on to finish 6th- just 3 laps down, while Dunham was, well, done. From lap 40 on, it was a see-saw battle for the lead between the #33 car of Nick Gunderson and the "Cowboy's" #50 - with Ryan Gunderson in his #13 and Sean Peters in his #8, slipping ahead of Carlson for a few laps around lap 70. Jerry Funden stayed in the top 5 or 6 until a lap 99 spin pinned him into a "uke" tire, and the #33 tangled with the #16 Camaro of Troy Seminar, who was able to finish in 7th. Down to 13 cars for a final restart as time was running out, it was Carlson's #50 stretching his lead over Nick Gunderson's #33 with his brother Ryan in the #13 car rounding out the podium. Father Brian Gunderson, who won the 2nd "60 minute" race back in 1995, brought his #15 hotrod in 4th, the final car to make the full 120 laps, with Sean Peters rounding out the top 5, one lap back. Congrats to everyone who showed up and put on a whale of a show for the fans, it was a great show! Next week is a rare weekend off for ALL of the Figure-eight racers at Evergreen as the Monster Trucks come to put on a 2-day show, but I will see you back at the track on the 31st, when the good stuff continues! Ben Chandler


Stinger-8 Results for May 10, 2008


It took young Sean Peters 15 laps to take the lead of the 25 lap Stinger-8 Main Event, and just the final half lap to fall to 10th, turning the victory over to defending Champ, and "fast timer" Mike Middleton. It sounded, and looked like Peters ran out of gas in his fast little Honda Civic- let that be a reminder to all of us...even Hondas need gas! The Stinger-8 division was the STAR event of the night, with 26 timing in, and 17 cars starting the 25 lap A Main event. It was the #4 Civic, driven by Super-8 regular Nick Dunham, that jumped into the early lead of the "A", followed by yours truly in the 'ol 99. Dunham stretched that lead until tangling with another car at the intersection on lap 15, and falling back to finish 5th. Just a couple of laps later Peters flew by me for the lead, with Middleton in hot pursuit. And so it went to the last lap, with young Michael Durbin on my bumper, when flames spurt out of the #8 exhaust, and everyone slipped safely by to finish behind the #75 Scirocco of "Iron" Mike Middleton. Doing a great job, and coming in 4th was 2nd generation FEAR driver Brian Wheeler, who also followed Peters and me to a 3rd place in his fast heat! The 2nd heat was won by #04Jessica Grey over the #2 of Jeff Mueller, and the "C" heat was won by Andree Elsen Peter over the #88 driven by James Waters. We had another15 lap "B" Main this week, 9 cars started that event with hopes of "moving up"to the A main. Aaron Flett took that move in his newer Civic, and finished 13th. Meanwhile, James Conley got the "B" trophy in his first week back in action... in Fletts old Accord! And It was noticed by several "expert" racers this past weekend, that the Stinger events are getting better, with less crashing, more side by side actual racing, maybe a little more "give and take", like they say on big-time TV... Good job everybody! And speaking of big-time, the 15th annual "60 minutes of FEAR" is coming up this weekend, and a lot of new cars are scheduled to appear that night! This gives the little cars the next 2 weekends off, so enjoy the break, the BIG RACE this weekend, and Monster trucks plus SuperMoto the following weekend. I will see you on the 31st, when OUR fun continues! Ben Chandler


RESULTS FOR WEEK 4 - 5/3/2008


Saturday, May 3rd 2008 Results. I pulled into the pits right before the pit meeting, as usual, and found myself parked between two longtime FEAR racing stars! On my left, 2 time Season Champion, Hall of Fame member, 4 time FEAR President and 30 year member, Doug "the Griz" Delfel. And on my right, 6 (SIX!) time FEAR Champion, and future FEAR Hall of Fame member Steve "Battlewagon" Peters. With nearly 20 years of Figure 8 experience and multiple "Big Race" wins, plus experience with the NASCAR bombers, Peters has won more races at Evergreen in the last 10 years...than ANYBODY! Both were honored (as was I) a few years back, as Evergreen Speedway "Top 50" Drivers. Both drive black race cars, are married and have kids... and own Tow truck and auto repair businesses. And last Saturday night, BOTH these 2 "Old" guys also took the 2 Figure - 8 "A" Main Events, spanking the young dudes on a real slimey track! The Stinger-8 count was an impressive 24 for the 2nd week in a row, which made for 3 heats and 2 Mains again. Fast (Stinger) time of the night was young Michael Durbin in his #17 Toyota, who actually practiced? 40 laps that afternoon! The "B" Main was another "move up" deal with the win going to Jessica Grey over Nick White. Jeff Mueller drove the #2 Rabbit to the 1st heat win, plus moved up to compete in the "A" main. The 2nd heat went to #87 Mike Buse over #44 Ethan Taylor. And it was Steve Peters in his #30 "Mini Battlewagon" making it a Honda sweep in the Stinger Division "fast" heat and Main, both times over son Sean Peters in his #8 Civic! Defending Champion Mike Middleton got his #75 VW up to 3rd in the 20 lap Main Event, followed by Durbin's #17, and yours truly in the 'ol #99 holding off current point leader Josh Young's #22, for 5th and 6th. The 30 lap Super-eight race started just 13, and the track sorta dried out as the night went on. But a wet time-in spin put the usually fast #13 of Ryan Gunderson on the front row, in what we once called the Bob Eucker spot...and it was transponder problems that allowed (or forced) the #04 of Jerry Funden to get "fast time" and thus start in the back - with last weeks winner Ricky" the kid" Deitz. Doug Delfel started his march to the front of the Main Event by getting past the Nick Dunham #4 Camaro at lap 5, and catching Ryan's #13 by lap 9 to take the lead. From the middle of the pack, Troy Seminar raced the #51"zipfizz special" into 2nd place by lap 9, and flew past Delfel around lap 18 to take the lead, until tangling with the #02 of Dale Larson and cutting down a tire. An early black flag took Steve Peters out of this one and relegated Bill Wade to 10th, a couple laps down...And that's how it ended, with Delfel again out front to the end, followed by Ryan Gunderson, and from the back of the pack, it was Ricky Deitz, #50 John Carlson and #33 Nick Gunderson. Troy did win the fast heat race ahead of Nick and Ricky. Brother Ryan Gunderson beat the #47 of Greg Estes in the slower heat. Next Saturday night the Stinger-8 cars will carry the show at Evergreen Speedway, as the Super-eights get the week off to prepare for the "60 MINUTES of FEAR!" on the 17th. I want to thank all of you figure 8 drivers who have chipped in to help save "the Club" this season, and I'll see you at the track! Ben Chandler


