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RACES PAST: 1968, 1977 & 1984

Greetings history fans! It's last weekend all over again, but in 1968, 1977, and 1984! We'll start with an August installment from the fourth season of figure-eight racing at Evergreen-1968. Time trials started at 6:30 with racing at 8 p.m.The fenderless 1939-'53 vintage "modifieds" had been joined this season by the popular new "stock" division that by August was pulling more cars than it's fellow class. Jack McIntosh was in his third season at the promotional helm, and F.E.A.R. as well as the foreign stock association also ran select Sundays at Spanaway. Here are the results:

                                                                    Stock Division (August 10th,1968)

Dash:  Cliff Pierce ('57 Desoto)
Heat one: Gary Gunderson
Heat two:  Orrin Cox
Heat three: Gary Brooks
B main: Cox, Harold Chambers, Clint Pillow
A main: Roger Estrin ('58 Dodge), George Bachlund, Ken Ronne ('59 Dodge)


Dash:  Wayne Crum ('53 Ford)
Heat one: Maure Englehart (Oldsmobile)
Heat two: Crum
Main: Doug Lashbough ('53 Caddilac), Jim Thornton ('40 Chev), Jim Fitzpatrick ('46 Ford)

                                                                August 13th,1977

It was the age of "disco", and the first season for the new "Hobby " class, a move intended to create a larger gap between the two F.E.A.R. divisions. Ben Chandler made his third season a memorable one, capturing the points title for the new class, while "Stormin' " Norm Litts took the Superstock crown. Qualifying began at 6p.m., with racing at 7:30. Here are the results:


Fast time:  Pat Sweet, 20.97
Dash: Gary Copeland
Heat one: Brian Jenkins
Heat two: Cliff Williams
Heat three: Ben Chandler
B main: Williams
A main : Chandler('63 Plymouth)


Fast time: Norm Litts, 18.43 (Rambler)
A dash: Joe Walsh
B dash: Mike Wilkinson
Heat one: John Finch
Heat two: Roger Steagell
Heat three: Tony Sandhoffer
B main: Terry Guisinger ('65 Fury)
A main: Litts, Vern Dietz, Gary Becktold

                                                                August 11th,1984

The summer Olympics were winding down in L.A., Vern Dietz was on his way to the second of three season championships on the eight track, and F.E.A.R. was in it's last season of governing the 3/8 oval Superstocks.Here are the results:


Fast time: Vern Dietz ,19.51
A dash: #37 Gary Taylor (69 Chevelle)
B dash: #11a Del Cook ('65 Impala)
Heat one: #45 J.R. Sundholm
Heat two: #83 Kelly Nelson
Heat three: Cook
Heat four: #22a Rick Mattern
Heat five: #98 Lee Frazier (Camaro)
D main: Sundholm, #21 Joe Young Sr. (Volare), #13a Lonnie Odlin(Buick Skylark), #41 Melanie Young ('65 Impala)
C main: Cook, #51 Teresa Houghtaling ('66 Impala), #63 Steve Weldon('65 Fairlane)
B main: #96 Pete Bednar('64 Impala), #06 Ben Conn, #76a Jeff Candaux, #86 Mark Bold
A main: #00 Butch Furrow ('69 Mustang), #61 Joe Young Jr. ('70 MonteCarlo), #67 Dietz ('67 Cougar), Frazier


Dash: #57 Ron Daggett
Heat: #3 Tom Kordus, #35 Arvid Glover, #84 Don Vogenthaler
Main: Daggett, #1 Rob Holden, #2 Carl Zaretzke, #4 Laury Cover