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Mick Tomlin   1936 - 2014 

    By Ben Chandler
For so many of us older Evergreen Speedway racers, Mick Tomlin was an inspiration, a friend, and our leader. For me, he was also a mentor. Mick’s sage advice was crucial as I followed in his footsteps as President of the car racing club we both cared so much about.
A solid, winning Figure-8 racer since 1972 (thus his #72) Mick was the first 4-term President of FEAR Inc. between 1978 and 1982, when membership in the club peaked at over 620 members! I was proud to induct Mr. Tomlin into the F.E.A.R. Hall of Fame, back in 1991, and make his 72 the forth number “retired” by the club. Tomlin helped create the Figure-8 “Nationals”, and helped his friend, and boss, Mickey Beadle, bring NASCAR to Evergreen as the track Steward from 1984 through 1991.
The father of 3, stepfather of 3 more, Mick even met his third (and best) wife Randi, at Evergreen Speedway, where she worked too. Both retired from the track, Mick from Boeing, and they moved to a cabin on the Skagit River, near Concrete. Married since 1980, Randi and Mick were BOTH inducted into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame in 1993.
A true N.W. native, Mick was born in Seattle, grew up in Lake City, went to Lincoln H.S. nearby, and was quietly a proud Korean War veteran who served in the Marines. He passed away in his hospital room on November 1st, 2014, of pneumonia, right after a successful 5-month battle with Cancer. Mick shared the ups and downs of that battle with his hundreds of friends on Facebook, who will never forget this great man for his warmth, intelligence, bawdy humor and crazy-Cat loving wit!  Rest in Peace, my friend.