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History of Figure Eight Racing
at Evergreen Speedway

Tina and Rick Norton, the widow and son of Evergreen Speedway builder Dick Norton, introduced Figure Eight auto racing to Evergreen in June of 1965. Although the location of the course hasn’t changed, it was occupied by the Fair Rodeo in 1965. With the exception of the front straightaway of the 1/5 mile track was lined with rodeo chutes.

For 1966, the rodeo arena was moved and pavement was laid for the Figure Eight track, as well as a back straightaway, to make a 1/5 mile oval for the introduction of the Foreign Stock Division. In July, Friday night racing shifted to Saturdays, where it has remained to this day. The year 1966 also saw the organization of F.E.A.R. Inc., and the first Evergreen State Fair Championships, in which the Figure Eights ran an incredible four nights of racing during the five day fair.

The original fenderless 1939-1953 vintage Figure Eight cars became known as “Modifieds” in 1968 with the introduction of the full-bodied later model “Stock Division.” Interest in the new class grew rapidly, and between the Stock Division’s larger engines and the superior suspension, it was obvious the Modified cars needed some rule advancements to maintain their position as the “Premium Division.” In 1969, they were allowed later model running gear and in 1970, became the Superstock Division with late model full bodies and larger tire/wheel combinations.

A much needed track re-surfacing occurred in 1972, as well as a paving over of the entire Figure Eight arena. The 3/8 mile oval opened in August of that year as well. In 1978, Evergreen saw the introduction of the current promoter, Mick Beadle and his family’s company, I.P.I, when they took over management of the track.

The original Figure Eight Superstocks ended their tenure on the 8-Track with the close of the 1979 season. With a switch to a 3/8 oval track in 1980, the Superstock class joined NASCAR in 1985. The Stock class continued to run under FEAR, Inc. until 1996 when the Xtreme Contact Division was added to the club and the Stock class became the Super Figure Eight’s.