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Profile of a Season: 1975

Greetings history fans, it's last Saturday night all over again, but in 1975! According to the newspaper ad, Evergreen speedway was where the ACTION was at, with 18 BIG events for the Figure -eights and foreign stocks, with time trials at 6:30, and racing beginning at 7:30. On Sunday a DEMO DERBY was planned, and get this: anyone could enter, even women! A large field of "crashmasters" were guaranteed to provide spine tingling breath taking excitement. If that wasn't enough to make you want to go to a demo derby, what would? In addition, Hollywood stuntman "Spanky" Spangler would be jumping off of a balloon, six stories high, and landing on a sponge, no parachute, no ropes, no nothin! Ever seen a sponge big enough to land on? F.E.A.R. members took to a dry track, with the original" Mr. Clean" Roger Estrin receiving the qualifying trophy for Superstocks with a lap of 18.42. Estrin, a long time Mopar owner was driving a Chev for someone else in his last season, and says he really didn't like the car. Oh well, you don't have to like it, just go fast and turn left (and right)! Ed Schultz won the dash in his Ford, Ralph Lewis took the first heat in his '64 Plymouth, Leonard Sundholm the second in his '62 Plymouth. Lee Dailey was the Main event victor in his 61 Ford Starliner, followed by the '64 Ford Fairlane of Joe Wash. John Finch Sr. was third driving Carl Zaretzke's former championship winning '57 Chev, with Ron Dagget bringing up fourth.

Chuck Flora brought the two classes within 1/2 second ,setting fast time for the stock division of 18.74 in his '64 Dodge. "Crazy Cajun" Vern Dietz grabbed the A dash in his '63 Galaxie , with Mick Tomlin the B trophy winner. The first two heats went to Ford Galaxie drivers, Gordy Laugen and Jerry Townsend ,while George Bullo and his fast EDSEL saw the checkered first in the final heat. Ray Mendez won the B-main, with the 1975 points champ Chuck Falkenhiener taking the A-main in his '63 Galaxie ahead of Bullo and the Edsel, with the '62 Ford Galaxie of 1976 champ Nelson Downey in third.


Thanks for reading, It's back to 2008! F.E.A.R. historian Tom Claibourn