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History of Figure Eight Racing
FEAR Hall of Fame
& Honorary Retired Numbers

Roger Estrin, the original "Mr. Clean", earned his nickname over the years with his polished appearance, sharp cars and smooth driving style. In over ten seasons of racing, he had to his credit 20 Trophy Dashes, 19 Heat Races and 20 Main Event wins, as well as four Top Five Season Point finishes and the 1969 Stock Division Championship. Roger helped start this club as an original charter member back in 1965. Retired now but still a racing fan, Roger can be spotted in the grandstand when not wintering in Arizona.

Dean Curl owned and raced big Buicks in the early years of FEAR. A popular driver known for his generosity, he was among the first inducted into this Hall of Fame. Dean passed away In 2002, and was honored with an Evergreen Memorial Lap

Another of the inaugural season Figure Eight competitors, John Beeson has won two Season Championships in 1966 and 1969, driving for Walt Day. He captured over half of the 26 Main Events of the 1969 season and took 12 Fast Time trophies in 1973, his final season, also driving for Walt. John, with five, also holds the greatest number of track records in the club’s history!

Walt Day certainly had a huge influence on this club’s first decade. Among the "Original 24" charter members, Walt owned several championship cars, six track records held by three different drivers, and dozens of main event wins. Walt was a FEAR board member many times and club President in 1974. We lost Walt in 2006, as FEAR celebrated its 40th year of racing.

"Big Ed" Ritchie was inducted into our Hall of Fame in 1999. A heart attack took him during the 60 Minutes of FEAR Race, April 24, 1999. Ed was the father of three, a FEAR 20 year "Old Timer," former Board member, and a Veteran of Viet Nam. "Big Ed" will be truly missed by all who knew him.

Dale Youmans started racing at Evergreen Speedway in 1964, a year before he helped create this Figure 8 racing club - and before the track was even paved! A Board member, Charter member and club Treasurer many times over, Dale raced for several years before assuming pit boss duties at Evergreen. After more than two decades of lap counting with wife Gail, they were both inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame in 1986. Many other track duties brought him to his current role with the Cascade Push Truck Association. Celebrating 40 years of racing involvement at Evergreen Speedway, we welcome Dale to the FEAR "Hall of Fame".

Rob Holden entered the FEAR "Hall of Fame" on the 25th anniversary of the first of four championship seasons in 1978. Many main event wins, a track record, and the championship itself in his first full season started a trend that was repeated in 1979 with his Figure 8 Chevy, and in 1983 and 1984 with his Super stock oval Pontiacs. Several seasons racing the NW Tour and experience on the Bonneville Salt Flats, plus occassionally street racing a Corvette round out Rob’s resume in the racing world. Sons Mike and Jeff still keep Rob and his wife Tina involved with Racing at Evergreen Speedway by competing in the NASCAR Superstock series each week.

Michael "Mickey" Beadle was inducted into this Fear Hall of Fame in August, 2006 as the club celebrated its 40th season of racing at Evergreen Speedway. It was in 1978 that young Mickey, his father Bob and Uncle John assumed the promoters’ role at Evergreen, and Mickey started figure-8 racing himself! After a couple of seasons and some success, Mickey chose to quit racing and marry Lyn, a long-time FEAR supporter, and concentrate on promoting "the show" as the President of his family’s company, I.P.I. Mickey has been instrumental in the success of both Evergreen and FEAR, Inc. for 30 years now, creating or introducing the "Nationals", the 60 Minutes of FEAR" and even the new Stinger-8 division before retiring in 2008.

Gene Brookover was inducted into the FEAR Hall of Fame in July 2010, exactly 45 years after figure eight racing started at Evergreen Speedway. Gene lost his battle with cancer that month, just a year after retiring from Evergreen. Known as “Kaptin black-flag” after a record-setting four flags in one spectacular night, Geno was the FEAR President in 1983, Vice President twice, and a longtime FEAR board member as well. A Vietnam vet and professional mechanic by trade, “The Kaptin” was for the past 25 years a NASCAR official at both Evergreen and Southsound Speedways, helped out with the Northwest Tour, and was proudly the fifth person inducted into Evergreen Speedway’s own Hall of Fame in 1990. Gene will be sorely missed by his wife Kathy, kids Gene Jr. (aka “Beeners”), Diane and Lee, and all of his racing friends from the past 40 years.

#77 was on over a dozen cars owned and raced by the late Ben Estes in the early years of FEAR. A charter member, former Board member, Vice President and 1970 Club President, Ben wrote the first Rule Book and chaired the first meeting for a handful of racers that were interested in organizing and incorporating as a club. We lost Ben in 2006, as FEAR completed its 40th season.

