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Greetings history fans, here's a small sampling of F.E.A.R. issues discussed during the month of November, in this case 1967 and 1971. In 1967, officers were introduced for the 1968 season: President, Les Cosper, Vice President Wayne Crum, Secretary Roger Estrin, and Treasurer Don Beeson. Board members were Ben Estes, Jim Thornton, and Red Wilson. The most significant item on the agenda of a rather short meeting, was Carl Zaretzke's motion to ammend the new Stock division rules to read single carburetor only. Author's note: Carls motion struck me as comical, given todays cookie-cutter track to track rules, and usage of common cars, but in 1968 there really wasn't a common race vehicle, and multiple carb manifolds were junk yard items. I'm sure that left unspecified , some pretty exotic equipment would have showed up at the tech inspection.

In November 1971 it was announced that there would be 8 positions available to F.E.A.R. in the upcoming car show, which was to be chaired by Ken Buchanan. I'm assuming it was probably held at the Coliseum (Future Key Arena), as neither "dome" existed yet. December 11th was set as the date for the Christmas dance, to be held at Martha Lake, tickets were $6.00. Stock division rules for the 1972 season were discussed and approved, with at least three motions, that were defeated: four barrel carbs on less than 320 cubic inch engines, carb adapters, and limting wheels to seven inches. The motion that passed was excluding the starter and alternator from the stock division engine claim. New officers for the coming year were President Larry Goe, V.P. Ken Buchanan, Secretary Bob Moore, and Treasurer Dan Knott. Joe Dunn, John Pement, and Dale Youmans handled board duties. Happy Thanksgiving! F.E.A.R. historian, Tom Claibourn