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Greetings history fans, let's check in with the F.E.A.R. founding fathers, and see what was shakin' just prior to Christmas of 1966.....

The track was paved, participation was strong, and with almost two full seasons of racing in the record books, it was time for the Evergreen Speedway figure-eight group to become legally organized. Ben Estes, a Former Welscar driver turned 8-track competitor, called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. in the Lake Forest Park civic club. The first order of business was the number of board members, seven being approved. After nominations and voting, the new board consisted of Les Cosper, Ben Estes, Don Beeson, Don Olson, Chuck Chambers, and Steve Campbell. It was motioned to elect President& Vice President from this Board, which passed with Cosper and Estes chosen to head the club's first year. Chuck Chambers was chosen for secretarial duties. Walt Day motioned to accept last season's chassis year range of 1939-1953, and after much discussion involving engine rules, it was decided that Ben Estes would bring changes back to the board, then to the general membership for approval. It was hoped that a more reasonable meeting spot rate could be found, as the hall rent was $30.00( pretty high for 1966)! Change of addresses were asked for, and car numbers were issued. Gil Hermans suggested introducing a stock class, and discussion was tabled pending further information. the meeting was closed by Les Cosper at 10:45 P.M.

Lots of business was hashed out for the 3rd meeting of the upcoming 1971 F.E.A.R. season. Some of the major items that were motioned and passed included the change to 8" wheels for the stock division ,fuel cells being allowed in the Superstock class, freezing construction rules from January 1st through season's end, and a 60/40 purse split in favor of the stock division. Leanne Bean was selected as Racing Wheels newspaper reporter for the year. The single motion that went down to defeat was a 80/20purse split for the stock division, and stock division cars that moved up to superstock not being allowed to drop back down was tabled. An increase in the board from six to twelve members, with an even number representing both divisions was motioned, but would require three consecutive meeting announcements for approval.

The last meeting of 1981 saw all board members present, and a whopping $497 in the F.E.A.R. treasury.... Special committee members Scott Ziegler and Don Nolan reported that following an audit, the clubs treasury records were given a clean bill of health. The 1982 season's schedule was announced , with the first practice dates being April 3rd& 4th, and the opener on April 11th. A grinding 23 more weeks of racing would follow, including the Fair dates. Report from the track Management/ F.E.A.R. meeting enlightened the membership on track changes that included the filling of the drainage ditch, more lighting on the back straight of the 3/8 oval, lowering of the flag tower, radio equipment in the tower for the track steward, and thirty lap mains for the Superstocks when time permits. Lee Daily motioned that fuel cells be highly recommended, but not mandatory, with approval. Interestingly, a motion was made for the creation of a figure-eight "modified" class, but failed by a 43-33 vote.