RESULTS FOR WEEK 3 4/26/2008


The good weather was back last Saturday night, along with the Stinger-8 cars. . . a coincidence, well perhaps! A decent Super-8 count of 14, 2 DOZEN Stingers, and a good sized crowd to enjoy it all, was a stark contrast to the previous weeks freezing cold winterfest! As fans of racing we so often see NOT the fastest car actually in the winners circle. Lots of things mechanical can go wrong, of course. Good Karma is always a factor, as is the weather, track conditions and just plain luck - especially with our traditional and exciting inverted lineups! Saturday night the stars were just right for Ricky "the kid" Deitz and "Iron" Mike Middleton, who both set FAST fast times in their respective divisions, and went on to win their first "A" main events of the year. Ricky's win should tighten up the Super-8 points battle as Point leader John Carlson left the race early with mechanical problems and 2nd place Steve Peters was vacationing at Talledega! "the Cowboy" made it to the front spot of the 35 lap Main Event, by around lap 15, with Deitz right on his tail, and held it for 7 laps until hard contact with Ryan Gunderson in the intersection, and later with Jerry Funden took out his radiator. The "Grizz" Doug Delfel rose to 2nd place in his #01 Buick around lap 26 after a spirited battle with the #33 of brother Nick Gunderson - and before falling to the "Zipfizz Special" of Troy Seminar, who took that #51 into 2nd place ahead of Gunderson, the #3 of Bill Wade and the #04 of Jerry Funden. But after 2 DNF's to start the season, it was all Ricky "the Kid" Deitz in Paul Petersons Ford-bodied Chev last Saturday night! Super Heat races were won by the #13 of Ryan Gunderson over #4 Nick Dunham in the "B", and "the bobblehead" Bill Wade's #3 ahead of Funden and Deitz in the "fast" one! The Stinger-8 class had enough cars for a "B" Main, with a 2 car move-up, which was won by #94 Josh Laitila over the #29 of young Brian Wheeler. Wheelers Prelude went sick, however, and that allowed the #68 of DJ O'dell to move up to the "A", where he finished 8th. Laitila had another great points weekend by his move up, coming in 4th in the WILD and Slippery Stinger-8 "A' Main. 16 cars started that 25 lap race, and only 3 were on the final lap together,"technically". Last years Champion Mike Middleton took his #75 Scirocco to the lead by lap 5. from the 14th starting spot! Point leader Josh Young was right behind him in his #22 Toyota, and it was yours truly trying to keep up with the 'ol #99 in 3rd, as we dodged spinning cars, loose parts and what I heard was tranny fluid all over the track! Young slowed a bit at the intersection, allowing the "old fart" to slip by for 2nd place around lap 14. . . and thats how it ended - with Middleton, by 20 seconds, nearly lapping the entire field! Stinger Heats were won by #6 Steve Schoenfeldt over #04 Jessica Grey in the "C", #99 B. Chandler over the #24 of Nick Williams in the "B", and Bill Wade, doing "double duty" in his #3 Stinger over the #22 of Josh Young and Mike Middleton's VW, in the "A" or fast heat! And a reminder, its just a couple of weeks until the "60 minutes of FEAR", SUPER-8 EVENT! If you have not seen a "BIG" figure-8 race before, you are truly in for a treat! See you Saturday, when the fun continues for both divisions! Ben Chandler


