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Races past, August 1967, 1973, and 1983

Greetings history fans, here's a look at three mid-August events in F.E.A.R. history....enjoy!
Tom Claibourn, F.E.A.R. historian

August 12th, 1967

It was another wild and wooly Saturday night in the "summer of love" at
Evergreen speedway, with a good sized field of fenderless figure-eight modified cars taking to the track during the third season of racing on the eight course, and the first under official F.E.A.R. governing. The "wild Indian" Dave Dean set fast time ,won the A-dash and A -main in his head-dress topped '53 Ford over point leader and chief rival Bill Williams, driving a Walt Day built Cadillac. The most serious event of the evening was during the white flag lap of the B-main, when Mac McCane broadsided Art Howl at the intersection, pushing what was left of the passenger side clear to Howl's seat. After a 20 minute extrication process, and as of press time, Howl was reported to have a broken right leg, several head lacerations, and a possible broken jaw. In a lighter incident( if you can call rolling three times" lighter") Ewart Grove managed to land his '53 Ford on all fours, his only comment afterwards being that he was amazed the P.I. paperbox mounted on his roof survived! Here are the stats:
Fast time: Dave Dean, 20.47
A-dash: Dean
B-dash: Clark Beaver
Heat one: McCane
Heat two: Dean Curl
Heat three: Dan Malloy
Heat four: Williams
B-main: Doug Lashbough ('49 Mercury), Dean Henbest ('53 Plymouth) Dean Curl ('47 Buick), Roger Estrin ('53 Olds) Curt Cochran ('52 Ford)
A-main: Dave Dean ('53 Ford), Ben Estes ('50 Ford), Dan Malloy ('52 Ford),Lashbough,Chuck Chambers ('50 Ford), Henbest

August 18th, 1973

 Lee Dailey, running the second full time season in his orange '61 Ford Starliner, came from the back of the pack to capture the stock division A-main event, followed by the red,white,and blue '63 Galaxie 500 hardtops of Frank Merxbauer & Murphy Falkenhainer ,with 4th year driver Ralph Lewis in a Grabber blue '62 Dodge coming in fourth. The "Crazy Cajun" Vern Deitz picked up an early lead to win the B-main in his '58 Ford over Earl Biddle, who was driving the '62 Galaxie that Dan Knott won the 1971 stock points title in. John "c.s." Beeson driving Walt Day's '57 Olds ,won the superstock main going away, with Ken Ronne picking up second in Duane Cocking's '59 T-bird.
Stock fast time: Bob Sheckler, 19.58 ('63 Plymouth)
B-dash: Bud Depres
A-dash: Murphy Falkenhainer
Heat one: Jerry Smith( '58 Ford), Gary Jackson ('62 Galaxie), Mick Tomlin ('59 Lincoln)
Heat two: Ron Martin ('57 Chev), Gary Scott ('61 Starliner), Depres( '63 Plymouth), Deitz
Heat three: Biddle, Bob Dauron ('60 starliner), Doug Searles('62 Dodge)
Heat four: Lewis, Dailey, Merxbauer, Tim Russ('65 Chevelle)
C-main: Chuck Flora ('64 Dodge), Lee Sundholm ('60 Dodge), Tomlin
B-main: Deitz, Biddle, Bud Fagerly ('63 Galaxie),Smith, Depres
A-main: Dailey, Merxbauer,Falkenhainer, lewis, Sheckler, Russ,Stan Johnson('62 Dodge)
Superstock fast time: Beeson, 18.52
Dash: Carl Zaretzke ('57 Chev)
Heat one: Ron Grosvenor ('63 Dodge), Ray Cummins ('57 Chev), Jim Menne('61 Starliner), Lyle Merifield ('57 Desoto)
Heat two: Ronne, Larry Vanyi ('57 Ford), John Sullivan ('62 Chrysler), Zaretzke
Main: Beeson, Ronne, Zaretzke, Grosvenor, Ewart Grove ('65 Galaxie), Wayne Crum, Terry Salsbury ('63 Galaxie)

August 17th, 1983

 A massive field of F.E.A.R. sanctioned vehicles took to the Evergreen Speedway figure-eight course and 3/8 mile oval for this mid-august event thirty-one years ago. Figure-eight stocks boasted enough entries to fill five heat races and four main events, while the supers staged three heats and two mains. Veterans Carl Zaretzke and Ray Bennett topped their respective A-main contests, the two had waged many a battle in 1970's superstock action,and had finished 1st and second in the 1974 points championship.
Figure-8 fast time: Darryl Swinehart, 19.42
B-dash: Dan Graham
A-dash: Vern Deitz
Heat one: Dale Cook, Ron Martin, Steve Leonard,Steve Kunz, Teresa Young
Heat two: Doug Donner, Gary Willis, Pete Bednar, Gil Crosby, Mike Wilkinson
Heat three: Graham, Ed Ritchie, Nick Fabulae, Ben Conn
Heat Four: Kurt Meyer, Brian Wheeler, Rick Mattern, Don Gregg, Nelson Downey
Heat five: Rob Holden, Deitz, Leon Frazier, Dave Brandenburg, Tony Hill
D-main: Cook, Willis,Kunz, Donner, Steve Weldon, Dan Gripp, Ewart Grove, Leonard, Debbie Young, Teresa Young
C-main: Al Hauck, Berlin Cook, Crosby, Graham, Rick Hager, Bednar, Craig Eakright, Steve Dunn, Joe Young Sr.,Wilkinson
B-main: Gary McAllister, Jeff Bach, MIke Gallagher, Mike Parshall, Mattern, Meyer, Gregg, Jeff Candaux, Leroy Jensen
A-main: Ray Bennett, Mick Tomlin, Brandenburg, Brian Delfel, Ben Chandler, Frazier, Greg Scott, Holden, Swinehart, Craig Bruskland
Superstock fast time: Wayne Crum, 18.41
Dash: Laury Cover
Heat one: Don Voggenthaler, Bob Baker, Jack Sappenfield, Mark Weedin, Mike Ohlhausen
Heat two: Carl Zaretzke, Don Gregg, Jim Thompson, Ron Schultz, Brian Richards
Heat three: Ron Daggett, Don Nolan, Gary Becktold, Rob Holden, Cover, Mike Estabrook
B-main: Baker, Voggenthaler, Weedin, Tom Kordus, Sappenfield, Paul Bosanko, Dan Melton, Rick Jefferson, Ohlhausen
A-main: Carl Zaretzke, Nolan, Becktold, Holden, Bill Zimmerman Jr., Cover, Estabrook, Glenn Foster, Larry Hart, Thompson