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Greetings history fans, with this years season championships right around the corner, let's look at three grand finalies in F.E.A.R. history!

Race fans sat comfortably under the canopy of the NEW (and very well advertised) speedway grandstands as F.E.A.R. staged it's first official club-governed season championships. Al Ray won the b-dash, heat two, and finished second to Jim Thornton in the B-main. Thornton was driving a '52 Olds convertible. Finishing his second season, Carl Zaretzke won the A dash In a '51 Ford. A main winner "Wild Indian" Dave Dean also grabbed the honors in the fast heat, driving a '53 Ford. That car , along with mechanic Frank Shelley ended up with driver Wayne Crum, and won the 1968 modified championship. Dean was followed to the checkered in the main by "Playboy" Danny Malloy, also driving a '53 Ford, but six-cylinder powered. Malloy's car was engineered by Grant Clothier , who also owned and built the Chevy BelAir that Dean would drive to a second place points finish in 1969. Ironically, the car that beat him that year was another Walt Day creation, as was the Caddy driven by Bill Williams that took the 1967 crown over Dean. Confused yet? Future stock division champ Roger Estrin was third in his '53 Olds 88 coupe, and wound up fifth in points.

Just as a qualifying milestone was reached recently in the present season, championship night in 1975 saw Joe Wash bring a F.E.A.R. Superstock into the seventeen second bracket for the first time, with new record of 17.94. Wash ,who went onto the last race as point leader, also won the trophy dash, but lost the championship to Lee daily who finished ahead of him in the main event. Wayne Crum played substitute and won the first heat, Carl Zaretzke took the second. Don Vogenthaler claimed the B-main in his Olds Cutlass. Lynn Chandler took his Chevelle to the line first in the A main, followed by Crum, Daily in his '61 Ford Starliner, Zaretzke's '64 Chevelle, and the '64 Ford Fairlane of Wash.
In Stock division action, Chuck Flora took a near clean sweep in his '64 Dodge Polara, setting fast time at 18.71, winning the A-dash & A-main. Wayne Lindell took the fast heat and B-dash in another Mopar, with Roger Steagel picking up the slow heat & B-main. Season champ Chuck Falkenhainer followed Flora to the line in the A-main driving a '63 Ford Galaxie, while second year driver Gene Brookover was third in a '62 Galaxie.

With Membership riding high, F.E.A.R. ended the '84 season with enough cars to field five heats and four main events on the eight. Butch Furrow blazed the dry course to fast qualify with a 19.44. Season Champion Vern "Crazy Cajun" Dietz won the A dash & A main in his ever faithful '69 Mercury Cougar . The "Wizard of Bellevue" Ben Chandler was second to Dietz in a '69 Plymouth Road Runner, with one of the first Camaros to ever grace the eight driven by club President Lee Frazier coming in third. Mark Bold copped the b-dash. Heats were taken by "My Boy" Leroy Jensen, "weird" Harold Babula, Doug Donner, Rob Martin in a '69 Chevelle, and Joe Young Jr. in his Monte Carlo. Ben Conn grabbed the D main win, Dan Graham the C event over Jeff Candaux, and Al Hauck bested "Monster Man" Rick Hager in the B. Upcoming events in 1984 included the "Cascade challenge" ,as well as the late September Olympia-Tenino bash. Thanks for reading! F.E.A.R. historian Tom Claibourn