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Greetings History fans, with the 2011 season championships upon us, it's time once again to look at three grand finales from F.E.A.R.'s past. Thanks for reading! Tom Claibourn

While Bill Williams had the championship sewed up in his Walt Day owned Cadillac, It was "Wild Indian" Dave Dean who grabbed this night's spotlight in a bright orange '53 Ford coupe. Dean won the fast heat and A main event to take second in season points.Here are the results:

 B dash: Al Ray
 A dash: Carl Zaretzke
 Heat one: Monty smith
 Heat two: Ray
 Heat three: Dean
 B main: Jim Thornton, Ray, Craig Lang
 A main: Dean, Dan Malloy ('53 Ford), Roger Estrin ('53 Olds)

Although beaten to the punch in thier respective finishes this night, Lee Daily and Nelson Downey won the top point spots for the Bicentenial season. Daily was driving the former mount of John Beeson and Jerry Smith, a '57 Olds Superstock, and Downey a '62 Ford Galaxie in the Stock division. Here are the results:
 Fast Time: Vern Dietz, 19.59
 B dash: Ray Mendez
 A dash: Jerry Smith
 Heat one: Pat Sweet, Pat Walsh, Harold Babula, Tony Sandhoffer
 Heat two: Mendez, Bud Fagarlie, Terry Guisunger, Jerry Townsend
 Heat three: Gary Becktold, Barry Fleming, Chuck Falkenhainer, Norm Litts
 B main: Fagarlie, Sandhoffer, Sweet, Ron Martin, Babula
 A main: Ben Chandler ('63 Plymouth), Guisinger ('65 Fury), Jerry Townsend ('63 Galaxie), Downey, Gene Brookover ('62 Galaxie),Fleming ('63 Plymouth), Falkenhainer ('63 Galaxie)
 Fast time: Gerry Boddy, 18.12
 Dash: Gordy Laugen
 Heat one: Arvid Glover, Don Bennett, Ron Daggett, Wayne Crum
 Heat two: Ewart Grove, Joe Wash, Lee Daily, Laugen
 Main: Daggett, Bennett, Daily, Ralph Lewis


The 1983 season ended on a very positive note, with a huge field of cars, 48 for the figure-eights and 24 for the 3/8 oval Superstocks. Brian Delfel took his second points title in a '69 Dodge Dart, while Rob Holden captured the Superstock crown in a Firebird. Here are the results:

 Fast time: Daryl Swineheart, 19.13
 B dash: Rick Mattern
 A dash: Ben Chandler
 Heat one: Mike Finch, Joe Young Sr., Teresa Young, Melanie Young
 Heat two: Wes Hagen, Steve Kunz, Gary Willis
 Heat three: Ben Conn, Ed Ritchie
 Heat Four: Lonnie Odlin, Jeff Bach, Kurt Meyer, Mike Parshall
 Heat Five: Gary McAllister, Mick Tomlin, Vern Dietz, Joe Young Jr.
 C main: Harold Babula, Willis, Kunz, Hagen
 B main: Pete Bednar, Ritchie, Nelson Downey
 A main: Dave Brandenburg ('65 Mustang), Brian Delfel, Chandler('69 Roadrunner), Swineheart ('70 Duster)


Fast time: Ron Fritzley
Dash: Gary Becktold
Heat one : Mike Estabrook, Don Vogenthaler
Heat two: Lee Daily, Becktold
Main: Rob Holden, Daily, Ron Daggett, Estabrook