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 Congrats to newest FEAR Hall of Fame members

                       David Brandenburg and (now) 7-time SS CHAMPION  Quenton Borreson !



by Ben Chandler

Figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway started exactly 55 years ago in 1964, when a handful of local figure-8 racers discovered the mostly dirt track at the Fairgrounds was ideal for their fenderless “jalopy” race cars. More rules came the following year, along with the organization and (non-profit) incorporation of the cool F.E.A.R. name, that lives on to this day. After a few years, the club was expanded to include a “Superstock” division that sported bigger motors and wider tires. We remained independent as a club, running both divisions most every Saturday night along with the F.S.C.R.A. and their 4-cylinder Mini-stock cars. FEAR grew to over 600 members at one time, when the “Superstock” division opted to run on the oval, later joining NASCAR. We often had “C” and even “D” main events, and later added the huge “event” races that were always fun to watch, AND be a part of! It is in that spirit that I continue to write about FEAR, and save its incredible history for the kids and grandkids of those early racing pioneers!

The 2019 figure-8 racing season kicked off on a sunny and dry March 30th with the Stinger-8 division putting on an exciting 21 car, 25 lap main event. Won by (2-time, and) defending Stinger Champion Cody Hoopes in his #10 Honda Prelude, over Andrew Schukar and a surprised Jim MacKey. Cody also won his heat race, as did former Champ Toby Jenkins over Dawson Cox. Side note; all 3 had Figure-8 racing Dads!

April 6th had all 3 figure-8 divisions racing on “Scout night”, this time on a damp and slimey track. 21 Stingers again appeared for an even wilder night, racing this time for 30 laps…and again it was dominated by Cody Hoopes, with a hard fought win over the #31 of Lucas Humphries, the #42 of Robert Smith, the #111c driven by Joe Constance and Randy Moffet in his #25. This week there were 3 Stinger heat race winners, #41 Jim Puntenney, the #07 of Eric Armstrong and the #55 of Brian Wheeler.

A dozen Super-stocks started their season with a 30 lap main event on this night, with Dawson Cox borrowing Merlin Cook’s #93 car, and holding off 5-time division Champ Quenton Borreson in Dave Brandenburg’s #17 hot-rod, Bruce Beeler’s #13 car driven by John “the Cowboy” Carlson, with former Champs Doug Delfel and Steve Peters rounding out the top 5. There must be nearly 2 dozen championships among that group! Heats were each won by Mackenzie “the Cajun Princess” Deitz and “Battlewagon” Peters.

And finally, the “Outlaw” division also started their season with a half-dozen cars, also going 30 laps. Rickey Deitz debuted his new #676 rocket-car and swept the night winning the heat race over the #83 of Zack Larson and the main event over John Carlson’s also brand-new #50 beauty. In 3rd place was the defending “Outlaw” Champ Nick Gunderson driving Jake Repin’s cool #45 hot-rod.

After a couple week break, all 3 divisions raced together again, for the “Figure-8 NATIONALS” on April 27th. A sunny day turned cloudy, but the track was dry and fans enjoyed 175 laps of 8-track action! 15 Super-stock cars started the night with heat wins by Tommy Gapp in the #89 Cox Camaro over the #13 of “the Cowboy” John Carlson (doing double-duty)… and the #V-8 car of Steve Peters BARELY holding off defending Champ Quenton “the one-armed Bandit” Borreson, in David Brandenburg’s #17 car! The 75 lap 2019 “Nationals” winner was Quenton Borreson, after a huge intersection hit with Chuck Widdis took Peters out of the lead at lap 13, totaling both cars. Steve Cox raced Tommy Gapp’s #32 to a 2nd place finish, with Mackenzie Deitz a lap back in 3rd, followed by Eric Alison and Gapp in the old Cox car, both a couple laps back!

For the 50 lap Stinger-8 “Nationals” race, 21 cars again appeared. The 3 heat race winners were defending champ Cody Hoopes over Jason Wilson, Kyle Schukar over Randy Moffett and Brandon Lindberg ahead of Gary Rardon. Lindberg, who just missed (1 point?) winning a Stinger championship a few years back, went on to lead nearly every lap in the #7B Integra, barely holding off current Champ Cody Hoopes in his #10 Prelude, with former Champ Matt Somerville’s #21 Integra rounding out the podium.

The 50 lap “Outlaw” division’s main event started with over a dozen cars, but many fell by the wayside as Ricky Deitz in his new #676 Gunderson-built rocket car set a torrid pace! John Carlson in his brand new #50 car and Chris Curtis in “Liberty” kept up and  made the podium, followed by Paul Peterson and Quenton Borreson, just 1 lap back.

After a week off, May 11th was sunny, near 80 degrees and “Granite Sprint car night”! All 3 Figure-8 divisions were again racing, but the car count was noticeably down. Two 9-car Stinger-8 heat races started out the evening, with Jim Mackey beating Michael Vaughn in the slow heat, and Matt Somerville whipping Cody Hoopes in the fast one. Hoopes barely won the 30 lap Main event over Kyle Schukar and #42 Robert Smith. The Superstocks also had two kinda short heat races, and they were won by John Carlson and Ryan Clark. Eric Alison kept his #64 out of trouble and took an easy 30 lap Main event win over Merlin “the Magician” Cook and “the Grizz” Doug Delfel. Just 10 cars had started the Superstock A main event, But Carlson and Borreson had left VERY early, each with mechanical problems.