#100 is retired in honor of the late Wayne Crum. One of the original 24 Charter members, Wayne was super stock champion in 1968, 1970, and 1978. He was involved in running the club for many years, both on the Board and as the first four term President between 1968 and 1976. Wayne helped promote racing at Evergreen before IPI took over in 1978. Wayne promoted racing at both Evergreen Speedway and the Kingdome before entering the Bingo business, and was honored as a "Top 50" driver at Evergreen in 2004. We lost Wayne in 2006, as FEAR completed its 40th season.

#20 was retired in 1990 to honor its owner, Lee Daily and his special accomplishments. The 1974 season champ in the stock class became the 1975 and 1976 super stock champion in the same orange 1961 Ford Starliner! Daily had much success in oval racing, winning that championship in 1981. Daily was inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame in 1998, and is the first FEAR member to have competed in the Winston West Series. A former Board member and the 1980 club President, Lee can be found in the Redmond area running his own trucking company. Always an outdoorsman, Daily was honored by Evergreen Speedway as a "Top 50" driver in 2004, while on a fishing trip.

#72 was retired in 1991, in honor of Mick Tomlin, who raced with it in both stock and super stock classes, for over ten years. As the club’s second four term President, he took the membership count to a record height, 627, before assuming the job of track steward at Evergreen Speedway from 1984 to 1991, when he retired. Also retired from the Boeing company, Mick and his wife Randi were inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame in 1993. They now live near Concrete on the Skagit, and can be contacted at

#2, retired in 1992, had been raced by "Crazy" Carl Zaretzke since the beginning of time at Evergreen. A charter member of FEAR, Carl is the most winning driver at the track, and the only FEAR member to win the season championship four times in a row, from 1971 through 1974. Carl is a former Board member, and NASCAR Superstock Champion with several title wins and was the first inductee into Evergreen Speedway’s Hall of Fame in 1985. Carl makes his living as a truck mechanic and lives in the Monroe area now. Father of Superstock Champion and former FEAR president John, both were inducted into the Evergreen "Top 50 Drivers" club in 2004.

#99 was retired in 1994, to honor the 20th racing season of "The Wizard" Ben Chandler. Uniquely "Back to Back," the number adorned just four red and black Plymouths over the years, including 1977 when Chandler was the FEAR stock class season champion. Our only eight term president between 1985 and 2003, Ben claims over 400 consecutive starts, 16 seasons in the Top 10, and 22 years of never missing a Saturday night at Evergreen Speedway. Chandler also created the Old Timers Club, of which he is a member, designed the original FEAR logo and was honored as a "Top 50 Driver", as Evergreen celebrated 50 years of racing in 2004. Ben was inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame in 2005. A lifelong resident of Bellevue, "The Wiz" enjoys boating, motorcycles, playing poker, pool and racing in the new Stinger 8 class, and now managing this "new" FEAR Club!

#67 was retired in 1995, the 30th year of FEAR and the 25th season of the "Crazy Cajun" Vern Deitz, who entered the hall of fame as the winningest active "F-8" driver in club history! The three time season champ ’82, ’84, ’85 has also won the nationals three times, and held the stock class speed record an amazing 12 years between 1975 and 1987. Vern had his best season ever in 1984 when he won an incredible 20 main events! Deitz is quick to give credit to "The Rev." Bobby Black, son Ricky, and his wife Heather with whom he shares a 5 acre estate in Arlington with various critters, kids, and even grandkids! Deitz has been on the FEAR board 10 or more different years and has been the club’s V.P. three times. Vern was inducted into the Evergreen "Top 50 Drivers" club to honor his years both on the 8 track and on the oval with his Superstock. Off season hobbies include fishing and hunting.

#24 was retired by FEAR at the end of the 1997 season, to honor the 30th year of racing at Evergreen for "Ol’ Weird" Harold Babula. The first inductee to the "Old Timers" Club, Harold has been on the board at least seven years, and club vice president twice now. A father of 2 and a mechanic by trade, "Ol’ Weird" owns Ray’s Auto Clinic in Tukwila, and lives nearby with his lady, now wife, of over 30 years, Eileen. Hobbies include collecting guns, cribbage boards, ’57 Ford cars and ’56 Ford trucks. Harold was honored by Evergreen Speedway in 2004 as a "Top 50 Driver."

