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RACES PAST, JULY 1967, 1974 & 1982

Greetings F.E.A.R. fans, This week We'll look at three early July events in the past, 1967, 1974, and 1982!

July 8th, 1967
B-dash: Don Olson
A-dash: Bill Williams
Heat one: Bob Moore
Heat two: Olson
Heat three: Dick Cosper
Heat four: Williams
B-main: Ewart Grove, Moore, Jim Fitzpatrick('53 Olds convertible), Olson, Dean Curl ('47 Buick fastback)
A-main: Paul Campbell ('50 Ford), Dave Dean ('53 Ford), Steve Campbell ('50Ford), Doug Lashbough
('51 Mercury), Roger Estrin ('53 Olds)

July 6th, 1974
""Streaking" was the new (if only temporary) national pastime in the summer of '74, all you had to do to take part was get naked and run in view of the crowd at the sports event of your choice. Many northwest race tracks had the (priviledge?)of giving someone a few seconds of fame before the fad thankfully faded away. Certain retail clerks had thier first full month of scanning the recently introduced U.P.C. barcodes at thier checkstands, although it would be years before the system was commonplace. The game show "High Rollers" debuted this month in 1974, hosted by a now well known Alex Trebec, while future actress Hilary Swank was born. Chief justice Earl Warren died,as well as Former "Mamas and Papas" vocalist Cass Elliot.Richard Petty won the inaugural Purolator 500 at Pocono Raceway, that event is now known as the Pennsylvania 500.Petty went on to win the "Winston Cup" title.While Ted Bundy was prowling the Seattle area, the U.S. supreme court ordered the controversial "White house tapes" to be surrendered. At Evergeen it was a mixed bag of auto makes up against soon to be first time champ Lee Daily, with qualifying starting at 6 p.m., and racing at 8 p.m.

Stock fast time: Chuck Flora ('64 Dodge), 19.85
B dash: Nelson Downey ('61 Starliner)
A dash: Earl Biddle ('62 Galaxie)
Heat one: Ken Larson, Pat Roll
Heat two: Dave Holden ('61 Galaxie), Wayne Lindell ('63 Dodge)
Heat three: Dick Hozjan ('58 Ford), John Beeson ('62 Ford),(driving for Jon Lawson)
Heat four: Spud Despres ('63 Plymouth), Tim Russ ('64 Chevelle)
B main: Gary Scott, Gary Becktold ('66 Chevelle), Bud Fagarlie ('63 Galaxie),Wayne Lindell,Dick Hozjan
A main: Lee Daily ('61 Starliner), Tim Russ, Vern Dietz ('63 Galaxie), Earl Biddle, Murphy Falkenhainer ('63 Galaxie)
Superstock fast time: Carl Zaretzke ('57 Chev), 19.09
Heat one: Jim Menne, Ewart Grove('65 Galaxie
Heat two: Ray Bennett ('57 Chev), Terry Salsbury ('63 Galaxie)
Main: Jim Menne, Jerry Smith ('57 Olds), Wayne Crum ('62 Plymouth), Carl Zaretzke, Ray Bennett, John Sullivan('62 Chrysler), Terry Salsbury.

July 10th, 1982
In July 1982, taxi drivers were wondering what to pilot next as the Checker car company ceasd production, while Nascar "Winston cup" series drivers (who didn't yet have an official"chase to the championship") were busy chasing Darrell Waltrip, who would eventually take the season title. Those of us watching the summer re-runs of "The Dukes Of Hazzard", probably had no idea that the familiar Bo and Luke were about to be replaced by their cousins..How was that supposed to work? Also on The small screen, the comedy series "Police Squad" ended, but spawned the popular "Naked Gun" movies. At Evergreen , it was Dodge versus Mercury, the battle for the season title between defending champion Brian Delfel, and veteran driver Vern Deitz. It's interesting to note that Delfel's qualifying time was actually faster than that of Carl Zaretzke's Superstock back in July of '74!

Fast time:  Brian Delfel ('69 Dart), 19.05
B-dash: Glenn Foster ('63 Galaxie)
A-dash: Don Vogenthaler
Heat one: Berlin Cook ('65 Impala)
Heat two: Rick Mattern
Heat three: Ewart Grove ('67 Galaxie)
Heat four: Brian Delfel
D-main: Teresa Young ('66 Impala), John Larson, John Capps
C-main: Rick Hager, Rob Holden('64 Impala), Ed Ritchie ('63 Impala)
B-main: Butch Furrow ('64 Galaxie), Mick Tomlin('72 Sattelite), Ewart Grove
A-main: Dave Brandenburg ('65 Mustang), Vern Deitz ('67 Cougar), Lee Frazier ('64 Impala)