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Modified #2 Wayne Crum

Modified #7 Ken Harman

Modified #11 Danny Malloy

Modified #15 Dan Knott

Modified #16 Doug Lashbough

Modified #19 Dean Henbest

Modified #21 Carl Zaretzke

Modified #22 Jim Tozcek

Modified #31 John Bingisser

Profile of a Season: 1968

Greetings history fans, once again it's time to take a overall look at another great F.E.A.R. season, 1968! The war raged on in Vietnam, highlighted by the Vietcong's "Tet offensive" early in the year. April and June saw the assasinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, while Californians were watching out for the "Zodiac" serial killer. On a more positive note, the Boeing company made areonatical news with the maiden flight of the new "747" jet liner, McDonalds introduced the 49 cent "Big Mac" hamburger, and the  911 emergency phone system was created. The forever-running "60 Minutes" debuted on the much smaller than today T.V. screens. In theatres Anne Bancroft was seducing Dustin Hoffman( The Graduate) , while Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were being shot up (Bonnie and Clyde).

After five seasons of dodging rain storms, Evergreen spectators could enjoy the protective canopy of the new 7,000 seat covered grandstand while they dodged the bad news of 1968.With realtor Jack McIntosh holding the promotional reins, F.E.A.R. staged 21 events, and introduced the new "Stock division" class, which quickly grew and brought many new and long term personalities to the club.Drivers Leaving the Modified ranks for the new class included former season champs Bill Williams and John Beeson, as well as Roger Estrin. Williams won the stock points championship driving a '59 Plymouth for Walt Day through midseason , followed by a stint in a Dick Holmes owned '59 Dodge. Holmes would go on to build the '62 Plymouth that Carl Zaretzke drove to the runner-up points finish in 1969. Beeson piloted the first Edsel to see figure-eight duty, owned by brother Don. Estrin won the top season honors on the Eight at Spanaway for the year, and finished second at Evergreen, in a '58 Dodge hardtop. That car was hastily prepared overnight following an intersection crash at Monroe. Supposedly a conversation regarding saving Roger's Spanaway point lead ensued during the late night/early morning breakfast, followed by sponsor J&A auto wrecking of Kirkland opening at first light to furnish a new car. After a quick safety prep by Estrin's crew the Dodge was driven to Spanaway and able to atleast take the green for the main event!

Wayne Crum captured the season points title for the modified division,driving the '53 Ford that Dave Dean drove to second place in 1967. The car was re-bodied around Mid-season, only to be tail-ended hard near season's end , with the repair job somewhat resembling a Corvair! Doug Lashbough finished second to Crum driving for Dale Youman in the Caddilac that Bill Williams won the 1967 championship with. Third spot went to Carl Zaretzke in a '50Ford, followed by Jim Thornton piloting a '40 Chev. Rounding out the years top five was "Playboy" Danny Malloy, driving a Six-cylinder powered '53 Ford Victoria hardtop built by Grant Clothier. Attractions in 1968 included numerous appearances by "Orval The Daredevil Clown" who did various auto stunts ,as well as sitting on exploding dynamite! In July both F.E.A.R. and the foreign stock group donated thier evenings purse and the proceeds of the raffle of two new race cars to help purchase use of a kidney machine for 21 year old father of two,Joe Black.The first F.E.A.R. number retirement occurred in '68, when a very well respected Dean Curl stepped down. Known for his big Buick modifieds and willingness to help his fellow competitors ,Dean certainly deserved to be the first in a long line of honored drivers.Among the crop of new drivers that season were Nat Green, Ken Buchanan, Orrin Cox, Chuck Slavin, Cliff McCracken, Ken Ronne , and Larry Goe. Goe and Green had thier intersection initiation early on. Goe was running a '54 Ford, starting his first main on the front row. Being the brakes for the rest of the pack, he was dumped going into the north corner. Although he quickly recovered, somewhere between the spin and the intersection his clutch arm broke,the throttle stuck, and he couldn't reach the igniton switch while strapped in! With nowhere to go but left at the x, he caught Green's '57 Plymouth a glancing broadside blow.Both drivers eventually wound up in the new superstock division in 1970, and Goe was the 1975 F.E.A.R. president. Green acted as F.E.AR. pit boss and flagman following his driving retirement. Thanks for reading! Tom Claibourn

Modified #43 Bob Moore

Modified #44 Dean Curl

Modified #61 Frank Merxbauer

Modified #65 Ewart Grove

Modified #70 Curt Cochran

Modified #77 Ben Estes & Don Beeson

Modified #87 Jim Fitzpatrick

Modified #114 Clark Beaver

Stock #5 Roger Estrin 

Stock #13 Ken Ronne

Stock #43 Gregg Chase & Ron Hoffman

Stock #50 Nat Green
Stock #99 Rocky Hutchinson