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RACES PAST, AUGUST 1969, 1979 & 1986

Greetings history fans! This month we'll take a look at three late August events in F.E.A.R. history, thanks for reading! F.E.A.R. historian, Tom Claibourn

August 23rd, 1969
Just one week after Woodstock, and one week before the start of the Evergreen State fair, F.E.A.R. drivers took to the track at 8 PM for yet another round in a long and destructive season that saw at least three top five cars being completely re-bodied before it was all over. F.E.A.R. would stage five shows during the fair alone. This night Bob Moore won the modified dash in a '53 ford recently donated by Ewart Grove's father Glenn, and assembled by various club members after a bad intersection smash earlier in the month. Dan Knott won the slow heat in the '50 Ford run the previous season by Carl Zaretzke, with John "c.s." Beeson grabbing the fast heat and main in the "little Namu", a '52 Olds owned and Built by Walt Day. Beeson assumed the lead after the "Wild Indian" Dave Dean took an intersection hit from Curtis Cochran's '52 Ford, and rolled his '51 Chev Bel-Air. Wayne Crum took second in a 283 powered '40 Chev,followed by Moore, Ewart Grove, and Knott.

In Stock division action, Orrin Cox picked up the A dash trophy with his '57 Ford, while Chris Ipson won the B in a United Transmission sponsored '55 Ford. Heat races were Mopar dominated with the exception of the second, which was declared a photo finish between "Playboy" Dan Malloy in a '59 Dodge, and Cliff Pierce driving a '59 Ford for owner Duane Cocking. Cliff McCracken won the first in a '57 Plymouth, Danny Eastman the third in a '61 Dodge, and Carl Zaretzke the final in his Dynac of Marysville '62 Plymouth. Buzz Phillips scored his first feature win in the A main, with his Little Johns Truck Painting 383 powered '59 Dodge . Roger "Ramjet" Estrin took second in a '61 Dodge sponsored by Haury's Auto Rebuild over Zaretzke, Cox, and the '55 Merc of future F.E.A.R. President Larry Goe. Evel Knievel rounded out the evening jumping over 16 new cars , a combination of Oldsmobiles and Opel Kadetts.

August 25th, 1979
"Crazy Cajun" Vern Dietz claimed the Superstock dash trophy, while Weird Harold Babula grabbed heat one in a '66 Ranchero over Don Bennett, Nelson Downey, and Terry Guisinger. Howie Moriera beat Carl Zaretzke to the line in the fast heat. Bennett was the victor in the B main, followed by Mick Tomlin and Gordy Laugen. Lee Daily drove a '66 Fairlane to the checkered in the A main. This was the former Gary Tipps owned car that Wayne Crum captured the 1978 Superstock championship with. Norm Litts followed Daily across the white line in his Rambler, ahead of the Plymouth Duster piloted by Ralph Lewis.

Rob Holden set fast time and won the A main, well on his way to the Hobby class season championship in a '64 Impala. Mark Jenkins picked up the dash hardware in a Pontiac. Heats went to Jim Nations over Teresa Young, Merlin Cook over J.J. Tracy, Doug Searles over Ted Nye, and Pete Lawton in a scrap iron car over Bill Williams jr. Rick Bowker was runnerup to Holden in the finale, with the '62 Galaxie of Gene Brookover in third. B main honors went to Randy Hesson, over Don Vogenthaler in a '65 Galaxie and future 3 time champ Glenn Davis in a Chevelle. First heat winner Nations copped the C main.

August 22nd, 1987
Beautiful weather set the tone for the 4th race outing of August in 1987, with F.E.A.R. President Mike Candaux's son Jeff winning the trophy dash for a large field of one-division figure eight cars. Jerry Gooch took the first heat over "My Boy" Leroy Jensen and his Ford Torino, and Melanie Young bested Troy Mattern in her Chevelle in heat two. Troy's Brother Rick brought his Plymouth Duster to the line ahead of Gary Taylor's Camaro in heat three, while a Nova driven by Niel Hamlin beat out Mike Parshall in the fourth. Jensen led a much taller (SEVEN FEET PLUS) Steve Powell to the checkered in the C main. Gary lee out powered Big Ed Ritchie and the Granada of Tony Crenshaw to capture the B main cup. Gary Taylor found the A main spotlight over the Nova of Tom Sandifer.

Tom Claibourn