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Profile of a Season: 1981

Greetings history fans, once again it's time to profile another great F.E.A.R. season, here goes 1981! Yet another recession saw unemployment hit 7.4 percent in 1981, the year we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Hostess Twinkie. In video game land, "Asteroids" was new from Atari, while Sega introduced "Frogger" IBM debuted it's first personal computer, although I'm sure the average home owner probably couldn't afford one. On the boob tube, MTV quietly ushered in a new entertainment medium at midnight on August 1st, playing pop music videos. You could catch the latest cat fight between the rich on either "Dynasty" or "Falcon Crest", or get a good laugh from "The People's Court", not even realizing you were seeing the first "reality series"! On the silver screen, Harrison Ford barely survived "Raiders of the lost ark", Timothy Hutton and his fellow cadets seized there own Military academy in "Taps", and Faye Dunaway warned us against the use of wire hangers in "Mommie dearest". Ronald Reagan took the Presidential oath in January, survived an assignation attempt in March, then fired the striking air traffic controllers in August. The space shuttle era began with the successful first flight of the Columbia.

F.E.A.R.'S 650-plus members began a busy season on April 11th, with 23 weeks of racing to follow. Under the guidance of F.E.A.R. , the superstocks ran their second season on the 3/8 oval, while the single division Figure-eight cars boasted a large enough field of cars to stage 4 main events each week. F.E.A.R. veteran Mick Tomlin took the presidential helm, with Kate Stephens and Leslie Lewis handling the secretary and treasurer duties. Former driver and future flagman Nat Green was the pit boss. The club gained rookie Daryl Swineheart, who would go on to twenty plus years driving successful Mopars on the eight, and lost "Wild " Bill Dennis in June due to a motorcycle accident. Brian Delfel won his first of three championships in a Dodge Dart, and Gary Taylor scored his first win. "Stormin" Norm Litts retired, while Longtime competitors Dave Brandenburg and Gary Lee broke into the top ten for the year. Club members enjoyed one of thier latest picnics on September 20th at Martha Lake, followed less than a month later by the awards banquet at the Norselander restaurant. Only $15.00 per person got you a buffet dinner of roast chicken, "braise beef tips burgundy"( sounds elegant), rice pilaf, five different kinds of potatoes, salad bar, and rolls, followed by dancing to "Whiskey Smith until 2 A.M. ! I'll leave you with the 1981 top ten points finishers, then it's back to 2009! F.E.A.R. historian, Tom Claibourn

Superstock Top Ten
Lee Dailey
Leonard Sundholm
Tobey Butler
Ron Daggett
Tim Levin
Carl Zaretzke
Ralph Lewis
Lynn Chandler
Wayne Crum
Arvid Glover

Stock Top Ten
Brian Delfel
Norm Litts
Lee Frazier
Mick Tomlin
Brian Wheeler
Ben Chandler
Daryl Swineheart
Dave Brandenburg
Gary Lee
Craig Bruskland