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Races past, June 1972, 1979, and 1989

Greetings racing history fans, let's look at three past June F.E.A.R. events.Thanks for reading, enjoy! F.E.A.R. historian, Tom Claibourn

June 10th, 1972

Just one week before the Watergate break in, the men of F.E.A.R. took to a wet track, with qualifying at 6:30, and racing at 8 p.m. . The big finish of the night took place in the Stock division A main event, as "Red Baron" Stan Johnson overtook point leader "Crazy Kraut" Bob Sheckler on the last lap in his mile-long '59 Desoto.

Stock Division

Dash: Sheckler , ('62 Plymouth)
Heat one: Steve Freund( '57 Chev,), Larry Pausch ('62 Mercury)
Heat two: Ron Martin('57 Chev), Dan Knott('62 Galaxie),Joe Smith('63 Dodge)
Heat three:Dan Eastman('62 Plymouth), Sheckler, Johnson
B main: Pausch, Smith, Ralph Lewis('62 Dodge),Jim Watson('61 Plymouth), Vern Deitz('57 Ford)
A main: Johnson, Sheckler, Knott, John Lawson('61 Galaxie), Cliff McCracken('60 Chrysler)


Dash: Joe Smith('57 Ford)
Heat one: Ewart Grove('58 Ford), Roy Britton('57 Dodge), Rick Kirk('62 Plymouth),Ray Bennett('57 Chev)
Heat two: Joe Smith, Ken Ronne('59 T-Bird), Jerry Smith('63 Plymouth)
Main: Carl Zaretzke('57 Chev), Jerry Smith('63 Plymouth), Joe Smith, Lyle Merrifield('57 Desoto), Britton

June 9th, 1979

It was the year Three mile island melted down, Skylab fell back to earth, and "Disco" prevailed. At Evergreen, Rob Holden led the points battle in the ever growing Hobby class, while the Superstocks spent thier last season on the figure eight course.

Hobby Division

Fast time: Rob Holden('64 Impala), 19.92
B dash: Ted Nye
A dash: Pat Sweet ('69 Sattelite)
Heat one: Doug Delfel( '63 Plymouth)
Heat two: Pete Lawton ('68 Impala)
Heat three: Ron Rotz ('66 Lemans)
Heat four: Rick Bowker
C main: Delfel, Lawton, Mike Young, Leroy Jensen
B main: Mark Jenkins ('68 Lemans), Joe Nye, Bill Williams Jr.('66 Coronet) Joe Young, Bob Hardwick
A main: Holden, Bill Dennis('63 Galaxie),DennisGill, Gene Brookover('62 Galaxie), Cherrill Scott, Nick Fabulae('67 Sattelite)


Fast time: Ralph Lewis ('70 Duster), 18.05
Dash: Gary Becktold ('77 Camaro)
Heat one: Terry Guisinger('65 Monaco),Arvid Glover (Barracuda), Dick Avalo('61 Galaxie)
Heat two: Carl Zaretzke ('64 Chevelle), Becktold, Lee Daily('67 Fairlane)
Main: Daily, Lewis, Vern Deitz('76 Granada), Roger Stegall, Don Bennett('63 Galaxie), Zaretzke

June 10th, 1989

Once again, the highlight of the evening's action was the finish of the A-main. Just as front runners Gary Taylor and Gary McAllister crossed the line to begin the white flag lap, Taylor lost his right front wheel, and took McAllister over his hood , with both cars ending up stacked together at the end of the straightaway. Third running Ron Steltz siezed the opportunity to grab his first win of the season.

Dash: Rick Hager ('79 Malibu)
Heat one: Kieth Blumehagen( Camaro),Jeff Candaux('69 Cougar)|
Heat two: Craig Eakright ('67 Sattelite),Vern Deitz('69 Mustang)
Heat three: Gary McAllister (69 Dart),Ed Ritchie( '70 Buick)
Heat four: Hager, Mike Parshall ('64 Impala)
C main: Jim Downey (AMC Javelin), Tom Claibourn('69 Road Runner)
B main: Al Hauck (Nova), Rick Mattern('73 Duster)
A main: Ron Steltz('69 Chevelle), Daryll Swineheart('69 dart)
Point standings: Blumehagen(299), Vern Deitz(268),McAllister(261),Hager(257),Jeff Candaux(205),
Rich Boe(177), Gary Lee(171),Marilyn Beasley(164),Mike Parshall(154),Rick Mattern& Craig Eakright (tied at 145).