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Profile of a Season: 1972 & 1982

Greetings history fans, it was forty years ago last weekend that I enjoyed my introduction to F.E.A.R., a clear warm night with 35 cars timing in for the stock division alone,as well as a good compliment of super stockers. The grand finale( and a real treat for any 14 year old racing fan) was the last lap superstock main intersection collision between Marty Bingisser and Wayne Crum. Bingisser's downsized '62 Ford Fairlane broadsided Crum's full-sized '61 Fairlane, resulting in Bingisser losing everything from the firewall forward-not in pieces mind you, but one large chunk including the engine! Here are the stats:

AUGUST 8TH, 1970

Stock Dash: Bob Sheckler ('62 Plymouth)
Superstock Dash: Carl Zaretzke ('57 Chev)
Stock Heat one: Ralph Lewis ('57Chrysler), Chuck Hienzman ('59 Dodge)
Stock Heat Two: George Mehl ('58 Chrysler), Harold Weston ('57 Desoto)
Stock Heat Three: Shamus O'Flaherty ('59 Ford), Bruce Holms ('61 Ford)
Stock Heat Four: Orrin Cox ('60 Ford), Danny Eastman ('62 Plymouth)
Superstock Heat One: Nat Green ('63 Plymouth), Don Bennett ('55 Ford)
Superstock Heat Two: Ewart Grove ('63 Fairlane), Roger Estrin ('63 Plymouth)
Stock B Main: Chet Holstien ('61 Dodge), Jerry Townsend ('55 Pontiac), George Mehl, Norm Litts ('59 Ford)
Stock A Main: Ken Ronne ('58 Desoto), Randy Pement ('57 Ford), O'Flaherty, Rick White ('59 Dodge), Roy Britton ('57 Desoto)
Superstock Main: Zaretzke, Crum, Paul Campbell ('53 Ford), Larry Goe ('57 Ford), Bennett

AUGUST 7TH, 1982

Last weekend's round 28 years ago was also a dry one, with Defending Stock champion Brian Delfel touring the eight at 19.18, and Joe Hickle setting fast time on the 3/8 at 18.39. Rob Holden brought his '64 "Heavy Chevy" to the line ahead of Leon Frazier's topless Impala for the Stock A-Main win, His fifth Feature win that season.Brian Delfel took third in his '69 Dart over F.E.A.R. President Mick Tomlin. Ron Daggett blazed the oval to take the Superstock Main well ahead of Carl Zaretzke, Ralph Lewis and Don Nolan. F.E.A.R. members were looking forward to next weeks "Big Wheel " races for the kids, the Labor day weekend rummage sale at SnoKing Bingo in Totem Lake, and planning ahead for the October 23rd awards banquet at the Norselander in Seattle. Just 17.50 per person for LIVE music, dinner, mixer and ice- who could go wrong? Thanks for reading! here are the stats from the other events......

Stock A Dash: Dave Brandenburg
Stock B Dash: Doug Hannafious
Superstock Dash: Toby Butler
Stock Heat One: John Finch, Steve Fish
Stock Heat Two: Joe Young Jr.,Joe Nye
Stock Heat Three: Mike Parshall, Tony Hill
Stock Heat Four: Rob Holden, Don Vogenthaler
Stock D Main: Doug Delfel,Gene Brookover
Stock C Main: Rick Mattern, Pete Bednar
Stock B Main: Joe Young Jr., Tony Hill, Leroy Jensen, Glenn Foster
Superstock Heat One:Jack Sappenfield
Superstock Heat Two: Ron Daggett
Superstock B Main: Joe Young Jr., Bob Baker