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Greetings history fans, let's travel back to 1982,and take a look at the 18th season of figure-eight racing at Evergreen Speedway.In national events, the Vietnam war memorial was dedicated in Washington,D.C., and the Weather Channel was introduced to cable t.v. viewers. Taxi riders would have to flag down differint makes, as the Checker motor co. ceased production, while in the midst of a brief recession American consumers could try out the first Toyota Camry models and the new Commodore 64 personal computer.The first music CD's were sold overseas, and tainted Tylenol capsules reached store shelves in Chicago. Eventual race drivers Danica Patrick and Ashley Force were born.On theatre screens, we got to see "E.T." phone home, Henry Fonda's last hurrah in "On Golden Pond", JoeBeth Williams scared silly in "Poltergiest", and Richard Giere have no where else to go in "An Officer And A Gentleman",which was filmed largely in Port Townsend.Popular on the small screen this year included an annoying 3rd generation Firebird(Knight Rider), a ladies man detective in Hawaii (Magnum,P.I.) and the police force that was always careful out there(Hill Street Blues).

Under the management hand of the Beadle family, F.E.A.R. drivers had a crack at 24 weeks of competition in 1982. After a three year absence,Vern "Crazy Cajun" Deitz got off to an impressive start, winning the first four main events in a row,with a total of six victories and eleven top five finishes to take the season championship on the eight by a mere forty-five points. Deitz and his '67 Cougar had a large number of formidable opponents, including defending and former champions Brian Delfel, Rob Holden,and Ben Chandler, as well as Dave Brandenburg,Don vogenthaler, Leon Frazier,and fourth term club President Mick Tomlin. Delfel had an incredible string of Fast time trophies,rivaling even former champ John Beeson, as he grabbed the qualifying award for more than half of the seasons total events.Rick "Ricky Racer" Mattern took rookie of the year honors.  Twenty-two year old Toby Butler drove his Pontiac Ventura to eleven feature wins to capture the Superstock oval season championship, topping ex-figure eight veterans Carl Zaretzke,Ron Daggett,Gary Becktold,Wayne Crum,Lynn Chandler,and Ralph Lewis. The annual picnic was held at Silver Lake in June, with the awards banquet at the Seattle Norselander in October.F.E.A.R. held it's first fund raising car bash, destroying a 1972 Mazda.Here are the season's top tens:

Figure-eight:   Superstock:
Vern Deitz,1140   Tobey Butler,1286
Brian Delfel,1095   Carl Zaretzke,1022
Leon Frazier,1077   Ron Daggett,916
Dave Brandenburg,804   Nolan,750
Rob Holden,752   Gary Becktold,680
Ben Chandler,707   Wayne Crum,641
Don Vogenthaler,649   Lynn Chandler,625
Mike Parshall, 472   Ralph Lewis,536
Mick Tomlin, 470   Laury Cover,432
Leroy Jensen, 434   Joe Hickle,385