#01 was retired at the end of the 1999 season to honor 25 years of figure eight auto racing by "The Griz", Doug Delfel, and his first of two season championships (1999 & 2002). A four-term President of FEAR, Inc., between 1996 and 2002, Doug has also been a Board member a half dozen times. A loving father of 2, and husband to Kelly, "The Griz" owns Harbour Pointe Towing and Service, near his home in Everett. Doug was honored by Evergreen Speedway in 2004 as a "Top 50 Driver", as the track celebrated 50 years of racing action.

#89 was retired in 2004 to honor Al "The Worm" Hauck, who was taken that July after a long battle with cancer. A member of FEAR since 1977, Al served as both Vice President and as a Board member. Winner of the Figure Eight Nationals in ’93, and a FEAR "Old Timer", the purple #89 was often in the top 10, and always sponsored by Cascade Auto Wrecking. Al leaves behind his wife Annie, four kids, four grandchildren, and a lot of friends and fans.

#7 was retired in 2006 as FEAR celebrated 40 years of racing at Evergreen Speedway. Steve "Mr. Excitement" Cox joined us over 20 years ago as a teenager, following in the footsteps of his racing Dad, Warren. Only our 2nd four-time champion in the Super-8 Division, Steve won that title in 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2001. A dominating presence in the "big races" Cox won the Nationals twice, in ’98 and 2000, and the 60 Minutes of FEAR event four times; ’98, 2000, ’01 and ’03. A proud member of the Evergreen Speedway "Top 50 Drivers", and now this Hall of Fame, Cox also served FEAR as Vice President in 2000. An auto technician by trade, "Mr. Excitement" lives in Arlington with his wife Chrissy, and kids McKenna and Dawson. Hobbies include boating, snowmobiling and RV-ing with his family.

#30 was retired in 2009. It was 20 years ago that Steve "Battlewagon" Peters started racing at Evergreen Speedway, and 15 years ago that he joined our figure-8 racing club. The FEAR season Champion a record-setting six times in BOTH divisions, Steve has won the Figure-8 Nationals four times, as well as winning the "60 Minutes of FEAR," back in 2002. Still a top entertainer each week, Peters also excels in demolition derbies, boat and school bus racing, as well as Enduros, Stingers, Bump-to-Pass and Hornet racing – always in "battlewagon camo", and often with a tank on top! Steve, the owner of Steve’s Moss Bay Repair and Towing, lives in Monroe with his wife Ann Marie, and their two kids, Shawnette and Sean, himself an upcoming star at Evergreen. "TV-Stevie" was honored to be included among the Evergreen Speedway "Top 50 Drivers" in 2004, and later easily won the track’s prestigious "Entertainer of the Year" award - well before starring with "Mr. Dizzy" and "Crusher", on Discovery Channel’s wild "Wreckreation Nation" TV show last year

#50 was retired by FEAR in 2012 to honor 20 years of “the Cowboy” John Carlson at Evergreen Speedway, and his induction into our Hall of Fame. A 4-time Super-8 Champ, John won his first  Championship (2003) in a Camaro, then again in ’07, ’08 and ‘09 with his unique and innovative “Indy-style” racer. A FEAR board member over 10 years, John also served two terms as VP, and was co-President/ GM in 2003. A 2-time winner of the Figure-8 Nationals, in 2007 and 2008, John also won the “60-minutes of FEAR” in 2006 and 2008. A longtime resident of Clearview, Washington, Carlson is the proud father of son Bryant, himself an aspiring racer at Evergreen. Growing up in Utah might have inspired his hardworking “Cowboy” ways, but John actually graduated from Bothell High School back in 1987. We thank John for his longtime dedication to Figure-8 racing and his service to our club over the many years.

#17 was retired by FEAR at the end of the 2017 racing season in honor of the two racers that made it famous, David Brandenburg and Quenton Borreson. Both were inducted into the FEAR Hall of Fame after winning their 4th consecutive Figure-8 Championship together - a feat that had only occurred one time before, by Quenton’s former step dad Carl Zaretzke, in the early 70’s! Both were early members of FEAR, Dave first joining the club in 1979, Quenton in ’84. Both had plenty of racing success, first at Evergreen Speedway, later at other tracks and in other divisions, and both had cool nicknames, the “Great Pumpkin” and “the One-armed Bandit”.  Sure, Quenton won a Figure-8 Championship at Spanaway back in 1990, But the magic really happened in 2013 after car builder/driver Tommy Gapp broke his wrist while racing Brandenburg’s blue #17 in the new “Super-stock” Figure-8 class, and they drafted Borreson to fill in! Dozens of wins and 4 consecutive Championships, plus a quest for a record 5th Championship keep this team motivated in what just might be their final racing season together.