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Greetings history fans, with the 2010 F.E.A.R. season championships nearly upon us, let's take a look back at two other grand finales in F.E.A.R. history- 1971 and 1987. Enjoy, and thanks for reading! F.E.A.R. historian,Tom Claibourn

The fall of 1971 saw Carl Zaretzke take the first of four consecutive Superstock season titles, while Dan knott(a.k.a. "Dirty Dan The Sewer Man") pulled off his one and only points victory over defending champ "Krazy Kraut" Bob Sheckler in the Stock division. Here is the full summary of the nights action:


A Dash: Dan Knott ,'62 Ford Galaxie
B Dash: "Big " John Sullivan, '58 Chrysler
Heat One: Byron Reynolds ('63 Dodge), John Lawson ('61 Galaxie), Ron Dittrick ('63 Pontiac), Bob Lindsay ('59 Ford)
Heat Two: Ken Buchanan ('60 Dodge Polara), Arvid Glover ('57 Plymouth), Cliff McCracken ('57 Plymouth), Jack Pina ('57 Chev)
Heat Three: Bob Moore ('57 Ford), Joe Smith ('58 Ford), Joe Matthews ('56 Ford), Ralph Lewis ('59 Desoto)
Heat Four: Bud Duggin ('60 Ford Starliner), Frank Merxbauer ('63 Ford Galaxie 500), Bob Sheckler ('62 Plymouth), Dan Knott
B Main: Ken Buchanan, John Lawson, Arvid Glover, Chuck Liles ( '55 Ford), Bob Lindsay, Ron Dittrick
A Main: Bob Moore, Orrin Cox ('58 Ford), Jim Holland ('57 Ford), Stan Johnson ('59 Desoto), Joe Smith, Frank Kukuk ('60 Chrysler)


Dash: Ken Ronne ('59 T-Bird)
Heat One: Ewart Grove ('58 Ford), Fred Aldredge ( '60 Ford), Randy Pement ('57 Ford), Don Bennett
Heat Two: Carl Zaretzke ('57 Chev), Ken Ronne, Paul Campbell ('57 Chev), John Beeson ('57 Desoto)
Main: Zaretzke, Grove,Pement,Campbell, Joe Dunn ('63 Plymouth), Bennett, Bob Doud ('59 Dodge), Ronne

F.E.A.R. drivers ended thier season fairly early in 1987, with nothing more than a little ground fog to foul the evenings events. Gary McAlister won his first of two championships, as well as the A main and fast time with a new track record of 18.58.The" second half" awards party was held in the long house after the conclusion of racing. The Tenino two-day event was planned for September 26th-27th. I'll close with the evenings complete summary and the seasons top ten!

Dash : Rick Hager
Heat One: Leroy Jensen ('69 Torino), Jerry Gray ('64 Chevelle), Steve Harris ('65 Lemans)
Heat Two: Richard Pimms ('63 Galaxie), Craig Eakright ('66 Sattelite), J.J. Buser
Heat Three: J.R.Sundholm (Camaro), Brian Delfel ('69 Dart), Steve Kunz ('65 Falcon)
Heat Four: Jeff Candaux ('69 Cougar), Vern Dietz ('69 Mustang),Gary McAlister ('69 Dart)
C Main : Leroy Jensen, Steve Powell (Camaro)
B Main: Gary Lee ('66 Chevelle), Craig Eakright, Tony Crenshaw ('76 Granada)
A Main: Gary McAlister, Vern Dietz, Mike Parshall ('64 Impala)

Gary McAlister (491), Gary Taylor(379), Niel Hamlin (302), Mike Parshall (267), Gary Lee (256), Quentin Borreson (229), Craig Eakright (221), Steve Kunz (203), Daryl Swineheart (187), Rich Boe (177)