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 Profiles of a Season: 1974

      Greetings and happy new year F.E.A.R. history fans, Here's a look at another great season in our clubs history, 1974! We were introduced to the short lived but very intense national fad called "streaking". It was almost as simple as the pet rock, but much more daring; just get naked and run through any major event that would get you lots of exposure,(pun intended)! Even Evergreen speedway was privileged? to be involved, when some guy in his birthday suit and a pair of sneakers ran across the figure-eight track to a waiting dune buggy on the 3/8 back straight to make his escape. In national headlines, newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the "Symbionese liberation army", only to resurface two months later helping the same group rob a bank! President Nixon resigned in August, the national speed limit dropped to 55 mph, and lines at the gas pumps diminished as the Arab oil embargo was lifted in March. An invention that we all take for granted now made it's debut in '74, the electronic bar code scanner. A pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum was the first item under the gun, at a grocery store in Ohio. Like many new tech items, it's expense would keep it from being common place for years to come. Don Garlits won the NHRA championship, while Richard Petty captured the NASCAR "Winston Cup" title. Evel Knievel failed in his attempt at jumping the Snake River canyon in a rocket car, landing safely in the river by parachute. On the silver screen, Charles Bronson was a tough guy in "Death Wish", Paul Newman & Robert Redford played our favorite con men in "The Sting", and Gene Wilder rode by in "Blazing Saddles". Notable figures passing included actor Jack Benny, newsman Chet Huntley, variety show host Ed Sullivan, and legendary pilot Charles Lindbergh.
      At the speedway, A&P Sports again handled track management, with 6 p.m. qualifying and racing set for 7:30 on Saturday nights. On track officiating was lead by veteran flagman Don Perry, and his assistant Al Savignac. F.E.A.R. participants enjoyed the March 9th kick-off dance held at the fairgrounds, as well as the summer picnic in July at Norm's resort on Cottage lake. Club officers were Walt day (president), Bob Moore (v.p.), Terry Guisinger (secretary), and Jerry Smith (treasurer). Lee Daily  ended the '74 season with the top spot in season points, but didn't have the smoothest of times getting there.In May, after logging five consecutive A-main event wins, Lee received some rather interesting "junk" mail; a voodoo doll, complete with stick pins,black hair and mustache, and his car# ! The enclosed note read " Good luck Saturday night?", signed "Black Sabbath". He didn't think much of it until the following  race date when a late restart took him out the main event lead, and he finished second. Although he was able to manage five more A-main wins, those were spread over a four month period, with no two back to back, and lots of heavy damage repair in the meantime. Voodoo? Maybe! Lee also posted fast time on 13 occasions. One-hundred points back in second for the year was third term driver Murphy Falkenhainer, followed in third by Earl Biddle, both driving Ford Galaxie's. Three time superstock champ Carl Zaretzke found a formidable foe in Ray Bennett, with Bennett actually leading the second half season points, but falling short overall by 55 points to finish second for the year. Both drivers were piloting '57 Chevies, and nearly matched thier main event victories, Zaretzke with eight, Bennett with seven. Larry Vanyi placed third for the year in a '64 Fairlane, followed by "Big" John Sullivan in his even bigger '62 Chrysler. Fourth year driver and club treasurer Jerry Smith captured an amazing seventeen fast time trophies, driving the '57 Olds built by Walt day and formerly campaigned by John Beeson. Rookie drivers included John Finch jr.,Gordy Laugen, Gary Becktold, Bud Despres, Gary Scott, and Gene Brookover. I'll leave you with the top points run down for 1974, thanks for reading!

Stock Division

Lee Daily
Murphy Falkenhainer
Earl Biddle
Chuck Flora
Gary Becktold
Vern Deitz
Ralph Lewis
Tim Russ
Doug Searles
Bud Despres
Nelson Downey
Terry Guisinger
George Bullo
Gary Scott
Jon Lawson
Wayne Lindell
Mif Fagerlie
Ken Larson
Dick Hozjan

  Carl Zaretzke
Ray Bennett
Larry Vanyi
John Sullivan
Wayne Crum
Jerry Smith
Ewart Grove
Jim Menne
Terry Salsbury
Ed Schultz
Jerry Boddy
Lou Christensen
Dick Smith