RESULTS FOR 4/19/2008


After a summer-like opening weekend, day 2 was as COLD as I EVER remember, with SNOW flying all around the Great Northwest! The Stingers were not on the schedule Saturday night, some were racing in Puyallup, I understand, and the "Supers" rained out, as usual with this kind of weather. That left the PAWN-Xchange SUPER-EIGHTS to put on the show for a meager and shivering crowd! The car count was also meager that night, with just 5 Legends racing their little hearts out in a heat and Main, and a single "Crash- car!" showing up for a lackluster "demonstration" event. The NASCAR Bombers timed 20, and put on an OK show, but the Super-8 Main event had just 13 hardy souls taking the green flag for the 35 lapper, which mercifully started at 9:10 pm. Nick Dunham in his "old-school" #4 Camaro took the early lead over the #45 of Jake Ripen and the #55 of Doug Wilkenson. A lap 3 tangle between the stealth-like #6 driven by Mike Barnes, and the #51 "Zipfizz" special, driven by Troy Seminar, took both cars out early. The fast-timer of the night (by nearly a half second !) was #76, Ricky "the Kid" Deitz who worked his way to 3rd by lap 10, and took the lead by lap 15 - before hooking Dunham's bumper for a moment. It was all the #30 "Battlewagon" needed as the 6 time Champion Steve Peters slipped by for the lead, with Deitz in hot persuit! At lap 22 it appeared that the #76 and a slightly slower #30, ALSO hooked each other up... this time allowing the #50, of last weeks winner John "the Cowboy" Carlson, to fly past. The tangle sent a disappointed Deitz to the pits early again, and slowed down the"Battlewagon" as it was all "Cowboy" to the finish, over Peters, Dunham, Jerry Funden and Bill Wade. Steve Peters did win his "B" Heat race, after arriving too late for time-ins, and Nick Gunderson won the fast A Heat race over points leader John Carlson.

See you at the track...when the fun continues! Ben Chandler


April 12, 2008


Man, does that seem weird to say!  It was a spectacular summer-like day as Evergreen Speedway kicked off another Saturday night racing season with new scheduling, new sponsors like Pawn X-Change, and new track management!  The figure-8 races were the absolute highlight of the night, with a great car count – nearly 40 in both divisions!  Congrats to defending Super-8 Champion John “Cowboy” Carlson on his last lap win over the #55 car driven by Doug Wilkinson and Steve Peters, who was back in his #30 Camaro, “the Battlewagon”.  And how about that crazy Stinger-8 race, won by #22 “Mighty” Josh Young in his cute little Toyota MR2 – his first win ever – over the #40 Honda driven by Seth Funden and the #79 of Nick White.  It was a crazy night that took me back three decades, as we come to the end of an era – and the start of a new one!


It was EXACTLY 30 years ago that I was a young figure-8 stock class Champion, and the new promoters were first introduced to the fans here at Evergreen. The Beadle family, along with a couple of Canadian partners, were the third different promoters to run the track in the short five years I had been involved, but their promotion company, IPI, seemed MUCH more professional than those they followed.  In fact, they had a “real” press conference that winter at the Edgewater Inn Hotel in Seattle to announce their new venture! They invited a much younger me, FEAR President Mick Tomlin, the late, great “Stormin’ Norman” Litts (our “Super” Champion) and the FSCRA Champions, plus the local papers, and radio and TV stations to a very cool party!  It was then that I met young Michael “Mickey” Beadle, his parents (both sadly now deceased) Bob and Dorothy, and his “Uncle John” Beadle who, along with Bob, were listed as the actual guys in charge.  Anyway, a good time was had by all that afternoon.  Mickey swears I’m in a photo of the actual signing of their first contract, but it was all such a blur to me – as any good “Forrest Gump moment” should be!  If you get a chance to pick up one the the “retro” Lucky Number programs available at the track (for a limited time only), you can see how far we ALL have come in 30 years!  Thank you, Mickey and John, Bob and Lyn, for all of the seasons, passes, cocktails, special events and good times with IPI and FEAR working together! My work on the Program, especially with Terry Buell over the past decade, has been a highlight of my life, and I hope to remain involved with that, and this Club, for many more years to come!


And so it is that now, 30 years later, we have a new group running the track!  We welcome Lex Johnson, a young Superstock racer, former Bomber Champion, and successful business owner, who has assumed the management duties here at Evergreen, and we wish him well!  By the way, the new FEAR stickers were printed by Lex at his CONCEPT graphics and racecar supply store, and he did an excellent job! (Maybe he’ll give us a bit of a discount for the plug…or not!)  May all of the young guys and gals who are now involved with racing enjoy the next 30 years with a promoter who cares as much for the track, the people, and all the old traditions – like this 43-year-old club called FEAR – as much as I’ve enjoyed the last 30.  And a big thank you to all you fellow members and racers for your support of this new version of the Club this season…and I promise, next week it will be more racing story, and way less “old guy” blubbering on! Also, there might be a couple of openings at the Puyallup “Spring Fair” for Stinger-8 racers this Saturday. Contact Steve Dunn!
See you at the track, Ben