Finally, the “Outlaw” division started 7 cars but immediately lost Zach Larson, in their 30 lap Main event. Former mini-truck Champ Doug Wilkinson jumped the old blue #55 out to the early lead, and held off the (famously not) patient Ricky “the Kid” Deitz and apparently even more patient John Carlson, both in their new rides… to take the win!

May 18th was “BIG-RIG” night; it was warm and dry with some 16 Stingers again representing figure-8 racing alone, but they were the best part of the show! Joe Constance won the first 8-car heat race over point leader Cody Hoopes, while Jim Puntenney won the slow heat over Andrew Schukar. It was another wild 30 lap A main event with Kyle Schukar in his #202 Honda winning over the #102 of Andrew Schukar and Robert Smith’s #42, with the #41 of Puntenney and #10 of Cody Hoopes rounding out the top 5!

Sunday May 26th was Sean Peters Memorial night, and this time it was the Super-stock figure-8 division’s time to shine alone. A huge crowd was present to honor the late, young future super-star, son of Steve and AnnMarie. I fondly recall racing side-by-side with young Sean back in the early days of Stinger-8’s, and we would barely touch each other, lap after lap! Sean was awesome in the big 8 cars, and loved to Demo trucks as well!

So, just 13 Super-stock cars took the green flag, when Bill Fleischacker ran his #36 car straight into the very first “Uke” tire he saw, taking both himself and Aaron “funnyman” Flett out for the night. 5-time Champ Quenton Borreson, having set a fast time for the night that was over a ½ second quicker than the (second fastest) #13 car, quickly and smoothly passed the entire field to take both the heat and an exciting A Main event win  for the clean-sweep, again! In 2nd place was Eric Allison in his semi-hurt # 64 followed by Dawson Cox driving the #67, normally piloted by Mackenzie Deitz. In 4th place, it was John “the Cowboy” Carlson in the #13 ahead of Deitz, AKA the “Cajun Princess” who finished in 5th place, driving Tommy Gapp’s  #32. Doug “the Grizz” Delfel won the second Heat race.

Saturday June 8th, was another “Granite Night” at the old Speedway. Beautiful weather greeted all 3 Figure-8 divisions, with the Stingers again stealing the show! The 30 lap Main was an exciting battle between Brandon Lindberg in the #7B who lead early, and eventual winner Cody Hoopes in a borrowed #10 Integra, thanks to John Bender! Former Stinger Champ Matt Somerville came in 3rd in his #21 Integra, followed by Jim Powers in his #007. Somerville also won his Heat race, as did Andrew Reinders in his #4.
Just 12 cars started the Super-stock 30 lap Main event, congrats to “the Cowboy” John Carlson for taking Bruce Beeler’s #13 car to the winner’s podium with Eric Allison and  Dawson Cox, again in the #32 car. Rounding out the top 5 were Doug Delfel and Ryan Clark. Carlson also won the fast Heat race over Quenton Borreson, while the slow Heat was won by Clark in his red #51.

The “Outlaws” 30 lap Main event saw 8 cars taking the green with the rather easy win going to former Champ Chris Curtis in the #74 “Liberty” who also had fast-time for the night. Heat race winner Doug Wilkinson in his blue #55 came in 2nd followed by Zach Larson in his cool, black #83… The only cars on the lead lap!

June 15th was another fun night with great weather for the DRIVERS’ REUNION NIGHT! No figure-8 races to root for, but the track added 5 names to the Evergreen Speedway “Top 60 Drivers” list on this night, making it now the “Top 65 drivers”, as the track celebrates its 65th anniversary. Congrats to Quenton Borreson who finally “made the cut”! It was also announced that FEAR and Evergreen Speedway Halls of Fame member “Crazy” Carl Zaretzke, was also just inducted into his 3rd “Hall”, the Snohomish County Sports Hall of Fame. Congrats to “Crazy” Carl! The induction ceremony will take place in the fall.

For Figure-8 folks, this time of the summer always marked “Mid-Season”. But this year, as I mentioned above, also marks the 55th season of Figure-8 (and Mini-stock) racing, “rain-or-shine” every Saturday night, at Evergreen Speedway. So we are ALSO having a FEAR REUNION NIGHT! That’s right -- Club Historian Tom Claibourn will be bringing his massive collection of FEAR photo albums, memorabilia and classic FEAR model cars back to the track to share and show, on July 27th… More details to follow, check us out on Facebook!



Welcome to the newly configured FEARRACING.ORG website. As we celebrate our 55th year as a racing “club”, I felt it was time to simplify the role of this website, plus tie-in more closely to our popular Facebook page: fearracingdotorg…that I hope everyone is able to access and hopefully even add to!

My hope is to make this more of a “heritage vault”, saving our 55 years of FEAR history, list all of our Champions and our Hall of Fame members, along with FEAR retired numbers, and dozens of cool pictures, plus "points" and stories I wrote over the past 10 years, as seen under “results”.

Also, FEAR historian Tom Claibourn’s Historical section of Seasons past, memorial pages and meeting hi-lights from the past are now much easier to access. I intend to update the headline area as needed to remember late members, honor current F-8 Champs, and to announce reunion dates! Thanks for your support of Figure-8 racing, and hope to see you at the track!

                                                                                                                                                           Ben Chandler/ Club Mgr.


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